esmeraude-madeth gray'll fic

                           TITLE : Soul searching for a Soulmate.

                            AUTHOR : Esmeraude

                             E-MAIL :

                             PAIRING : Izumi and Hisui

                            RATING : G

                            PLOT : Izumi goes on a soul search for the perfect soulmate.

                                                SOUL SEARCHING FOR A SOULMATE.

Izumi found himself in complete darkness after shutting his eyes.

 IZUMI : Hello ? Is anyone here ?

 No reply.

 IZUMI : Hisui ? Yukina ? Reika ?

 The guitarist continued to wander until he saw a shadow in front of him.
He gasped when the person revealed himself.

 IZUMI : ( gasping ) Hisui ?!

 The Madeth Grayš ll vocalist smiled.

 HISUI : I am the other half of your soul you have been searching for, Izumi.
You have been too shy to tell me about your feelings for me.
You are in love with me. I can sense it.

 Izumi ran over to him and embraced him before kissing him until he opened his eyes. He found himself in his room.
 He entered Hisuiš s room and found him sleeping.
He kissed his face and left.

 IZUMI : Hisui my soulmate.

     THE END

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