esmeraude-nightmare come true

  TITLE : A Nightmare Come True.
by Esmeraude

                                              RATING : PG

                                                BAND : Arege ( indies )

                                            PAIRING : Yukinaka + Yukichi

                                            PLOT : Yukinaka' s nightmare literally comes true !

                                                            A NIGHTMARE COME TRUE.

    Yukinaka never opened his eyes when the rain poured on the outside of his home.
He simply burrowed under the heavy comforter.
 The Arege vocalist found himself in a dark world.
He did not know how he got there or why he was there.
He embraced himself while he trembled. He yearned for Yukichi¹ s warm embrace.
He wanted to feel the guitarist¹ s lips touch his face. He longed to feel under his short skirt.
 He was alert when he saw Yukichi standing a few feet away from him.
He ran over to him while smiling.
 He ceased running when a look of horror appeared on Yukichi¹ s face.
The guitarist proceeded to run.

 YUKINAKA : Yukichi !

 The blonde guitarist opened his eyes.

 YUKINAKA : It was only a dream.

 He got out of bed and walked over to the bedroom mirror.
He took one look at his reflection and understood why Yukichi ran from him.
 The same horrible face that seemed inhuman stared back at him.

     THE END

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