Title: Girls Don't Fight
Author: hikaru
Band: Dir en grey
Pairing: DiexShinya, ShinyaxDie
Comments: Can't help it!! I've just got to write this down
because...I've just got to write a fic about one of my most favorite
couples.. ^^ Shizuka, if I'm not mistaken, means something along the
lines of `quiet'.

Part 1


A blond beauty stared back at her reflection, brushing her short,
shoulder-length hair with patience. She was murmuring numbers,
counting the strokes she applied to her hair softly, her eyes darting
to another image in the mirror, looking after her.

" Ne Shizuka, don't you think you should hurry up a bit? School's
starting and you're slacking!" Her friend pouted, adjusting the bag
on her lap.

" Be patient, I'm almost done." Shizuka ran her long fingers across
the gold of her hair, smoothing out what she had brushed. " …197…198…

" 200!" Her friend finished off gleefully, grabbing hold of the
brush and throwing it onto the bed. " Come, let's go! I want to catch
a glimpse of Die-kun! He's so hot when early in the morning! You know
he practices basketball before school starts!"

" I know, which is why I prefer to delay watching you goggle over
him." Shizuka stated calmly, a small smiling grazing her soft

Her brown haired friend gave a groan and hurried out towards her
" Hurry up! I'm gonna take a head start, `kay?"

" `Kay." Shizuka echoed back.

Shizuka was like her name. Reclusive, thoughtful, and rarely opened
her mouth unless to answer a question directed to her. She was a
wonder to the school, making all heads turn at the sight of her
walking down the hallways, her cute sailor-styled uniform drawing out
her innocence even more. A recent newcomer but she knew her way
around school quickly and adapted herself to the environment as if
though she had been born in the place.

The girl sighed back at her reflection as her hands travelled down
to her stomach, touching the area lightly. She had gone skinny after
the incident.

` You're a disgrace to the family!'

Memories of her father shouting at her.

` Why? Why…?'

Her mother's sobs.

Shizuka sighed, dropping her hand from her mid-section. She grabbed
her bag, ready to go out of the house when she caught her reflection
again. Her lips quivered slightly into an unfamiliar smile that
looked unsure.

" I'm so sorry to do this Shinya.. but this is the only way…," she
dropped her voice to a choked whisper as she glanced down at herself
again, tears threatening to fall, " I'm so sorry…"


" Hey look, it's that Shizuka again. God, is there a more prettier
being in this school than her?" A bronze-haired man whistled at the
sight of her.

A knock on his head reminded him of the person who was listening to
his every words. He smiled sheepishly.

" How about me, Kaoru?" Dark gold hair covering one side of his
face, the boy could've been mistaken for a woman. " Do I stand a
chance of being prettier than her?"

" Of course!" Kaoru answered immediately, not missing a beat. "
You're the loveliest, Totchi!"

" How much longer do I have to stand you guys constantly praising
yourselves?" A new voice joined the conversation.

Both Kaoru and `Totchi' turned to the newcomer, smiling.

" Die-kun, finished shooting hoops?" Kaoru asked.

" Done for this morning." Die smiled warmly in return. " You're
early this morning, Toshiya. Why, the school is so honoured to be
graced by your prescence here today!"

Toshiya flushed.
" Ne, Die-kun.. I don't cut school *all* the time…"

" Yeah, sure—"

" Hey look! Shizuka's coming over with that friend of her's again!"
Kaoru hissed excitedly.

The trio turned to see that indeed, Shizuka was walking slowly
behind her excited looking friend. Die was used to her face since she
usually came to watch him practice every morning. He hadn't seen her
earlier and wondered if she had finally fallen sick.

" Mei-chan, ohayou." Die greeted her. His eyes softened when her
friend arrived as well. " Ohayou, Shizuka."

" Die-kun!" She threw her arms around him, despite the fact that
Die was still sweaty from the practice. " I'm sorry I missed
practice! Shizuka was taking the longest time brushing her hair!"

" I didn't ask you to wait for me, Mei." Shizuka looked briefly
annoyed but her face turned calm again. She smiled sweetly at the red
head. " Ohayou to you too."

" Shizuka-chan!" Kaoru unashamedly called out to her, ignoring the
look Toshiya threw at him. " It's nice to see you this morning! Want
me to walk you to class?"

" I don't mind, but..," she paused, biting her lip, " Isn't my
class away from yours?"

" Yeah, isn't it?" Toshiya made a face at Kaoru.

" Ah.. so it is." Kaoru chuckled, placing an arm over Toshiya as if
to pacify him. " Well, class should begin any moment now.. Let's go,
Totchi! Ja minna!"

Toshiya was hauled away before he had any more to say. The three
left looked on at the curious looking couple. Die turned to the girls
again, and wrapped his shirt uniform around his waist, taking his bag
in hand.

" So, ready to go to class?"

" Sure!" Mei answered happily, hanging onto his hand.

Die laughed at her cheerfulness and glanced at Shizuka, who was
looking quite reserved again. He offered an arm out to her as well,
earning a surprised glance from the blond. She looked up at him

" Shall we?" Die put on a charming manner, looking like a prince
about to escort two ladies to dinner.

Shizuka laughed, her voice still soft.
" Let's."

She didn't take his arm, much to his disappointment, but she did
stroll up next to him, walking with the two towards class.


` Why is she so quiet?' Die mused, secretly watching the blond
girl. ` Does she want to live up to her name?'

He bent his head over his textbook to appear as if though he was
reading but his eyes averted to the girl several tables away from
him, sitting in a prim position, book held out in front of her as she
read without realizing his eyes on her. His neck was starting to hurt
from trying not to appear too much as if he was staring at her.

But who wouldn't be enchanted by such a beauty? She had taken the
attention of so many of the other male population of the school, why
shouldn't he also be fascinated by her?

He knew that his feelings couldn't be returned because it was
obvious that Mei, Shizuka's friend, liked him to a degree where it
would affect both girl's friendship. He released a long sigh, combing
a hand through his hair in a gesture of mixed annoyance and thought.

" Why the long face, Die-kun?" Mei's voice interupted his
thoughts. " Is anything the matter?"

Die turned to the girl, her curly brown hair swept over her right
shoulder to rest against her chest at the moment. Her large eyes
peered at him with concern and he wondered why he didn't find any
attraction towards her. She was equally pretty as Shizuka, perhaps
more because of her out-going personality. Was he weirder than he
really thought he was?

He shook his head, at his thoughts and Mei's question.
" Iie, Mei-chan.. I'm fine."


Shizuka glanced at the two of them, smiling at her friend's attempt
to get Die's attention.

She had been aware of the eyes that watched her when she was
reading, she just appeared as if though she didn't. It was easy to
recognize the look when she had received them from so many already.
The look had become a part of her daily routine now. However, Die's
look was a bit different from all the others, possibly because his
made her heart throb faster.

Shizuka placed down her book and clasped her hands together,
closing her eyes to block out the image of the smiling, handsome Die.

` Shinya.. think of Shinya…' Shizuka chanted inside her mind. ` You
must think about him.'

Trying to block out the image of Die was very hard, especially
since it seemed to insist on being planted firmly in her mind. She
shook her head, not wanting to give up. She didn't want to see that
charming face in her mind. She didn't.. She couldn't…

" Shizuka? Shizuka?…. Shizuka!"

She looked up at her name being called. Glancing up from her own
thoughts, she realized that the whole class was looking at her, even
the teacher. A deep red coloured her cheeks as embarrassment swept
over her.

" A penny for your thoughts, Shizuka?" The teacher raised one fine
eyebrow, daring her to speak.

" I'm sorry sensei, I was just thinking." She replied truthfully.

The teacher gave a reproving glare but didn't pursue the topic.
Instead, still facing Shizuka, she opened the text.
" Give your views and explanations as to the happenings in page

Sweeping her book in her arms, she glanced down to take a quick
skim of the page before looking up again to answer the teacher's


` Lost in her own world again…' Mei rolled her eyes, watching as
her friend answered the question without failure. ` Thank goodness
she's got a mind for her studies.'

She glanced at the red head beside her, who was busy listening to
Shizuka's answer. All of a sudden, she wished the teacher would ask
her something. Then Die's attention would be turned to her.

She smiled upon the thought.

` Die-kun… Suki da…'


After school was over, Mei hurried to chat with Die while Shizuka
quietly packed her books inside her bag slowly. The blond waited
patiently for Mei to finish talking with Die so that they would walk
home together. Their houses were quite nearby.

Mei looked up from her chatter and bounded off next to Shizuka,
grabbing hold of her hand and tugging on it in an insistent manner.

" Shizuka! Die's invited me to watch the practice this evening..
want to come and accompany me?" Mei asked, looking excited. Then,
turning to Die, a bit worried. " You don't mind, do you?"

" Of course not." Die shrugged off-handedly and smiled at the quiet
girl. " You're invited as well."

` Yes!' Die could celebrate because for once, his plan was going on
well. ` I knew Mei-chan would ask Shizuka to the practice too… Urgh..
am I using the poor girl?'

Before he could indulge himself deeper into his guilt, Shizuka's
apologetic voice cut through.

" I don't think so. I'm not so interested in basketball, I need to
study anyways." She gave a sorry look at Die, " I'm really sorry. But
I'd better get home. Ja!"

The girl spun on her heels and left the room, leaving on Die and
Mei to occupy it. Mei's mood didn't seem to diminish a bit, even
though Die's was.

" Come on then! You don't want to be late for practice!"


It was night again.

Time for sleep.

Shizuka sighed as she finished brushing her hair. She placed the
brush down gently on her countertop, going into the bathroom to wash
her feet and change her clothes. Even when she was alone she was wary
of undressing in her room. A fleeting thought accompanied her inside
the small bathroom.

` Shinya..'

When she stepped outside again, her night blouse was unbuttoned,
revealing a long strip of smooth skin revealed. Also revealing a
pale, flat chest that turn the blond haired beauty into a boy.

`Shizuka' glanced into the mirror again, sighing seeing `his'
reflection. The face was a bit changed, light make-up being removed.
It was still smooth, but more masculine than feminine. Touching the
mirror, the person let a rueful smile break out.

" There you are Shinya.."

End of Part 1

Notes: Oooookay….. so Shizuka is Shinya, get it? Only this part will
I refer to Shinya as Shizuka.. the next part Shinya is Shinya… why?
Because I love his name! ^___^
Anyone ever seen `Boys Don't Cry' starring Hillary Swank? I wish I
could watch that movie.. I wish I had that movie so that I could
watch it.. ;_; my friend said it was good.. This isn't based on that,
but the main idea of Shinya as a girl came up from the movie. ^^
Hope this was enjoyed!

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