Title: Girls Don't Fight
Author: hikaru
Band: Dir en grey
Pairing(s): DiexShinya, ShinyaxDie
(there's also a bit of KaoruxTotchi and KyoxShinya on the
Comments: Here's the third part.. and uh.. thanks to all that has
commented.. it actually drove me to write out the drafts for each
parts… ^^;;; so now at least I know how things will be going from
here.. Just for remembrance: === is flashback. Well, I hope that this
one is enjoyed.. ^__^
C&C's welcomed, like always.

Part 3


" This is where I live." Kyo opened the door, revealing the lavish

Shinya held back a gasp at the splendour of the interior. He was
lead in timidly by the smaller man, looking around the richly
decorated living room nervously. He seemed out of place inside the
apartment; everywhere he stepped it made him feel as if he didn't
belong there, as if he was destroying the beauty by just *looking*.

" Do you like it?" Kyo looked at him for his approval.

" It's very beautiful." Shinya managed to say, still feeling timid.

Kyo merely smiled at him and placed his jacket on a coat hanger,
pulling back the drapes that hid the view of the magnificent ocean.
Shinya walked over to his side, not knowing what else to do and
wrapped his arms around the man he had just come to know.

" You're invited to stay here with me," Kyo said, leaning into
Shinya's embrace, " I've talked with your manager and I don't want
you to work there anymore."

" I'm fired?" Shinya looked bewildred.

" More like, let go." Kyo held the arms that held him close. "
Though you say innocence can be deceiving, I find nothing false in
your own. I don't want you to work in a place like that. You're to
stay here with me."

All of a sudden, he felt very shy around Kyo.
" Ano.. Kyo, I'm still living with my family.. it's just that they
don't know about my night time profession.. they think I'm taking
tutorial classes."

Kyo stayed silent for awhile.

" Then let it continue that way if you want to." Kyo turned around
to face the young boy, " You must need money pretty badly to take up
that sort of profession. Money I can give you easily. More than that
job pays you, I'm certain. The only thing I ask in return, stay with
me once a few nights and don't go back to that job…ever."

There was a warning look in Kyo's eyes whenever he referred to his
work that made Shinya nod in understanding. It wasn't as if he didn't
want to meet this intriguing man. He would've stayed even if he
wasn't paying him a penny.

" Good." Kyo looked pleased and gestured towards the large white
sofas. " Come, I want to know more about you.. Shinya."

He lead the boy to sit next to him and held his hands, warming
them. Shinya looked a bit surprised.

" Me?" As if the topic of his own identity had never been
questioned before. " What would you like to know?"

" Your full name would be quite nice." Kyo looked thoughtful. " And
just to make us even, my full name is Niimura Tooru."

" Terachi Shinya." He said, then, still looking a bit hazy from the
question, " Ah.. don't you want to.. uh.."

" What?" Kyo seemed amused by the faint colour that reddened the
cheeks of his new companion.

" Well.. you know, have sex with me." All this was said quickly, as
if he wasn't used to saying such things out loud. " That's what
everyone pays for me for."

Kyo waved a hand, dismissing the matter.
" Sex can wait. I want to know more about you."

Shinya looked even more surprised but swallowed the feelings down.
He could at least enjoy a night without having to leave feeling
incredibly sticky and dirty.

" All right." He nodded. " Where should we start?"



" That's enough for today!" The coach blew at his whistle, ending
the practice. " Pack up everyone and don't forget to come on time

The last comment was directed at the red head with a glare, which
Die just returned with a grin. He jogged over to Mei, drinking the
water she offered him.

" Your shooting is really improving, Die-kun!" Mei smiled at him.

" Thanks." He shrugged off the comment, throwing a towel around his
neck as she picked up her books.

" I should probably get going now. It's getting late." Mei looked
out at the darkened streets.

" Ne, could you wait for me? It won't take long..," Die drew out
his words slowly, " I'd like to talk to you about something."

Mei looked excited over the offer.
" Alright!"

" Great, I'll be back soon." Die gave her a fast wink and hurried
with the rest of the team to the changing room.

Several minutes later, the red head came out sporting his school
uniform again and greeted Mei near the school gates. She brushed back
her hair and threw him a large smile, looking more than just a little
happy to be able to walk with her crush.

" Where do you live?" Die asked.

" Uh.. that way." Mei pointed to a direction. " Is it far from your

" No, I'll walk you home." Die smiled at her.

They settled themselves to a slow pace as they walked side by side,
the soft night's breeze sweeping past them. Mei would glance once in
awhile at the red head, who looked deep in thought.

" Is there something wrong, Die-kun?" Her eyes flashed with worry.

" Well..," Die let out a sigh, " I won't beat around the bush here,
Mei-chan, I'll just tell you what's on my mind—I like Shizuka."

By the way he said `like' Mei got the idea that he meant more than
just the usual friendship like. She lowered her head.

" Why are you telling me this?" She faked a laugh. " Shouldn't you
be saying that to Shizuka?"

" Mei-chan, you know why I'm telling this to you." Die looked up at
the sky, " And anyways, I've already told my feelings to Shizuka."

" So my best friend sends her new boyfriend to send her
condolences." She muttered bitterly.

" Don't get the wrong idea, Mei-chan." Die spoke gently, " She
rejected me."

" Oh?" Mei looked faintly surprised. Then, narrowing her eyes. "
Because of me? And now you're talking to me so that I'll talk to her
into accepting you?"

Her voice had become angry, outraged. Die placed a pacifying hand
on her shoulder which she shrugged off.

" No, that's not the reason why I'm telling this to you." Still he
spoke in the same gentle tone. " I'm telling you this because I don't
want you to waste your feelings for someone who already likes someone

Mei bit her lips, tears gathering at the corner of her eyes. She
stopped walking and so did Die, the two of them standing in the
middle of a deserted road together, casting long shadows of the

" Can't you even try?" Her voice sounded choked.

" You know I can't, Mei-chan." Die looked over at her, the edge of
his lips tinted with a bit of sadness.

" What's so special about Shizuka anyways?!" She bursted out, her
tears breaking from her eyes as she shouted out her feelings. " Why
does everyone like her so much?! Is it because she's pretty? Is that
why you like her, Die-kun? Is it?"

Die shook his head.

" No! Of course I think she's pretty but it's just more than her
physical appearance, Mei-chan… I don't know why I like her but I just
do." Die's voice became soft. " And anyways, if anyone knew what's so
special about her.. it should be you."

Mei's lips curled into a frown that depicts her bitterness.
" I don't see anything special about her anymore…"


Shinya walked towards class the next day, careful not to run into
either Die or Mei. But he'd been lucky since Mei didn't show up at
his house as she usually did and Die wasn't at the front gates with
Kaoru and Toshiya as usual. It was a bit strange but he thanked his
luck for the strangeness. It would be a bit difficult to to meet any
of them for the moment.

His hand reached for his lips in remembrance of the kiss Die and he
had shared.
` He'd tasted so warm…'

" Shizuka!" A voice interupted his thoughts.

He turned around to find the source of the voice and saw three
figures heading his way. The one that had called him, stood out among
his friends, the class troublemaker Kirito and his associate Kouichi.
Their `leader' as people had called them, was the dark figure with
long ebony hair that shone in the light with equally dark rimmed
eyes. Hiro was a person everyone tried to stay clear of, most
probably because no one knew what would happen should they come near
him. And now he was approaching Shinya.

He stood still, one hand playing with a strand of his golden hair,
meeting Hiro's gaze dead in the eyes.

" Hiro." He nodded.

A malicious sneer made it's way onto Hiro's face as he neared
Shinya, stopping just a feet away.

" I was.. blessed with having to feast my eyes on a rather
interesting display last night." Hiro's eyes averted to glance
briefly at Shinya's lips. " You and Die looked rather.. cozy

Shinya's eyes flashed with surprise and annoyance.

" What does that have to do with you, Hiro?" He spat out, not
enjoying the turn of the conversation.

" I was rather pleased when you pushed him away.. and ran." Hiro
chuckled. " It's rarely we see the famous Die get dumped by someone
as.. lovely as yourself."

Goosebumps appeared on Shinya's arms and he took a step back away
from the dark figure. He wanted to run but his back bumped into
Kirito and he noticed that both Kirito and Kouichi blocked his path
of escape.

` When did they..?' Shinya's thoughts were left unfinished as
Hiro's voice interupted them.

" Seeing that someone has already put moves on you, I think I might
as well tell you how *I* feel." Hiro smiled at Shinya. " I don't want
anyone else to touch you but me. Die will pay dearly for that soon

Kirito and Kouchi said nothing, moving out of the way as Hiro back
Shinya against a locker, hands either side of Shinya's body.

" I've had my eyes on you eversince you walked into this school,
Shizuka. I thought I'd take my time to learn more about you but it
seems that my thoughts were wrong." Hiro's eyes trapped Shinya's in a
commanding gaze. " But now I think it's time you should know.. that I
fancy you, Shizuka."

" Gomen ne, Hiro, but I don't return the feeling." Shinya said
coldly, raising a hand to push Hiro away only to be slammed back
against the locker.

Hiro's hand clutched at his shoulder, holding him firmly in place.
He leaned into the blond, the tips of their noses touching ever so

" I don't think so." Hiro's voice held a bit of amusement in them
as he continued to peer down at Shinya. " You see, Shizuka, unlike
Die.. I don't accept refusals. I take whatever I want.. whether they
like it or not."

Hiro let his hand slide down from Shinya's shoulder to reach
underneath the skirt of his uniform. Shinya's eyes widened at the
touch and instinctively kneed the long haired boy in the crotch,
stepping away from him quickly as Hiro crumpled to the floor,
muttering curses.

" You bitch!" Hiro yelled out.

Shinya breathed in and out quickly, placing a hand over his chest
to calm himself. He knew that his struggles weren't over when hands
clutched at his arm, pulling him back against the tall built of
Kouichi. It was getting harder to free himself with the skirt he was
wearing, he'd have to forget about decencies to get himself out of
his current situation.

" When Hiro-san wants something, Shizuka," a whisper at his ear, "
He'll get it for sure."

" Not this time." Shinya gritted his teeth and twisted the arms
that held him in place, a gesture he'd learned from the hours of
being wrestled back by bullies in his previous school.

Kouichi cried out in pain, his hand releasing it's hold, though one
of Shinya's hands was now clutching onto his own arm. Shinya raised
his other arm with intention to knock the lights out of Kouichi, only
to have another hand pulling his back. It was Kirito for sure but
Shinya didn't think, only pulling his entire arm back, elbow thrusted
into Kirito's face then clenched fists hitting the other square in
the face. One foot stamped on Kouichi's, which earned him a pitiful
moan then he turned around to aim another punch at Kirito's abdomen.

Both lay on the floor, clutching their wounds.

Shinya panted slightly, looking up to find that quite a crowd had
gathered around them. And that Hiro was now recovered from his
earlier shock.

" Bastards." Hiro glared at the two figures on the floor. " Can't
even finish up a bitch."

He turned to Shinya and a smile appeared on his face again, making
Shinya take another step back.

Even though he could take on Kouichi and Kirito, Hiro was a totally
different matter. He could only immobize the latter before because he
had caught the guy by surprise. Now would be a need a different
strategy if he was to get out of the situation without Hiro finding
out who he really was.

" Go away." Shinya snarled, roughly pushing back the hair that had
fallen to his face. " Didn't you learn from your friends already?"

" Don't try to hide behind that threat of yours, Shizuka." Hiro
kept on smiling, walking slowly towards his victim. " You know I can
easily beat you, even if you make quite a fighter. Only makes me like
you even more."

Before Shinya could react, Hiro had taken him by the shirt, pushing
him against the lockers again. He flinched at the impact and tried
with all his might to push the taller boy away, though his struggles
would be in vain pretty soon. Hiro's face was swooping down on him,
taking his lips with one swift movement and pressing against them

Eyes widening again from the contact, Shinya bit down hard on the
lips, slapping Hiro across the face when he drew back from him.
Without a moment to lose, he punched Hiro twice in the stomach then
used his backhand to knock the dark head's face. His leg kicked out
to sweep Hiro's feet from the floor, making the tall boy submit
towards the earth.

Applause broke out from the crowd as Shinya made a run from the
scene, tears stinging his eyes.

` Bastards… stupid people… wouldn't even try to help me…,' Shinya's
thoughts ran ahead before him, leaving him in a state of mess. ` So
close..too close.. so… oh god.. they could've found out about me…'

His legs gave out from tiredness and he crumpled to the floor,
sobbing into his hands.

` Why won't I just die?' Came the single fleeting thought.

End of Part 3

Notes: Much to come in part 4! Uh.. yeah, the fighting between Shinya
and Hiro, Kouichi, and Kirito is supposed to be the scene for the
title.. ehehhe..~_~;; okay fine, it was lame.. *ducks from Hiro,
Kouichi, Kirito fans* it's fiction! Don't take it seriously! ><;;