Drowning in Deceit

by Esmeraude                        

PLOT : Klaha loses Yu ~ Ki or does he ?


    Klaha and Yu ~ Ki smiled at one another before removing their clothes near
a river one evening. They planned on spending a romantic night in the river.
    They dove into the water and swam towards one another.
Their lips touched.
    Yu ~ Ki could feel Klaha' s erection on his thighs. He didn' t mind.
    The lovers could feel the rough waves.

    KLAHA : Maybe we should get out of the water.

    Yu ~ Ki nodded before he swam after his lover until the waves literally carried him away.
    Klaha continued to swim until he got on the shore and dressed.


    Yu ~ Ki wasn' t anywhere in sight.
    Klaha felt the tears leave his eyes and stream down his face.
His lips trembled.
    He turned and walked home where he sobbed on the bed he once shared with Yu ~ Ki.
He cried until he fell asleep. He did not know how long he had been asleep.
He opened his eyes when he felt a hand touch his head.
    He gasped.

    KLAHA : ( gasping ) Yu ~ Ki ?!

    The long haired bassist smiled.
    Klaha knew that he loved him so much that he was hallucinating.
Yu ~ Ki could not have survived. Could he ?
    KLAHA : You drowned ! I saw you !

    YU ~ KI : No. I survived, Klaha. You are not hallucinating.

    He took Klaha' s hand and allowed him to touch his face.

    YU ~ KI : I never drowned, Klaha.

    The vocalist wept tears of happiness this time.

                                        THE END