TITLE : Queen Klaha' s Daughter.

                                AUTHOR : Esmeraude

                                E-MAIL : Esmeraude@wizard.net

                                BANDS : Arege
                                             Madeth Gray'll
                                             Malice Mizer
                                             Noir fleurir

                                PAIRING : Hisui + Tetsu

                                RATING : R

                                PLOT : A violent story about Queen Klaha' s love
for her daughter Mana who must triumph over tragedy.
                                           Klaha, Mana, and Kengo are female in this story.

                                                            QUEEN KLAHA' S DAUGHTER.

Queen Klaha was a kind and beautiful woman who lived in a large palace.
Mana happened to be her three year old daughter who was very playful.
 One day, Queen Klaha relaxed on her throne.
She looked down and smiled when Mana poked her head out from under her dress !
She laughed while lifting her daughter and putting her on her lap.
She gathered Mana¹ s hair before creating two large pigtails.
 Queen Klaha kissed her daughter¹ s face while embracing her.
She looked up and smiled when she saw a little boy with his mother.
 The boy was Yukinaka who happened to be Mana¹ s age.
His hair was shoulder length and golden.
 Kengo was his mother who was a very good friend of the queen.
She watched her son run up to Queen Klaha¹ s daughter and hug her.
 Yukinaka chased Mana while laughing with her.
 Queen Klaha and Kengo decided to take their children into the royal rose garden.
They sat near a table while watching their offspring play near the roses.
 The queen¹ s servants brought cups of tea.
 KENGO : I have not seen your main servants in awhile.

 QUEEN KLAHA : Hisui and Tetsu ?

 Kengo nodded.

 QUEEN KLAHA : I banned them a month ago.

 Her friend¹ s eyes were wide.

 KENGO : Why ?

 QUEEN KLAHA : They snuck into my daughter¹ s room and....

 Tears formed in her eyes when she stared at Mana who laughed with Yukinaka.

 QUEEN KLAHA : Tetsu placed a pillow over Mana¹ s face....

 Kengo gasped.

 KENGO : Why would they want to smother your daughter ?

 QUEEN KLAHA : They wanted to hurt me by killing my only child.
They hated Mana since I spent every waking second with her.

 KENGO : Jealousy.

 The queen nodded.

 KENGO : How did you prevent Mana¹ s death ?

 QUEEN KLAHA : My bed is right next to her bed.
I heard her muffled screams since I opened my eyes and saw her.

 Kengo slowly shook her head back and forth.
 Queen Klaha placed her hands over her friend¹ s.

 QUEEN KLAHA : If anything should happen to me, raise Mana with your son.

 Kengo nodded while Queen Klaha sipped her tea and saw Mana chase Yukinaka.
 Queen Klaha remembered her daughter¹ s birth. It was love at first sight.
She recalled holding the tiny hand. She loved her child more than her own life.
She would sacrifice herself for her if the situation called for it.
She was sad that her husband was not alive to see her bring Mana into the world.
 Queen Klaha continued to stare at her daughter.

 QUEEN KLAHA : If anything ever happened to my Mana....

 KENGO : My queen....

 She looked down and smiled when a white cat approached her.

 KENGO : Atra !

 The queen lifted the cat and heard her purr on her lap before she jumped down.
She saw Atra go near the roses.
 Mana and Yukinaka ran to their mothers who picked them up and held them.
 Kengo touched her son¹ s golden tresses.

 KENGO : You are my beautiful little boy, Yukinaka.

 Her son kissed her.
 Atra followed the mothers when they took their children inside.
They never noticed two shadows hiding in the rose garden........
 That evening, Queen Klaha bathed and dressed her daughter.
She combed Mana¹ s wet hair until she made the usual pigtails.
She made sure that she was warm and tucked into bed.
She kissed her before sleeping.
 A little after midnight, the queen opened her eyes when she heard steps near her.
She got out of bed and embraced Mana who slowly woke up.
 Queen Klaha gasped when she saw Hisui and Tetsu armed with daggers !
 Hisui looked at Mana.

 HISUI : Live with the memory of your mean mommy¹ s murder until you die, Mana !

 TETSU : Your mean mommy needs to die for banishing us.

 Mana cried uncontrollably while watching the men stab her mother several times.
They even tore her dress before slashing her wrists !
 Queen Klaha felt the blades penetrate her back, chest, and other parts of her body.
She used the last ounce of her strength to touch Mana¹ s face and smile.

 QUEEN KLAHA : ( whispering ) I love you.

 She collapsed before sleeping for eternity.
 Mana screamed without stopping.
 Tetsu removed scissors from his garments and cut off Mana¹ s two large pigtails !

 TETSU : We never did like your hideous pigtails !

 He and Hisui departed when they heard steps.
 Kengo entered her queen¹ s room.
She screamed when she saw Mana crying near her mother¹ s dead body.
She embraced the child who lost her mother and her hair.
She remembered the queen telling her to raise Mana if anything happened to her.
 She touched her friend¹ s blood soaked hand.
 KENGO : ( sobbing ) I¹ ll raise Mana for you, my beloved queen.

 She looked at Mana.

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) Did your mother know that she was going to die tonight ?
Is that why she made me your guardian if anything happened to her ?

 She frowned.

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) Hisui and Tetsu did this to you !

 She sighed.

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) My son is going to have a sister now.

 She carried the screaming child out of the room after looking over her shoulder.
She bathed Mana before putting her in Yukinaka¹ s bed.
 The next day, Yukinaka hugged his friend the second he saw her.
 His mother informed everyone in the palace that Queen Klaha was dead.
The servants were shocked since they had loved the queen.
 Kengo took the children into the rose garden where they played.
She sat near the table where she and Queen Klaha drank tea before her murder.
She saw her children hug one another and heard them laugh.
She thought that Mana was beautiful even without her pigtails.
She was glad to have a daughter and a son. She was more than happy to raise Mana.
 Years passed. Mana was now a queen who was happily married.
 One day, Kengo approached her while her son sat next to his wife on a throne.

 KENGO : ( smiling ) Your mother would be proud of you, Queen Mana.

 Her friend¹ s daughter smiled.

 KENGO : ( smiling ) Queen Klaha was a very kind and beautiful woman.
She sacrificed her own life to protect you from death.

 Yukinaka noticed his wife¹ s tear filled eyes and touched her hand.
 Meanwhile, Hisui and Tetsu kissed in bed.

 TETSU : What should we do to the little bitch ? She still needs to suffer.

 He tilted his head back when Hisui licked his nipples.

 HISUI : We could use her husband¹ s murder to hurt her.

 Tetsu smiled.

 TETSU : I love you more than ever, Hisui.

 His lover moved his hand up and down his erect penis....
 Queen Mana and her husband held hands while approaching the rose bed.

 YUKINAKA : Our mothers took us here and sipped tea together while we played.

 He picked a rose and gave it to his queen who smiled and kissed him.
They rested near one another and fell asleep.
 They never noticed the two shadows....
 Queen Mana slowly opened her eyes and gasped when her husband was gone !
She searched everywhere until she saw something in the rose bed.
 She parted the roses and screamed when she saw Yukinaka¹ s head staring at her !
 Kengo heard the queen¹ s screams and ran into the garden.
She found Queen Mana crying while holding Yukinaka¹ s head against her body.
 She screamed before snatching and embracing what was left of her son.

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) My beautiful Yukinaka.

 QUEEN MANA : ( crying ) Who did this to my husband ?

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) Your mother¹ s killers murdered my only son !

 QUEEN MANA : ( crying ) How do you know ?

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) They always were and always will be murderers.
They were banned from the castle for trying to smother you in your sleep.
They probably snuck into the palace and murdered your mother in front of you.
I would not be surprised if they beheaded my son.

 The queen¹ s eyes were wide.

 QUEEN MANA : Why did they try to kill me ?
Why did they murder my loved ones ?

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) They were jealous of you.
They hated the queen for caring more about you than life itself.

 QUEEN MANA : Who are they ?

 KENGO : ( sobbing ) Tetsu and Hisui.

 QUEEN MANA : Perhaps if I commit suicide, I¹ ll be able to join my mother.

 Kengo grabbed her arms.


 Queen Mana touched Kengo¹ s hands.

 QUEEN MANA : Why can¹ t I recall my mother¹ s murder ?

 Kengo sighed.

 KENGO : It was a painful memory for you and you happened to be three years old.
Hisui and Tetsu murdered your mother and cut your pigtails !

 Queen Mana gasped before she slowly recalled her mother¹ s murder.
She remembered everything now.
 Her tears were revealed when she thought about Queen Klaha¹ s death.
 Kengo continued to hold her son¹ s head and weep before standing.
She looked at her queen.

 KENGO : Avenge your family, Queen Mana.

 She entered the palace while carrying Yukinaka¹ s head.
 Queen Mana followed her. She was determined to reveal her family¹ s killers.
She found everyone in the palace and ordered them to gather before her.
She sat on the throne and looked at her subjects.
 QUEEN MANA : Everyone already knows about my mother¹ s murder.
My husband was beheaded today.

 Kengo raised Yukinaka¹ s head above her body and heard everyone gasp.
 Queen Mana could see Hisui and Tetsu in the shadows.

 QUEEN MANA : I know who the killers are.

 She pointed at the shadows.


 Her guards saw the men and caught them.
 Tetsu struggled while his arms were held behind his back.


 QUEEN MANA : Throw them in prison where they shall remain until they die.

 She watched her servants escort them out of her sight.
 Kengo hugged and kissed her queen.

 KENGO : Thank you for avenging my beloved friend and son.

 Queen Mana nodded before standing and entering the royal rose garden.
She picked a rose and held it against her chest. She looked up at the sky.
Tears exited her eyes.
 She gasped when she looked ahead and saw the spirits of her mother and spouse !
 Yukinaka kissed his wife¹ s face.

 YUKINAKA¹ S SPIRIT : ( whispering ) Thank you.

 Queen Klaha touched her daughter¹ s face.

 QUEEN KLAHA¹ S SPIRIT : ( whispering ) I love you and I will always be with you.

 Queen Mana watched them disappear before entering her palace.
 She continued to rule just like her mother.


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