TITLE : Hot Chocolate on a Cold Night

                                            AUTHOR : Esmeraude

                                             E-MAIL : Esmeraude@wizard.net

                                            HOT CHOCOLATE ON A COLD NIGHT PART 2.

    KLAHA : Leon and Daley were at Hot Legs on their night off.
       Leon hoped to see Priss onstage and planned on asking her out.
He could not wait to see her wearing her golden and brown stage wig with her red outfit.
       He looked at Daley before telling him that bikers were pissed off.
They were mad at him since he was always hitting on them.
He told him that he might stand a chance with the bartender.
He frowned when Daley retaliated by saying that he might stand a chance with Priss !
He told him to hit on that Mason craphead.
       Daley informed him that Mason already had a lover who was a Boomer.
       Leon¹ s eyes were wide when he saw a woman onstage.
        Her long hair was black and wavy. It concealed one of her eyes.
Her collar was spiked. Her boots reached her thighs and her gloves touched her elbows.
Her G string did not conceal her very well. Her corset had two strategically placed roses.
Her whip was bundled. She could hear eerie music playing in the background.
      She was Bondage Bitch. She smiled before cracking her whip onstage.
She grabbed the microphone and started to sing. Her commanding voice filled Hot Legs.
       She stepped back into the shadows.
She was reborn as Countess Clitoris who happened to have a female body part on her.
More eerie music played in the background. Her singing was admirable.       
      The singer was now a hermaphrodite. The male half wore a suit.
His hair was shoulder length. The female half wore a dress and a shawl with a rose attached.
Her hair was long. The singing was androgynous.
       The next costume was almost like the previous outfit.
One half was a woman who wore a dress with a corset.Her dark tresses reached her back. Her eyes were black with tiny golden pupils and her singing was very good.
       The other half was a monster with a eye that dangled out of her socket.
Her constant smile exposed sharp teeth that were long like the grinning face on her body.
Her exposed ribs curved at the sides. Her long hair was tangled and never ended.  
       Leon and Daley saw various anime characters onstage.  

 YU ~ KI : ( interrupting ) Oh ?

 KLAHA : The singer was Esmeraude, Galaxia, Heavy Metal Papillon,
Prince Demondo, Neptune and Saturn.

 YU ~ KI : ( interrupting ) Sailor Moon ?

 Klaha nodded.

 KLAHA : The singer was now a golden and brown haired Priss.
She sang Konya wa Hurricane, Wild and Scarred, Victory, Chase the Dream,
Remember, Mad Machine, Wasurenaide, and Aishiki Raibaru.
      She then wore a blue and pink hardsuit.
She happened to be the Knight Saber version of Priss who sang
Angels Dancing in the Thrill, Asu e Touchdown, Akuma Tenshi no Kisu, Kodoku no Enjieru, Mysterious Night, Jumping Heart, Yes Do It, and Bye 2 my Crisis.  
      Her next stage character was the sadistic Gestapoko from Kekko Kamen.
She wore boots with a jacket that had S and M on it, a hat, and pink trousers.
She also wore red eye cosmetics and violet lipstick. Her hair was long and blonde.
Her singing was very deep. When she went into the shadows, she was Kekko Kamen !

 Yu ~ Ki showed immense interest via wide eyes.

 KLAHA : The singer wore nothing but a red ski mask, boots, and gloves.
        The next stage character was Count D of Petshop of Horrors.
One eye was purple and the other eye was golden. His shoulder length hair was black.
His singing was feminine and sweet.
                  The singer now wore a stage costume consisting of a red dress.
She was Woman Boss of the Rocket Gang and a Pocket Monsters character.
Her hair was long. Her singing was sexual.
       She was now a blue haired man biting a red rose. His armor was golden. He introduced himself as Gold Saint Pisces Aphrodite.
He sang in a soft and feminine voice.
                  He threw off his disguise and was now Gold Saint Aries Mu.
He was then Hyoga the Russian mother¹ s boy, Lucifer, the beautiful Pluto, and Poseidon.
       Leon and Daley gasped when they recognized the singer.
They saw Brian J. Mason wearing a three part suit onstage.
      They heard 80¹ s music in the background. The stage lights moved rapidly.
Mason sang Kodoku no Enjieru. His vocals ranged from a quiet tone to a strong falsetto.
      Daley wanted to know where Mason¹ s bitchy Boomer was.
Leon guessed that they had a lover¹ s tiff. Daley guessed that the Boomer was bad in bed.
He also assumed that Mason¹ s lover had to sleep on the floor now !
      Leon hated to admit it, but Mason¹ s twenty one costumes were admirable.
     Mason then sang in a sorrow filled tone before shrieking.
His sad voice was enough to make Leon almost pity him.
   His next set of vocals ranged from a high pitch to a strong yet normal tone.
There were ten different songs in all.
   Mason then wore a variety of hair styles and costumes.
His vocals were strong, high pitched, pleasant sounding, frantic, sorrow filled, etc.
   Leon and Daley watched him step offstage after the set.
They approached him when he walked over to the exit.
              Leon told him not to give up his day job at GENOM !
He was surprised when Mason slapped him and called him a fucking son of a bitch !
   Daley asked him if this was his bubblegum midlife crisis.
He also wanted to know if he was bald from bubblegum hair.
He also told him about his bubblegum identity crisis onstage.
He did not know that he did not get any of his jokes.
   Leon wanted to know if his boss at GENOM fired him.
Mason told him no and explained that the Knight Sabers were humiliating him in public.
He was stoned, whipped, and nearly burned at the stake !

 YU ~ KI : ( interrupting ) How did he survive ?

 KLAHA : The Knight Sabers asked him how sorry he was while he burned.
They decided that he had enough and released him.
       However, Mason still didn¹ t trust them so he ran and hid.
       Anyway, Daley told Mason that he was a good person now.
Mason got the message and returned to the stage.
He performed as every kind of woman you could think of.
Daley smiled and told Mason to shine forever and that¹ s when I opened my eyes.

 YU ~ KI : Interesting dream.

 KLAHA : I have several ideas about Mason.

 Yu ~ Ki expressed mild interest while drinking hot chocolate.

 KLAHA : What was Mason¹ s mother like ?
Was she GENOM¹ s highest ranking woman ?
Did she create advanced combat Boomers for the company ?
Did she enjoy watching them kill ADP ?
       Was her hair long and dark ? Did Mason have her eyes ?
Did she wear a suit or a dress ? Was she very beautiful ?
        Would she neglect her little boy ? Would she beat him ?

 YU ~ KI : Well, she is a fictional character !

 KLAHA : Did Mason ever see a psychiatrist ?
Was the psychiatrist¹ s name Dr. Takeuchi and did he have a long ponytail ?
Did he make notes in a large yellow pad ? Did he slump a little while crossing his fingers ?
       Did Mason talk about his depression for a whole hour ?
Did he ever have nightmares ?
       Was one of his nightmares about aliens ?
Was he a creature who feared Quincy because he was very stupid ?
Did he regret capturing the most powerful person on the planet ?
Did he ask him about snorting cocaine only to get a reply about loving Coca Cola ?
Did Quincy answer every question incorrectly ? Did his stupidity terrify Mason ?
Did Quincy wander and touch various objects ? Did he end up destroying his ship ?
       What about another nightmare involving Quincy killing Mason for failing ?
Did he use a machine gun to kill him ? Did Mason fight the Knight Sabers before his death ?
Did Nene comment on him not saying ow when she kicked his dead body ?
Did Priss imagine his last thoughts as oh shit ? Did Quincy call Mason one less failure ?
       Was Mason reborn as a four year old boy ?
Did the Knight Sabers want to abandon him or let a Boomer kill him ?
       Did Mason become Sylia¹ s little visitor only to be exposed to violence ?

 YU ~ KI : ( interrupting ) Violence ?

 KLAHA : Did Sylia¹ s brother want to know if Mason recalled killing their father ?
Did Sylia smile and want to find out ? Did she want to traumatize the rotten child ?
Did she show Chibi Mason the image of his adult self murdering a father of two ?
       Did the little boy want to know who the bad man was ?
Did Sylia hit him ? Did Nene want to stop her from punishing him for past crimes ?
Did Sylia call Chibi Mason a little prick ? Did he cry while seeing the cruel man ?  
Did Sylia inform him that she had waited for her father to return home which he never did ?
       Did Sylia¹ s brother want to know if she would raise Chibi Mason ?
Did she reply that Mackie did not kill their father ?
       Did the pink Knight Saber known as Nene adopt Chibi Mason ?
Did the other Knight Sabers refuse to adopt him ?
       Did Nene leave Chibi Mason behind at her apartment as she worked ?
Did he draw on the wall ? Did he portray Sylia as a monster ?
Did Nene decide to bring him to ADP HQ ?
       What happened that evening ?

 YU ~ KI : ( interrupting ) Your annoyed lover murdered you for talking too much !

 Klaha smiled.

 KLAHA : Did Chibi Mason end up wearing one of Nene¹ s bras ?
Did she find out that he was not overly muscled or impressive ?
Did she find a pink dress and call him Brian while trying to help him wear it ?
Did he stare at his chest where the two empty cups sagged ?
Did he call her his mommy who allowed him to touch her clothes ?
Did he get into bed with her ?
     Did Nene tell him not to try anything funny ?
Did she feel something on her back ? Did she notice his erection ?
Did she shout his full name ?
     Did she carry him into another room and make a bed for him ?
Did she reply that rotten children are all alike when he asked what did he do ?
Did she tell him that he was pitiful ? Did she say no when his bottom lip quivered ?
Did she tell him that he was never sleeping in her bed again ?
Did she ignore him when he cried ?  
    Did he forgive her the next day ? Did he eat cookies ?
    Did Sylia call ? Did Nene tell her about the previous night¹ s events ?
Did she tell her to make Chibi Mason sleep on his own ?   
Did she tell Nene that she was defenseless alone in her house and hang up ?      
    Did Nene take Chibi Mason to ADP HQ ?
Did Leon fall back in his chair when he saw him ?
Did Chibi Mason tell him that Nene was his mommy ?
Did Leon tell him that Nene was not his mother and that he killed his real mommy ?
Did he tell him to get away from him before he called him a stupid preschooler ?
Did Chibi Mason sit on a bench and wave his feet back and forth out of boredom ?
    Did Nene take him home and tell him that she would be his  Œ¹ mother Œ¹  ?
Was she mad at Sylia for not giving Chibi Mason a chance ?
Did she imagine Sylia drawing his head as a block with a neck ? A blockhead ?
    Did Chibi Mason hear steps in the hall during his nap that day ?
Did the knob slowly turn before the door opened ? Were there steps near the bed ?
Was there heavy breathing in his ear ? Did he hear scratching on the wall ?
Did he hide under the blanket and watch Sylia¹ s father decay ?
   Did the ghost have a gun before Chibi Mason opened his eyes ?
Did Chibi Mason wet the bed and tell Nene about his nightmare ?
Did he want to see his mommy ? Did she call him Brian ?
Did she tell him that he had to be brave ? Did she bathe him and let him sleep in her bed ?
  Did Sylia visit Nene the next day ? Did she hit Chibi Mason ?
Was she on a mean streak ? Did she call him a little baby when he ran outside ?
Did she go outside with him ? Did the rain conceal his tears ?
Did he imagine blood on his tiny palms ? Did he see his adult self in a puddle ?
Did he scream bad man four times ?
Did he apologize repeatedly when the rain cried with him ?
            Did Dr. Takeuchi turn out to be a pervert ?
Did he lock the door and remove the rubberband that held his hair back ?
Did he reveal back length hair and tell Mason that he liked him a lot ?
Did he take sexual advantage of Mason ?

 Yu ~ Ki continued to drink his hot chocolate.

                                                                        END OF SCENE 2

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