The Subtle Art of Persuasion

Title: The Subtle Art of Persuasion

Author: H.

Band: Dir en Grey

Pairings: KaoruxTotchi (for now *evil grin*)

Rating: NC-17 throughout

Author’s Notes: Heehee…well, this fic came to me after reading the DEG interview in New Grave. I will paraphrase since I really don’t want to get in any trouble, but basically Kaoru says he believes he was the one to come up with the name Dir en Grey, but the other members were not so keen at first, so he had to persuade them. This is my hentai take on the whole persuasion thang!

Disclaimers: I have nothing to do with New Grave Mag, and am simply paraphrasing for the sake of this fic. I also only own Die, so back off…*growls* *L*…ok…heehee…well I don’t own any of them but I wish I did!! (Just Diekun PLEASE!!! I’m reasonable!!!) Please don’t sue, as I have no money anyways!!

Part I – An Idea is Born

The burgundy haired man gave an audible moan as he sat on the flecked tile floor of the studio. Glancing around, he noticed the similar reactions from the rest of the group. Die stuck out his tongue, Shinya rolled his eyes, and Toshiya reached out to smack the instigator of their current situation.

“Hey! Fuck off!” The blonde screamed as he shooed the bassist’s hand away. “I thought it sounded like a great name!” Suddenly a pillow smacked him from the opposite side.

The red head sat smirking, “Really? Really, Kyokun. _You_ thought it was a good name? Haha…well, see that’s funny cause the rest of us thought it was a really SHITTY name!”

The leader put his head in his hands. “Kyo, if you have any more suggestions for band names like Vegan Death Monkey, please just keep them to yourself.”

Suddenly a rumbling.

The blue haired man blushed brightly and attempted to cover his stomach, “Oh, sorry. I’m just starving. We’ve been here for 6 hours.”

Shinya nodded and cleared his throat, raising a piece of paper to his face. “Ok, so the suggestions we have so far today are as follows: Snot Monster, Conundrum, Blary White…” He rolled his eyes at the red head across the room. “By the way, cute Die.” He muttered while smiling sardonically.

“Just read the damn list already!” The vocalist scowled in frustration.

“Oh, anyway, Qubit Chips, Toshiya and the Totchi-ettes, Comatose Piranha, Die the Magnificent, Haze Biters, and Vegan Death Monkey. Ok, which one does everyone like?”

Shaking his head pensively, Kyo mumbled, “Well, I like Snot Monster or Vegan Death Monkey.”

The bassist pulled a few stray strands of midnight blue behind his ear and smiled demurely, “I think it should be Totchi and the Totchi-etts. Please Kaokao!” He batted his eyes at the guitarist.

“NO!” Screamed the other four members in unison.

“Well, I liked Conundrum, I guess.” The redhead shrugged.

Kaoru cleared his throat, “As I said before, I think Dir en Grey is the best of all the names we’ve come up with the entire week. What’s your vote Shinya?”

“I personally don’t care for any of them.” He stated flatly before rising to his feet. “Anyway, we’ve got four days without practice to mull it over. Maybe we’ll come up with some better ideas after a break.”

“Yeah, let’s call it a night.” The leader sighed in resign as the other members began to stand and gather their belongings. The guitarist simply sat there rubbing his temples.

The bassist waited patiently by the door to the studio for his friend to make some sort of movement to exit. “Um…you coming, Kaoru?”

“Nah, go ahead. I’ve got some things I need to work on.”

“Alright then, if you want to, stop over later and we’ll have some drinks.” He waved as he bounced off, leaving the other man alone in his thoughts.

‘This is fucking ridiculous. A whole fucking week and no one is agreeing on a band name! I thought for sure they’d all like Dir en Grey. Of all the names we’ve come up with that’s the best one. I’m sure they all think I just like it because I thought of it. We’re getting no where.” He sighed as he flopped down on the small couch. “How can I convince them?” He closed his eyes and relaxed, slowly letting himself drift off.

As he was just about asleep, he sat up with a start. “Got it!” He screamed, and then smiled slyly.


The blue haired man had been happily sipping a glass of wine, his eyes glued to a B rated horror flick that flashed across the TV screen, when he heard the knock at his door. He uncrossed his legs, tied his robe and padded along into the hallway.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Kaoru. Can I come in?”

“Oh sure.” He shouted through the wood frame. Opening the door he hugged his friend briefly before continuing, “Come on in.” He led the guitarist into the family room. “Excuse the mess, it’s Kyo’s week to clean.”

“Where is Kyo, anyway?” He queried as he surveyed his surroundings.

The bassist had gone into the kitchen to get another glass. “Oh, he’s out somewhere. I think he said he and Die were going to laser tag or something like that.” Returning from the kitchen, he set the glass on the table and proceeded to pour Kaoru some wine.

“Thanks” The guitarist smiled as he lifted the glass to his lips. ‘Perfect’

“So you wanna watch this? Or do you want to change the channel?”

The pink haired man picked up the bottle to refill his friend’s glass. “Actually, I was hoping we could talk.”

Bouncing excitedly at the possibility of some good gossip, the blue haired one clicked off the TV. “Oh, sure!”

“Well, I know we all can’t seem to agree on a name, but we really need to decide soon. And no, we are not going to be called Toshiya and the Totchi- etts.” He rolled his eyes at the pouty bassist. “Now really, have you even considered Dir en Grey?”

“I don’t know Kaoru. I mean, that other one you thought of today, Haze Biters was better I think.” He sat his glass down on the glass coffee table.

Suddenly, moist hot breath was caressing his ear.

His knees went weak.


“Shhhh…just let me explain my position.” He whispered as his tongue teased small circles around the bassist’s ear.

The blue haired one gave a small mewl as he felt Kaoru’s hand slip between the satin folds of his robe and begin to tease one of his carmel nipples. “Mmmm…go on, I’m listening.” He managed to choke out through aroused breaths.

Kaoru continued to tease the small mound as he left sensual nips down the side of the bassist’s slender neck; the other hand began slowly caressing his inner thigh. “See, I know this decision has been rather hard for you.” His hand traveled higher grabbing hold of the other man’s awakening length, teasing it with languid strokes. “But I think when it comes right down to it.” The pink haired man shifted positions as he bit down hard on Toshiya’s neck, causing the other to moan in pleasure. He continued the treatment, taking each hard nub in his mouth and biting harshly, then leaving a trail of red marks down the well-defined chest and taut stomach. Kneeling in between the bassist’s legs, he pulled fabric of the robe aside, and began licking up the bassist’s silken thighs.

“God…Kaoru.” He watched through lust-laden eyes as the scorching mouth inched towards his aching cock.

The pink haired man licked up the hardened length. “Mmmm…as I was saying.” He took another leisurely swipe causing the blue haired man to gasp. “I think you’ll agree with me – that Dir en Grey is the best name.” He purred before taking the whole of bassist’s cock in his mouth.

The younger man cried out as he felt the scorching mouth envelop him.

The guitarist pulled back and smirked, “So, does that mean yes?” He whispered before he repeated his earlier treatment, deepthroating the other man roughly as his hands traveled around the firm globes.

“Mmmm…please…more….” The blue haired one panted as he felt the other man’s tongue tease his balls, taking each one into his mouth and suckling before he harshly pulled the bassist forward, exposing the tight puckered entrance.

The bassist grabbed hold of Kaoru’s head, nudging him back up towards his aching desire, but he felt firm palms pushing him backwards.

“God, Toshiya…” He whispered barely able to control his lust. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He purred before enveloping the whole of the squirming man’s sex again.

“Damnit Kaoru!” The frustrated bassist moaned. “Finish what you started and fuck me already!”

The guitarist laughed before he lavished attention on his fingers and pushed one slender digit into the tight abyss. “Is this what you want, Totchi?”

Slinking himself closer and closer to the intruding finger, the blue haired one responded, “Oh…yes…Kaochan…mmmm….” His voice trailed off as the guitarist’s skilled finger hit his spot of innermost passion with ease. “More…please…”

Inserting another slick digit, the leader continued. “So Toshiya, do you really want me to fuck you?” Again he struck the tight bundle of nerves inside the panting man.

Toshiya was breathless, panting, needing, wanting. He’d submit to anything, spurred on in his submission by the guitarist’s nimble fingers. “Oh God, Kaoru, FUCK ME!!” He screamed.

The pink haired man acquiesced, pulling his pants down quickly to reveal his own swollen and dripping length. He pursed himself at the tight entrance. “Say it, Totchi. Say that Dir en Grey should be the band’s name.” He purred as he began to stroke the writhing man’s cock urgently.

The bassist couldn’t stand it, in an instant of passion he cried out. “YES!! Fuck, yes Kaoru…what ever you want! JUST FUCK ME!!!”

Suddenly he felt the enormous length pushing into him, searing his soul, possessing him fully. The pain was nothing now that his leader was forcing himself roughly inside him, fucking him fully, taking him to heights so far unknown. He felt the guitarist’s hand again on his dripping length.

“Harder, Kaoru…Oh, God…MORE!” He screamed as the other man began suckling on his neck, ramming in and out of his depths, tasting, teasing, licking, and biting, more and more, faster and faster.

“You like this, don’t you Totchi?” The pink haired guitarist panted, slamming himself hard into the other man.

Toshiya could only moan in approval.

“You fucking love this, you slut!”

“Oh, damn Kaoru…Harder! More!!”

The guitarist reached a hand around and twisted the bassist’s nipple. “Say it Totchi. Say that the band’s name will be Dir en Grey! SAY IT!” He screamed as he thrust deeper and deeper into the tight depths, his other hand continuing to stroke the bassist’s hot cock.

The blue haired one couldn’t help it, his senses failed; everything in his scope of reality was focused on Kaoru, only on Kaoru…forever on Kaoru. He felt a sharp bite on his jugular and cried out in ecstasy. “YES!! YES!! OH God Kaoru, what ever you want just…FUCK ME!!” He screamed as he came hard into the other man’s hand.

“Damn Totchi, you’re so fucking good…so fucking tight!” Kaoru growled.

The glorious constriction coupled with the sensuous moans of his lover caused the guitarist to lose all sense of himself. Giving a few final thrusts he emptied his essence into those forbidden depths.

Collapsing onto each other, the pink haired man kissed the other man lovingly, tongue met tongue, eyes met delirious eyes. Finally, Kaoru broke the kiss.

“You did promise me Totchi, you promised that you would agree to Dir en Grey.”

The bassist smiled sensually as he pulled the guitarist down against him. “Of course, Kaochan. I’d promise you a lot more often if it led to this!” He giggled.

‘Perfect.’ The guitarist smiled to himself. ‘Only three more to go’.

~End part I~

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