Silly Monkey

by Esmeraude

PAIRING : Kyo + Toshiya
PLOT : Toshiya learns that some
take everything seriously.


    Kyo and Toshiya spent the evening in bed together.
    Kyo felt Toshiya' s mouth against his face.
His blonde hair was touched repeatedly.
    Toshiya smiled.

    TOSHIYA : ( whispering ) Silly monkey.

    His eyes were wide when Kyo jumped out of bed and started to
walk and screech like a monkey !

    TOSHIYA : Kyo ?

    His lover never replied.
    Toshiya smiled again.

    TOSHIYA : Funny bunny.

    This time Kyo hopped on all fours !

    TOSHIYA : Me and my big mouth !

                                                            THE END