gackt no hime-okaeri!


by Gackt no Hime

Comments: this is the sequel to my fic "Billet Doux," but can stand by itself
(but I'd urge ya'll to go read Billet Doux anyways cuz i want more reviews!).
Warnings: unbeta-ed! My FIRST LEMON!
Genre: pwp: fluff and sex ^^;
Rating: NC-17
Band/Pairing: DeG, K/K


"Ja matta ne, Kao-kun. Take good care of our little akuma now!" Die
teased, winking at his fellow guitarist.
"Ne, Kao-kun," the drummer in the redhead's arms started, "are you
staying with Kyo-kun until Totchi comes back?"
"Of course," the pink-headed guitarist replied, smiling. //I wouldn't
leave him for the world now that I've found him!//
Satisfied with Kaoru's answer Shinya allowed Die to guide him out the
door, leaving the pink-head alone with Kyo. Suddenly, the auburn haired man
turned around to whisper loudly, "Ne, Kao-kun! Totchi told me to tell you to
don't do anything he wouldn't do!" earning him a chuckle from said guitarist
before he closed the door.

The door shut with a soft click, and Kaoru found himself alone with Kyo,
who is probably wreaking havoc in La La Land. The guitarist chuckled at his
own train of thoughts as he imagined a Chibi-Kyo* turning the "Land of
Dreams" into a chaotic mess. Smiling softly at the sleeping bundle, Kaoru
planted a chaste kiss on the blond's forehead as he contemplated on whether
to wake the vocalist or not.
Finally deciding on not, the guitarist gently carried sleeping form into
the bedroom and laid him in bed with equal gentleness. But despite the care
Kaoru took to keep from waking Kyo, the latter somehow still woke up.
"Wha-? Kaoru? Where...?" Kyo started rather groggily and tried to sit up.
The pinkhead pushed the smaller man back down onto the bed. "You fell
asleep during the movie," Kaoru explained in a hushed voice. "Die and Shinya
left not too long ago and Totchi isn't back yet, so I'm here to take care of
you," he finished with a soft smile.
"Oh...," Kyo breathed out, voice just barely above a whisper.


"Grrrr... kawaii ja nai!" Kyo growled out, his former shyness
disappearing as his reputed scariness was challenged.
"Eh?" the guitarist blinked innocently.
"Don't give me that! I know what you were thinking," the blond's eyes
glinted dangerously. "You had that ‘he's-so-cute-I-just-wanna-cuddle-him'
look on your face!"
Kaoru broke into a wide mischievous grin, "Awww, but Kyo-chaaaan, I do~~!
You didn't seem to mind that this morning!"

[Flashback: This morning...]
"OKAERI!!" greeted the chorus of voices when Kyo opened the door to his
apaato. Before he could give voice to his surprise and thanks, a flash of
blue charged towards the blond, and the vocalist found himself caught up in a
death-lock — I mean, hug u.u;...

"Kyo~~~chan~~~! You're home! I missed you so much!" the bluehead
exclaimed, nuzzling his victim happily.
(Kyo: @___@;;; ::turning blue::...)
"Oi! Give me back!" Kaoru growled at the doorway, dropping Kyo's duffel
bag to wrench the vocalist from the bassist's arms. Then, with a purely
possessive grin and an even more possessive embrace, the guitarist stated,
Kyo flushed visibly, but couldn't keep the happy smile off his face.
"Awwww~.. Is wittle Kyo-chan *blushing*????" Toshiya exclaimed, trying to
pinch Kyo's cheeks.
Kyo responded by snapping his teeth at the bassist's fingers.
[End of flashback]

With no more than a growl as a warning, Kyo threw all of his weight onto
the guitarist, knocking the latter onto his back. Then, before Kaoru could
get up, Kyo had straddled the pink-head's stomach, effectively pinning the
guitarist to the bed.
"Take it back!"
"Grrrr! Take it back or else!" Kyo threatened.
Kaoru responded with a smirk.
"Fine! You asked for it!" And with that, the smaller man began to tickle
the guitarist mercilessly.
Kaoru yelped in surprise before his began trying to buck his tormentor
off his body. "Ya- yamero!" Kaoru gasped out in between fits of
uncontrollable laughter. "Yamero!"
When that proved ineffective, the pink-head tried to still the tormenting
hand, blindly grabbing at the fleeting hands...and succeeded! When he had
both of Kyo's hands in his grasp, he took a deep breath and used all of his
remaining strength to flip them around so that Kyo was now under him, pinning
both of the vocalist's hands on either side of the blond's head. Kyo tried
one last futile attempt to squirm away from under the guitarist.
"Lemme go!" the younger man nearly screamed it.
"No," came the softly spoken reply. "Especially not after I finally
caught you..."
Kyo stilled at those words. Both men, breathing heavy, stared into each
other's eyes...until the pink-headed one blushed. And when he saw Kyo's eyes
widen, the flush that stained Kaoru's cheek increased.
Their closeness and former activities had caused the guitarist's desire
to flare creating an almost unbidden arousal that was pressed intimately into
Kyo's inner thigh. Kaoru hesitated for a moment, trying to decide what to do
in this situation, but the situation was taken right out of his hands when
Kyo leaned up, giving the guitarist a quick, chaste kiss on the lips.
Kaoru grinned like an idiot before crushing Kyo's full lips with his own.
A low moan escaped Kyo when he felt Kaoru's tongue slipping past kiss
swollen lip, the soft muscle massaging his own as he eagerly responded to the
welcomed invasion. After what seemed like centuries, the couple finally
broke the kiss only far enough to gasp in the air they needed.
"Well," Kyo breathed out, his lips brushing Kaoru's as he spoke. "So
you've caught me..."
"So I have..." Kaoru repeated, and with a growl attacked Kyo's mouth
again, which the blond responded to with equal fervor.
Kaoru broke the kiss and began nibbling and suckling his way to the
column of Kyo's neck. The blond tilted back his head to give his pink-haired
lover easier access, but a noise caught either attention.
"What was that?" Kaoru asked, curious, but not enough to distract him
from his current activity of tasting his lover's skin.
Kyo moaned softly as he felt Kaoru alternate between sucking, nibbling,
and licking at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. "Uhn... ah.. du–
dunno...," he gasped out, while one of his hands (the one not threaded in
Kaoru's hair) searched blindly under his pillow for the source of the noise.
It didn't take long before his hand found what he was searching for, which
ended up being a piece of paper with a few words scribbled on it. Kaoru
stilled his ministrations long enough for Kyo to read the content in the
" ‘Dear Kyo'," the vocalist began reading, trying to catch his breath.
Look in the drawer of your bedside table. Toshiya.' Eh? What the hell
kindda note is that?" Kyo demanded of no one while leaning over to the
drawer mentioned.
"Open it," Kaoru said, when the blond pulled out a sloppily wrapped
present with another note stuck on top of it.
Kyo nodded and handed Kaoru the note, which the latter began reading out
loud while the blond unwrapped his present.
" ‘Kyo you little idiot!'"
"Nani?" said man exclaimed, his head snapping up to glare at the
"Iie! I didn't say that! I was just reading the letter!" Kaoru quickly
explained. "Keep opening your present ^^;...."
Kyo grumbled something unintelligible, but did turn back to what he was
doing while Kaoru continued to read. " ‘What the hell do you think you're
doing *doing it* without lube??!' " Kyo turned crimson. Kaoru coughed to
hide his embarrassment before continuing to read somewhat reluctantly. " ‘
Well, lucky for you I thought about it! So here's my get-well present to
you, have fun with it! Oh, and Kyo? Next time, read your own letters!
Toshiya.'...... Kyo-chan, what did your sex-crazed roommate get you?" Kaoru
asked tentatively.
"Erm... It's ahhh..." Kyo hesitated. "It's... It's-a-tube-of-K-Y-lube,"
the blond finished in one breath, blushing even harder, if that's possible.
Kaoru's eye's nearly popped out of their sockets, but he managed to
recover fairly quickly. "Well, erm... Totchi sure... is um... nosy... ^^;"
Kaoru commented nervously.
"Um... yeah," the blond agreed, just as nervous as the guitarist. (Leave
it up to Totchi to ruin the mood.) "Hey, would you like some coffee or
something?" Kyo asked, trying to ease the tension by striking a normal
Taken completely by surprise by the question, the pink-nodded, then
stuttered out a "Y-yes please." Kyo scrambled to get off the bed, but found
himself more tangled in the sheets and then he thought he was, and in his
haste to untangle himself, he nearly fell off the bed, flat on his face, had
Kaoru not caught him in time.
"Daijoubu ka?" Kaoru asked, voice soft and subdued.
"H-hai...daijoubu desu," Kyo whispered back, as Kaoru's face got closer
to his.
"That's... good," the pink-head breathed out, and then caught his lover's
lips for their third kiss that night. Both men had their eye's closed as
their lips and tongues sought to taste each other as much as possible. With
a groan, Kaoru broke off the kiss hoisting the now untangled vocalist back to
the center of the bed and crawled on top of him. The blond grinned up to his
lover before pulling the older man down for another searing kiss, moaning
into his lover's mouth as hands tried to rid their bodies of unwanted cloth.

Shirts were tossed off to the far corners of the room, as greedy hands
craved for the feel of skin. Kaoru kissed Kyo on the lips one more time
before his mouth latched itself onto the latter's right nipple, sucking and
licking it into a sensitive nub of flesh, enjoying the little gasping and
whimpering noises that slipped past the vocalist's slightly parted lip when
his teeth grazed the nipple before nibbling on the erect nub.
"Nnn..." Kyo moaned. "The... the," the blond gasped out, his
hands pushing the guitarist's head to the neglected nipple. The pink-head
was only happy to comply.

Once Kaoru's shown the same amount of attention to the other nipple, he
began leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses from the center of Kyo's chest
going down, tasting the smooth skin beneath his lips. Kyo moaned again when
Kaoru reached his navel, teasing the blond man with light, fleeting jabs of
the tongue, causing the vocalist's hips to buck up reflexively.
Kaoru continued south, his hands sliding down the sides of the naked
torso under hum until they rested on the blond's hips, driving the smaller
man mad with need. Kaoru, on the other hand, was enjoying every single
moment of torturing the blond vocalist, despite his own more basic desire to
just fuck his soon-to-be-lover senseless.

"Kaoru," Kyo's breathy voice was filled with sexual tension and laced
with an underlying threat. "If you don't continue, I swear I'm gonna kill
Kaoru smirked. "Well I don't know," the pink-head started, allowing his
right hand to oh-so-casually graze the top of the bulge in the younger man's
pants. Kaoru was rewarded with the sound of Kyo's breath catching in his
throat. Guitar-calloused fingertips traced the waist of the vocalist's pants
in an enticing manner.

//Two can play at this game!// Kyo thought as he flipped their positions,
leaving Kaoru laying stunned under him. Then, without warning, Kyo grinded
his hips into Kaoru's, causing a delicious friction as their erections rubbed
against each other. Kyo let out a long, low moan at that blessed contact
while Kaoru gasped out a softer response.
Pure instincts took over as Kyo's hips thrust almost frantically against
Kaoru's, his mouth marking the guitarist's chest. Determined to make the
vocalist's first time be more than a dry-humping session, Kaoru gripped Kyo's
hips, stilling his movements before forcing the blond's head up, crushing
their mouths together to silence the protesting whimpers with a fierce kiss.
Tongue fought for domination, the soft muscles tangling in the worm, dark
caverns of their conjoined mouths.
Kyo broke the kiss as his hands fumbled with the task of getting rid of
Kaoru's pants, and failing miserably because of the trembling of his hands.
Frustrated by the unintentional teasing, Kaoru flipped them both over so
that he was on top again. After quickly divesting himself of the
constricting garment, he did the same for Kyo, removing the younger man's
pants and boxers in one smooth motion. Once those were tossed tot he far
corners of the room, Kaoru sat back on his heels, admiring his lover's body
with open desire and lust.

Kyo squirmed uncomfortably under the pinkhead's scrutiny, flushing
slights as he unconsciously mover to cover himself.

"Don't," Kaoru breath out, tearing his eyes from the blond's body to gaze
into chocolate brown eyes. "You're beautiful Kyo, don't hide yourself from
me..." And before Kyo could respond, Kaoru covered his mouth again with a
soft, sweet kiss. Kyo responded in kind, moaning softly as he pressed his
body to the hard lithe one above his.
Kaoru broke off the kiss, wanting to taste his lover in *other* places,
trailing hot, wet kisses down the length of Kyo's body, licking the flushed
skin in between kisses.
Breathing quickened as the kiss trailed gradually lower. Kyo threaded
his fingers into his lover's pink and black hair, unconsciously hurrying his
lover's decent by pushing his head lower. Kyo's breath hitched in his chest
as he felt Kaoru plant a kiss at the tips of his arousal. A loud moan tore
its way out of Kyo's parted lips as kaoru's tongue traced a wet trail from
the tip to the base to the tip of his arousal before suckling on the head.
The pink-haired guitarist smiled satisfactorily around the erection in his
mouth at Kyo's sharp intake of breath and the instinctive upward thrust of
his hips.
Unfortunately for Kyo, Kaoru's firm grip on his hips prevented the act,
allowing Kaoru the leisure to torture at his own pace, causing the vocalist
to whimper

"Kaoru, please!" Kyo pleaded breathlessly.
Pleased to hear his lover's response, Kaory lowered is mouth onto his
lover's erection, relaxing his throat to overcome his gag reflex before
starting suck in earnest. Kyo moaned in pleasure when he felt himself buried
to the hilt in his lover's mouth, the warm, wet tongue quickly bringing him
to the brink of orgasm. But Kaoru pulled back just as Kyo was about to go
over the edge, making the blond groan in frustration and protest.

"Shhhhh......" Kaoru tried to shush, a wicked grin gracing his flushed
features. "Kyo-chan, I want to make love to you," the guitarist whispered
into his lover's ear, close enough to allow his lips to caress the curve of
Kyo ear, punctuating his question by suckling on the blond's earlobe.
"Yes! Please... Kaoru!" Kyo gasped out.

Kaoru smiled and squeezed a large dallop of lube into the palm of his
hand. Then, he began to massage the lube into the shorter man's tight
entrance. Kyo felt a shiver run up and down his spine when he felt Kaoru's
oil-slick finger tip probing at his opening, and gasped when he felt the
slender digit pushing past the tight ring of muscle, tensing a bit at the
"Kyo, relax," Kaoru coaxed while he wiggled his finger within Kyo's
warmth. When he felt the muscles relax a bit, Kaoru pushed a second finger
Kyo bit back a cry of pain as Kaoru thrust his fingers in and out,
stretching the ring of muscles to prepare him as well as trying to find the
slight protrusion that will make the blond vocalist scream in ecstacy.
"Ah!" Kyo cried out, his hips going down to meet the trusting digits when
he felt Kaoru's fingers brushing an extra sensitive spot inside. The
guitarist smiled and rubbed the protrusion repeatedly, his passion rising
with Kyo's increasing sounds of pleasure until he, too, is desperate for
Kaoru removed his fingers from Kyo's opening, causing the latter to
protest loudly. Kaoru ignored the cries as he squeezed a generous amount of
lube into his lover's hands, then he guided the smaller hands to his manhood.
Kyo understood immediately, wrapping his hands around Kaoru's engorged
shaft, spreading a coat of gel onto the stiff manhood. Kaoru groaned when he
felt the cool gel being spread on hot flesh, then he moaned when the gel
quickly warmed under his lover's ministrations, bringing him to the brink of
release. Only with a lot of effort on his part did Kaoru manage to still the
blond's caresses.

"Kyo..." Kaoru breathed out, asking permission with that one word. Kyo
nodded with a smile, affirming his decision, and thus dispelling any doubt
and uncertainty the guitarist may still harbor in his heart.
"Take me, Kaoru!" Kyo whispered huskily before forcefully pulling Kaoru's
face close for a fierce kiss that left both of them breathless.
When they finally broke the kiss, Kaoru settled himself between Kyo's
parted thighs, the tip of his erection nudging at the puckered entrance.

"I love you!" Kaoru said, and, in one powerful thrust, pushed into Kyo.
The latter bit down on his bottom lip to stifle a scream of pain. It had

Kaoru stilled, giving his lover time to adjust to his size as he bent
down, kissing away the moisture that had collected at Kyo's eyelashes, softly
murmuring words of comfort. As Kyo became less tense in his arms, Kaoru
started to move again.
Kyo gasped and moaned loudly when Kaoru's member rubbed agaisnt his
prostate, causing pleasure to replace the pain he was feeling just moments

"Faster, Kaoru!" Kyo cried out passionately, raising his hips to meet
Kaoru's thrust for thrust, falling into an age old rhythm. Kaoru dipped his
tongue into Kyo's parted mouth, drinking in his lover's moans as the blond
suckled on his tongue. Their pace increased as the two lovers were quickly
approaching their climax.
Kaoru reached out and grasped Kyo's erection, pumping it in time with his
thrusts. Suddenly, Kyo tensed, his back arching away from the bed as he let
out a choked cry of ecstacy before releasing into his lover's hands. Kaoru
gave one last hard thrust before spilling his seeds deep within Kyo, and
collapsing on top of Kyo in an exhausted heap of sweaty limbs. After a
moment, Kaoru regained enough of his senses to pull his now-limp organ out of
Kyo's body, causing Kyo to grimace in discomfort. Kaoru saw the grimace as he
rolled off of his lover's body, only wince at the sight of blood — Kyo's blood
— on their thighs and sheets.

"Gomen ne, Kyo-chan," Kaoru apologized softly, both the grimace and the
blood caused the guitarist to feel guilty for hurting the blond vocalist.
"Let me clean you up a bit?"
Kyo was too tired to protest the absence of his lover, but did heave a
sigh of content when he felt a warm, wet cloth clean away the stickiness on
his belly and in between his thighs.

"Ne, Kyo-chan, get up," Kaoru cooned.
"Nnnn... why...?" Kyo asked sleepily without opening his eyes.
"The sheets —"
"Can wait," Kyo interrupted, cracking open an eye to see his lover. "Get
into bed already," Kyo pouted before yawning loudly.

Kaoru chuckled but obliged to the smaller man's wish, crawling into bed
and wrapping his arms around the blond's slender waist.
"Oyasumi, koibito," Kaoru whispered into his lover's ear.

A soft snore was the response he got.
Smiling into the bleach-blond hair, the guitarist tightened his embrace,
pulling the younger man's body closer to his own as he too fell into blissful


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