Kitty With Claws

by hikaru

Band: Dir en grey

Pairing: KyoxKaoru

Comments: Well, the pairing is Kyo and Kaoru but there are other 'crushes' in this fic… and I guess I should just warn everyone that this fic was written when I sick with fever and was feeling delirious… I was lying in bed thinking about kittens and Kaoru (don't ask me why, it just popped into my head.. ^^;;) and this fic was born! And since Kyo's a kitten and Kaoru's human, nothing's happening so it's rated PG…. ^^;; Oh, and it's from Kyo's POV and it wouldn't hurt to have an image of Nyago..^^;;; Anyways, c&c's are appreciated and enjoy the fic! ^________^


Everyone who looks into the life of cats would think that we have the most easiest and luxurious life. I really hate that since a cat's life is anything but easy and luxurious. Sure, there's plenty of sleep involved and I'm not complaining about that.. but, it's anything but luxurious.. except for those few felines that are able to actually find themselves a good home.

So, I should say that before I was taken in by my master, my life was anything but luxurious. I was starving myself and I looked like skeleton with fur. It wasn't a pretty sight so obviously, no one was at all interested to take me in. I was glad actually, because most of the humans I have come across are actually with children and their children are absolutely annoying. One of my most frightening memories was when one of them picked me up by my tail and swung me around as if though I was her doll. It was embarassing, tormenting, humiliating, and traumatizing. I never recovered from that experience and have never been around children eversince.

Food was… pitiful. I used to find myself buried in trash cans, trying to find at least a piece of bone of fish or chicken.. However, I think people nowadays are less thoughtful about homeless kittens such as myself and never threw away left overs. And even if they did, they hid it well.

But I'm thankful that I did spend most of my time, when I wasn't sleeping that is, burying myself in trash cans. Because that was the way I came by Niikura Kaoru.

I think it just shows how exquisitely attractive he was that even a non-human like myself could've been attracted to him. His hands were coarse and there were calluses on his fingertips but they were unimaginably comfortable to press against. I felt at home as soon as he had held me in them. I do remember that his face brought fear to me when I first raised my head to see who had dared intrude on my time for finding dinner; but his eyes were kind and soft when he saw me and as he tickled my ears with his fingers, I knew I'd follow him everywhere even if he hadn't taken me home.

I suppose I could've ended my story there- a homeless kitten with no food and no shine in his fur what-so-ever, finds a handsome master, lives happily ever after.

I wish.

Either he has a fondness for kittens or he's just plain nice, I found myself facing another kitten when I was brought to his home. He was one of those kittens that just screamed 'I'm cute and adorable pick me up now!'. I suppose that was why I hated him the first time I saw him. He had an impressive coat of dark brown fur and knew exactly how to attract a human's attention. Kaoru had given him the name Toshiya which, for some reason, suited him very well.

That kitten has glassy blue eyes that always laughed at me. And when I first arrived, he did nothing but laugh at me the entire day.

" My master brought *you* home?" He had snickered. " This is just too hilarious!"

I suppose being underfed did make me look like a sorry thing that should just be put to eternal sleep but hey, it wasn't my fault that I lost my mother when I was chasing after that big scorpion!

Toshiya kept on making my life miserable for the first few months I lived with Kaoru. I don't know why it took me the longest time to fatten up a bit but I was always slow to gaining weight and very fast at losing it. I guess that's why Kaoru paid me tons of attention and gave me extra food and time. Which was also why Toshiya started to hate me so as well.

It didn't take me long to figure out that Kaoru was very special… since I wasn't the only feline species to have taken a liking for him. Apparently, Toshiya liked him as well. He was really pissed when I spent more nights by Kaoru's side then he did and even more when Kaoru would scold him for stealing my food.

There was this research study done by some human who concluded that animals don't have feelings and are inable to express them in anyway. I seriously wonder who had ever let him come to that sort of conclusion. And I also wonder why humans actually believe in that conclusion!

It's really easy actually. When I'm happy, I'll sleep. Now, most kittens and cats don't react that way to happiness but that's what I do. When I'm sad, I'll sing to myself at the back of Kaoru's house. My singing is what humans call 'that awful racket that cat's gotten into again!". When I'm mad, I express it in various of ways. Usually I'll knock over my bowl of milk or start scratching on furniture (not on Kaoru's, on those awful neighbor's of his, of course).

When I'm mad with Toshiya, or Totchi as Kaoru and I had started calling him, we usually end up in cat-fights. Totchi is actually very sensitive about his nickname; whenever Kaoru calls him 'Totchi' he gets all purry and stuff and very, very bratty. When I call him 'Totchi' he treats it as an insult and he'll try and start a fight with me. Usually I avoid fights with him because I don't like drawing out my claws, it's very tiring. But, when I called him 'Totchi' one day not too long ago, he had retorted by calling me (argh) 'Kawaii'. I've gotten used to humans calling me kawaii and I've actually liked it when Kaoru called me that but when Totchi said it… Well, it got to my nerves.

Kaoru wasn't at all pleased, to say the least, when he found us scratching on each other, trying to bite each other's ears off. And it was when he brought in his friend, who was 'supposedly' a cat-expert, that I learnt this very valuable lesson: fights are very bad for my health. And I say so not because Totchi was such a good fighter, honestly no! That kitten could never last a day in the streets! I may look small and fragile but I can certainly defend myself against bratty kittens!

Well, Kaoru brought in that friend of his… and I still shudder whenever I hear his name. Ando Daisuke. But Kaoru doesn't call him that, he calls him Die, since they were such close friends and all. And I think that name suits him quite well since whenever he comes within 5 feet close to me the first thought that came to my mind was 'DIE!' And I don't mean it in a good way.

When I first saw that blaring red hair and those never-could-be-never-will-be-serious eyes of his, I knew that trouble would be coming for both Totchi and I. Totchi was the first victim and judging by the fact that he had actually called for me for help, I knew that I should've found a way of escape for myself. Because when it was my turn to be checked by this 'cat-expert', I nearly wished I was back on the streets starving.

Die was as much as a cat-expert as I was a human. I don't know why Kaoru thought of him as one! That imbicile was choking me to death with those hands of his and the way he was speaking…!! It was as if everyone but him was deft! Thank goodness that other friend of Kaoru noticed that I nearly on the bridge of death because he instantly came to my rescue. His name was Shinya and I think that he may be Die's lover, though I sincerely hope not. I would pity him very much if that fact was true. His hands were much more gentle and he knew just where to touch me… After Kaoru, I'd gladly have him to be my master.

I met Die and Shinya every few often and I notice that Totchi would shrink back every time they do appear. I follow in his footsteps and I think Kaoru's wondering why we're so scared of them. But I'm thankful to Die for this one and only thing: he was the one who had noticed that I was no longer a scrawny kitten with barely any flesh but that I had growned (quite nicely, might I put) into my golden fur. He had pointed this out to Kaoru who had given me a very fond look and had agreed, saying that I was looking very handsome.

Which added my liking to Kaoru.

And this is why I don't end my story with 'and so.. the kitten transformed into this gorgeous cat just like the ugly duckling into a swan and lived happily ever after by his master's side'.

Because, as much as I had grown to love him, I knew that I would never grow up to be a human and that Kaoru could never see me as anything else but a cat. Which is a very amusing thought actually. And, no matter how I wished Totchi would leave me alone, he never will and he'll continue to adore Kaoru just as much as I do. Plus, there's Die to add to my horrors.

But, since I'm actually living in this house with Kaoru, I'm happy, despite many things I wish I could live without. And, unknown to Totchi or anyone else, I have a secret that I has kept me from leaving the house everytime I felt like doing so: whenever Kaoru lets me sleep with him, I always wake up earlier and it's then that I notice that I'm completely alone with him.. and it's during those few moments I am able to steal quick kisses from him.

And those stolen kisses have kept me here eversince.




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