Title: Drinkin', Dyin', Goin' Straight to Hell
Author: hikaru
Band: Dir en grey
Pairing: KaoruxTotchi, TotchixKaoru
Comments: This chapter isn't as dark as the first.. ^^;; Since, well,
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Part 2:- The Coming of Angels


Ever heard of this saying if you think the glass is half full
rather than half empty, you will have a more positive thinking
towards life?

Toshiya stared at his glass of `half full' beer, turning the phrase
over and over again in his mind. Was he starting to think more
positive? Not really… There wasn't much positiveness when a demon has
come to his life, claiming that his soul was damned for hell.

He drank down the beer and stared at the empty glass.

` This is exactly how my life is.' Toshiya thought bemusedly,
turning it over in his hands.

A clearing of the throat next to him.

He glanced lazily to whoever it was and saw a pretty looking
person, obviously trying to catch his attention. Toshiya rolled his
eyes and took out a cigarette, ready to light up when a hand snatched
it away from him. He turned to glare at the girl when he finally
caught sight of the pretty looking person and noticed that the girl
was a man.

" You're a very nice fellow," the man gave him a disapproving
look, " I've been trying to get your attention for the past half hour
and now all you do is ignore me."

" Isn't it my life?" Toshiya plucked the cigarette from the man's
hand, placing it in his mouth again." I get to decide to whom I
please to talk to."

The person imitated him rolling his eyes and spun the seat so that
he faced the counter. The bartender came to ask for his orders but
the bishounen held up a hand, waving him away. Toshiya's eyes
travelled up and down the man, scanning him for any indication to why
he wanted to talk to him so badly.

Dressed in a pale cream dress, short sleeved and tied loosely at
the back, the man looked like a lady hadn't he had that touch of
masculinity that Toshiya could easily see through. Light brown hair
that could almost pass for auburn hung a few centimeters from his
shoulders, one side clipped back to hold the bangs away from his
eyes. The face of the man head a serene glow to it, making Toshiya
envy him.

" You're being rude again. Staring isn't an appropriate way to get
to know someone." He spoke again.

Toshiya sighed and grabbed his now refilled glass, about to down it
in one gulp when the man's hand's touched his wrist. Toshiya turned
to him, angered by the man being a busy body but his eyes softened
upon catching his eyes.

" Would you like to bring me to your home?" His lips quirked into a
small smile, shy with a slight trace of boldness. " I'm sure I'm much
better then that drink you're having."

He gave him another thorough look, wondering if he wanted to bring
this stranger to his shabby home instead of drowning himself with the
sweet nectar sitting temptingly in his hand. The man shifted to sit
comfortably, crossing his legs. Toshiya's quick eyes caught sight of
long, creamy legs when the dress had slided up a bit and placed the
glass down, getting up as coolly as possible.

" If you don't mind walking." Toshiya said, taking out a few bills
and slapping them down on the counter. He didn't look at the man as
he was talking though.

" I don't mind." He said, smiling with a small victorious edge to
it. " I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Shinya—"

" Names aren't of importance to me." Toshiya cut in. He thought
about it for awhile then turned to Shinya, " But since you've given
yours, mine is Toshiya."

The man smiled, getting up from his seat.
" I know."


The walk was short and there wasn't much conversation between it.
If there even had been a conversation, Toshiya wasn't one to join it.
So the walk was pretty much a silent one, the only connection between
them being when Toshiya placed an arm around the young one's
shoulder, drawing him close.

` He sure is skinny..,' Toshiya thought to himself as he lead the
man towards the door of his house. ` But, I guess I can't say much
about that.'

The small apartment was dark and as Shinya touched the wall to find
the light, Toshiya easily took his hand, pulling him towards the bed.

" The light doesn't work." Toshiya breathed into Shinya's ear,
making the smaller man shiver slightly. " I live in darkness."

The statement seemed to mean more than just the lighting of his
apartment. As Toshiya left Shinya alone shortly, the stranger noticed
that the apartment was really a small one. Kitchen, living room, and
bedroom rolled into one, only one door opened to reveal a much
smaller bathroom. The sofa was across from the single bed, a table
sat in front of the sofa and on the left was a small kitchen. The
whole place was messy as well, a few clothes strewn here and there,
unwashed dishes stacked inside the sink, and empty cans of beer lying
around on the floor.

Shinya knitted his eyebrows together, turning from the ugly scene
towards a more beautiful subject. Only to rush forward and grab the
needle that was nearly injected inside the pale skin.

" What do you think you're doing?" Shinya demanded, throwing away
the needle.

Toshiya shrugged carelessly and went off to search for the missing
" It's much better to do it when I'm high. When we're both high.
Much more satisfying. Sort of like going to heaven for awhile."

Shinya tugged on Toshiya's arm, turning the man around. He noticed
then that the shirt he had been wearing was now tied around his

Toshiya followed Shinya's gaze which rested on his shirt and
sighed, smiling to himself, despite the fact that he wouldn't be
getting his source of energy for the moment. His arms dropped,
making Shinya loosen his grip, then wound themselves around the thin
waist, pressing against the fragile figure.

The man's eyes widened when he felt Toshiya's body against his,
even more when his companion massaged his inner thighs with his own
legs. Shinya opened his mouth to say something when Toshiya's lips
descended on his roughly, taking all the oxygen he had left in him.
He was pushed unconcsiously towards the bed, all the while their lips
touching, parting, a warm tongue teasing his own, before he fell back
against the hard mattress. Their touch was broken then and Shinya
took the moment to grab some air.

He didn't have much time though since Toshiya's body crashed down
upon his, not much of a welcomed weight.

" To—" He started to say but the rest of the man's name was cut off
when lips claimed his again, this time with even more vigour.

Lost in his own passion, Toshiya's hands travelled to Shinya's
back, tugging the ribbon loose and working on the zipper. He felt
hands on his chest and moaned slightly against the delectable lips,
hearing a gasp of his own name before pushing his tongue inside the
warm and wet insides of Shinya's mouth. His hands never stopped
moving though, tugging on the dress, urging it to come off soon.

` Why won't the damn thing come off?!' Toshiya mind was a whirl as
his legs nudged Shinya's apart.

Then there were teeth biting at his lips. He smiled against them
but shrieked and drew back when they dug into his flesh brutally.
Gasping both from lack of air and shock, he stared at the dishevelled
figure, who was trying to catch his breath.

Shinya placed a hand over his chest, the other adjusting his dress
again. His cheeks were flushed and he tried to scramble out of bed—
only to have the sheets wrapped around one of his ankles pull him
clumsily down again. He felt Toshiya's weight on the bed move towards
him and quickly got up again, pushing himself off the bed in a heap.

hands still trying to zip up his dress again.

Toshiya was confused. But then his confused mind suddenly became
furious at his confusion.

" I WANTED TO TALK TO YOU!" Shinya shouted back, his zip now well
up again and he was now trying to steady himself as he stood up.

Toshiya gave a snort.

" `Would you like to bring me to your home?' " Toshiya mimicked
Shinya's voice, making it high and whiny. " `I'm sure I'm much better
then that drink you're having.' Yes, I'm sure `talk' was all you had
in mind."

Shinya blushed when he realized what the words he had said before
meant to Toshiya.
" I meant that I could give you better comfort than that alcohol
you were consuming! I could've given you a massage while we talked or

Toshiya raised one fine eyebrow.

" A massage?" He repeated increduosly.

The man finally got himself off of the bed, the jeans he was
wearing slipping down a bit to reveal more of his flesh. His shirt
that had been wrapped around his waist had fallen when Shinya's hands
had tried to push him off.

Shinya blushed again when his eyes fell on Toshiya's bare upper
body but then narrowed itself when Toshiya advanced on him.

" Stay away.. Toshiya." Shinya's voice became low, lower than his
casual speech, touched with a bit of a warning tone.

" Why should I?" Toshiya was becoming a bit mad. He didn't like
being mislead. " You were the one who wanted to throw yourself at me!
I'm not gonna let you go back so easily just because you had a change
of mind!"

" I never meant I wanted you to bed me!" Shinya protested. He
narrowed his eyes again, the brown of his eyes flashing
dangerously. " I said. Stay. Away."

Toshiya stopped in his tracks, glaring at the man, watching as
Shinya relaxed before letting a smirk creep onto his face.
` Let me be damned in hell. I need this.'

" I don't think so." He spoke, quickening his steps towards Shinya.

Shinya's brown irises turned a translucent purple and his entire
being shone with light as he raised a hand to point at the startled

Almost immediately as he said those words, white wings sprouted
from his back, spreading themselves out in all their glory. Toshiya
was thrown back against the wall as a sudden blow of wind caught
against him. He groaned at the impact, feeling his head ache and the
back of his body hurt.

Shinya lowered his eyes and dropped his hand. The wings didn't
disappear, neither did the violet orbs of his eyes. He rushed towards
the man in pain, leaning over him, about to touch him when his hand
was pushed away.

Toshiya looked up to glare at him again.
" Just who the hell are you?"

The man gave him a long look before letting out a sigh. He sat on
his knees, folding his legs behind him as he leaned closer to

" I guess I should tell you now." Shinya said, gazing with sympathy
at Toshiya. " Like I said, my name is Shinya—I'm your guardian angel."

Toshiya's eyes widened.
" What the fuck?"


Kaoru gave a shudder as his eyes opened from his sleep.

Dark wings stretched out behind him as his body sat up. He looked
around him, the torturing fires scorching the air comforting the
sudden hit of an unknown feeling.

He stood up, stretching luxuriously, looking out at his hellish
kingdom below. Demons were having fun inflicting excruciating pain on
the humans he had especially captured for them. Cries rang out when
hands were chopped off over and over again, only to be regrowned so
that the torture would continue; backs were whipped with thorns
emblazed by fire, crying out blood that never ceased to fall; burnt
from head to toe from the wash of liquified fire- an act
of `cleansing' as they had called it.

The demons looked up at the prescence of their master. A few had
their gaze lingering on Kaoru's body awhile longer than it should-
most probably because the majestic figure was clothed with the most
transparent material of all, not at all hiding any parts of his body.
Every limb, every toned area, muscled arms and lean legs, the indent
of his flat stomach, peeked out from beneath it. It wasn't much of a
piece of clothing, more of a cloak just thrown over him. A richly
comfortable cloak welcomed by all who laid eyes on it, pleasured by
the sight Kaoru made for them.

Kaoru let his lips twist into the smirk he offered them everytime
he awoke before walking back into his chambers. It was then the
thought crossed his mind, making a frown cross over his face.

` Toshiya..'


" You're my what??" Toshiya pushed Shinya away as if though he was

" I'm your guardian angel." Shinya sighed. He gave an exasperated
look, throwing his hands in the air. " I would've thought that after
seeing the demon you would be relieved to see me!"

" The hell I'm not!" Toshiya yelled back. " You're here to take
back all my life's pleasures! That's why I didn't get much smoking,
drinking, fucking, or drugs done today!"

Shinya's face wrinkled in disgust. His white wings gave a shudder
from behind.
" Really Toshiya, if those are your little life's pleasure then I'm
not at all surprised that the demon Kaoru is interested in you."

Toshiya rolled his eyes for the second time that day.
" As if the devil couldn't find someone else who'd sinned worse
than me?"

" He's just looking for someone new to take under his wings."
Shinya said calmly. " And since we don't get along so great, you're a
perfect target."

Toshiya paced the room, looking like a wreck.
" If you're my guardian angel where were you all these years I'd
been living in a fucked up place?!"

" I wasn't allowed to come near you." Shinya then dropped his
voice, his wings drooping at the back. " And you unconcsiously didn't
let me come near either. It was when hell wanted you was I sent here."

" What do you mean I `unconsciously didn't let you come near me'?"
Toshiya yelled again.

Shinya gave him a tired look, his wings sagging behind him even
" Oh Toshiya, don't you remember?"

" Remember what?" He became furious.

Shinya reached forward, placing both hands on either side of the
man's face.
" This." He whispered gently.

He leaned in and touched their lips together. Ever so softly, his
wings fluttering out and stretching behind him as he did. A warm
light glowed around them as Toshiya closed his eyes; images, happy
images, of when he was a child rushing inside him. Then there were
images he'd never seen, but they were filled with so much joy, so
much hope that he felt his heart become lightened.

Shinya drew back but kept his hands on Toshiya's face.
" Do you remember now?"

" Why didn't I feel like that when I kissed you just now?" Toshiya
enquired, looking puzzled, his heart still fuzzy with warm feelings.

Shinya shrugged.
" I think your mind was clouded by lust that you weren't able to
feel them. And maybe you only felt so warm because it was I who
kissed you."

" But—"

Toshiya was cut off when he gave a violent tremble and Kaoru
charged out of his body, long fingers closing around Shinya's throat,
throwing the angel onto the floor.

" Kaoru!" Shinya gasped, a hand pushing at Kaoru's face, trying to
get the demon off of him. " I am his guardian! You have no right to
attack me!"

The demon Kaoru smirked, black wings blocking out the remnants of
light away from Shinya's eyes. His hands pressed harder around
Shinya's neck.

" No right? You are the one with no right to Toshiya." Kaoru said,
his voice calm, silkily smooth.

Toshiya shuddered, his body trembling from wanting to feel Kaoru's
touch on his again.

Kaoru seemed to read his mind, most probably he had read the man's
mind, giving Shinya a slap making the angel recoil in anger. He stood
up before the angel could return the blow, sauntering over to
Toshiya's side.

" And how is my precious darlin' Toshiya?" His voice practically
made the human's insides melt. " I hope you're not taken by this liar

Toshiya opened his mouth to speak but couldn't quite find his
voice. He didn't know why he felt so vulnerable when facing the
demon. His mind seemed to have stopped working, not functioning as he
had hoped.

` Don't worry my dear..,' Kaoru's voice laced themselves inside
Toshiya's thoughts. ` You needn't speak a single word to me.. I can
understand and hear all your.. desires..'

" Stay away from him!"

Shinya raised a hand and a ball of energy was released, only to be
deflected by the sheild of Kaoru's wings. The demon gave an annoyed
look at the angel.

" You will stay away from Toshiya." Shinya said slowly, his
breathing haggard but kept calm anyways. " He's not yours yet. I'm
not the liar here, you are. A part of his soul still belongs to me-
he's not completely yours."

Shinya's violet eyes flashed angrily.
" Back off."

Toshiya blinked in confusion again, he felt so numb. If it had only
been himself and Shinya, he was sure he would've shouted something at
the angel. But with Kaoru's prescence so close to him, all he could
do was breathe and hoped that his body and soul were still intact and
not taken by the both of them.

" Oh Shinya." Kaoru gave a sigh.

Kaoru grabbed Toshiya close before Shinya could stop him, his lips
severing the human's until blood dripped from the other's lips.
Shinya rushed to Toshiya's side, pushing Kaoru away and hugging onto
the body that was shaking so horribly.

` No worries…,' Again, the teasing, seductive voice floated and
lingered in his mind. ` I know where your loyalties are… my

Kaoru's voice was all the reminder he left in him, vanishing
shortly afterwards.

End of Part 2:- The Coming of Angels

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