Ice Princess-The Tale Of Two Fairies

Dir en Grey

starring in:

The Tale of the Frog, the prince, the Fairies,
the “Witch”, and the Somewhat-evil Sorcerer


A Tale of two Fairies

by Ice Princess

Okay, there are two kinds of fairy tales. The kind that everyone has heard and are passed down through generations blah, blah, blah. Then there are the kind that no one has heard of.


Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a beautiful prince (Yes, a beautiful prince.) He was the most beautiful prince in all the kingdom, with his long golden hair, and large green eyes. But, our lovely prince had one fatal flaw. He couldn’t be cursed.

(I suppose I ought to explain?)

Back when our prince was the most adorable baby in the kingdom, his parents had a cliched christening for him. As it always happens in fairy tales, the baby’s fairy God-Mother arrives and bestows a wonderful gift upon the child.

(Well, it kinda happened like that.)

The Good Fairy God-Mother showed up looking like the typical nice grandmother wearing 500 pounds of makeup and glitter. She took one look at our darling prince and decided that he should never be cursed, so she cast a spell on him to keep him from ever being cursed.

(This was a classic “Doh!” moment, as it was after she enchanted the prince that she realized how badly she had screwed up.)

So, now, seventeen years later the prince was curseless, and that meant he would never fall in love or get married.

(Need an explanation? Fairy tales always have the princess get married before their eighteenth birthday. Why, you ask? Don’t look at me, I just tell the story.)

Anyway, prince was seventeen and it was a mere two days until his eighteenth birthday!!

(a collective gasp emanates from the audience.)

The prince was enough like a girl that the kingdom suspected that the princess curse rules applied to him too. But since he was cursed to never be cursed, he would never have a horrible fate befall him so that he would have to be rescued by a night in shiny armor, thus, never falling in love. The whole ordeal put a lot of stress on the kingdom, the king even made him dress like a girl. That, no doubt, annoyed the prince to no end.

(Factoid: No one was sure what might happen if a princess (Or prince in our case.) wasn’t married by their eighteenth birthday, I mean, the whole world could end!! But that’s another story.)

Okay, so picture this: The prince is sitting in a chair having his hair combed with a poison comb, while pricking his finger on a spindle, taking a bite out a poisoned apple, and having a corset tied tightly around his slender chest. Predictably, nothing happened. The prince sighed hopelessly, and went to his room to have a good cry. Through the years the kingdom had tried many things to curse him, sadly, nothing had ever worked. They tried leaving him with a bunch or short, grumpy men, letting his hair grow really long and locking him in a tower (The split ends were a pain in the ass, so that didn’t work.), they tried adopting two evil step-sisters to torment him, and leaving him with a cannibalistic witch, but try as they might, it was a hopeless cause. Surprisingly, the prince had been a really good sport about all that, but a person can only handle so much. The prince decided that he would run away that night.

The typical response to bad things happening in fairy-tale land.

‘Who knows, maybe I’ll be eaten by a dragon.’ he thought darkly.

The pretty prince gazed at his reflection in the mirror, then calmly picked up the scissors....

(Like you need me to tell you what he does with them!! I’m so evil...)

The prince (Now sporting a shorter chic look, but not any less feminine.) ran across the darkened courtyard and didn’t stop running until he came upon the predictable fairy-tale forest (You, know, the one where there’s a haggard old lady saying things like “Evil lurks!! Doom awaits all ye who enter here!”) But before he could enter, he came upon a haggard old lady standing by a tree.

“Go away!!! Enter and doom will get you!!”

The prince rolled his pretty eyes, and went in anyway. He had never been anyplace like that before, and to say the least, he was a little scared. He bravely trudged onward...until he heard a horrible creaking noise, and saw eyes peeking out of the darkness at him. His lower lip trembled and his expressive eyes filled with tears as he sat down on a rock. Sad music began to play...

“I’ve neve--” He began but was interrupted by someone yelling “STOP!! Whatever you do DON’T sing!!!”

The prince looked around but saw no one. ‘Where did that voice come from?’ he wondered.

“Jeez!!” Came the voice again. “Why do princesses always sing when they get in a jam?”

The prince looked down by his feet, and saw a frog sitting by them looking up at him expectantly.

“But I’m not a princess.”

The frog’s eyes widened as he looked the beautiful prince up and down.

“Huh, I guess not.” The frog looked up at the prince again. “Then why were you singing?”

The prince’s eyes filled with tears and he began to cry.

“I don’t know!!” He wailed.

The frog sighed and hopped onto his lap.

“Aw, don’t cry, please? I’m sorry.” the frog said. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

The prince cried harder, and the frog got mad.

“Shut up!!” the frog yelled. “Man, you might be a guy, but you act just like a girl!!”

The prince stopped crying and the frog smiled.

“There ya go.”
“Hmph!” The prince huffed, then looked at the frog curiously. “Why can you talk?”

The frog’s face fell.

“I’m cursed.”
“You’re lucky.” the prince said wistfully.
“Lucky?” The frog asked incredulously. “You think being an amphibian for four years is lucky?
I’m slimy, I’m green, no girl will look at me, much less kiss me.”
“That’s not what I meant.” The prince said. “I meant that at least you can be cursed.”

The frog looked at him curiously. “You can’t be?”

“That’s my curse, or gift as my Fairy God-Mother called it.” he sighed. “Now, I’ll never fall in love because I can’t be rescued from a horrible fate.”
“So, stop following the rules.”
“You know, the overly cliched “Happily-ever-after-with-a-knight-in-shiny-armor” rule.” the frog explained. “You don’t need a curse to fall in love. Man, and girls complain about guys only liking them becau--”
“I get the picture.” The prince said, then smiled. The frog grinned back.

“So what’s your name?”
“Shinya.” The prince answered.
‘Shinya? It’s pretty.”

Shinya smiled and asked the frog his name. The frog looked embarrassed and mumbled something.

“What was that?” Shinya asked.
“I said my name is Die.” the frog answered. “Prince Die.”
“Then you’re a prince, too.” Shinya said. “How did you get cursed?”
“My great aunt Enid was a member of the Bureau of Bad-Behavior and she had to do something horrible to me to retain her membership.”
“Sucks to be you.”
“Don’t remind me.” Die grumbled. “And to break the spell I have to be kissed by someone who loves me, but who’s going to fall in love with a frog?”
“Nobody.” Shinya said.

Die looked devastated.

“Fine, then, just shatter my hopes and dreams!” Die turned and hopped off, Shinya looked after him, then glanced around the dark woods.

“Die, wait!” Shinya called. “DIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!”
“SHUT UP!!!!” Die yelled.

Shinya smiled and picked Die up.

“You can keep me company.” Shinya said as he began walking, holding Die gently in his hands.
Die smiled softly as he gazed up at his companion. Who knows what could happen in a few days?

Elsewhere in the fairy-tale world, in the Fairy God-People Headquarters to be exact, trouble was brewing...

“How could you make a mistake like that?!” an effeminate blue haired man yelled at an old lady with wings in a business suit.
“The Fairy-God People don’t make mistakes, the Bureau of Bad-Behavior does.” The lady answered.
“Oh, really!” The blue haired man asked, putting his hands on his hips. “Then what do you call that little stunt Esmerelda pulled on Prince Shinya?”
“She was a flake to begin with.” The woman answered irritably.

The blue haired man pouted.

“So now, because the Bureau of Bad-Behavior screwed up Die’s future with some princess, I have to fix it?” He whined.
“Die is your fairy God-Son.” that lady answered, and looked at him sternly. “It’s your duty, Toshiya.”

Toshiya glared at her, the sighed and vanished with a poof into a cloud of sprinkles.

Toshiya reappeared on a path that led through the forest. He angrily dusted some glitter from his hair and straightened his clothes. His fairy God-Person sense told him that Die and Shinya would be coming down that path anytime soon...

(Ten minutes later.)

Yep, anytime now...

(Five more minutes later.)

“Where are they?” He cried irritably to the empty woods. He stormed along the path, but he wasn’t watching where he was going and tripped. He took several deep calming breaths, then noticed that his favorite black and blue striped tights had a hole in the knee. He bit his lip and tried to stay calm, but couldn’t help it, and burst into tears.

Shinya and Die walked along the path, or rather, Shinya walked, Die rode on his shoulder. They heard something ahead on the path, and hurried forward to see what it was. They discovered that it was a girl sitting in the road crying. She was wearing a dark blue dress, and black and blue striped tights which had a hold in the knee. She looked very delicate, but she was wearing black combat boots, and her hair was a wild mess of black and blue dred locks. Shinya walked up to her slowly.

“Excuse me, but are you alright?” He asked softly.

Toshiya looked up at them with tear filled eyes.

“No, I’m not alright!” Toshiya cried and they discovered that she was a he. “I have to fix a mix-up that wasn’t my stupid fault, and so I came to find you guys, and I fell and I ripped me tiiiights!!!”

Die and Shinya stared in shock at the hysterical young man.

“Um...” Die started.

Toshiya suddenly stopped wailing and looked at them. He blushed and stood up dusting himself off then turned around and quickly fixed his makeup. Turning back around he smiled at them.

“Hello.” He said in a soft voice, his wings fluttering softly. “I’m Toshiya. I’m your fairy God-Fairy, Die.”

Die looked at him peevishly.

“Why are you here now? Why didn’t you show up when my great aunt Enid turned me into a frog?”
“You turning into a frog was supposed to happen.” Toshiya explained, then pointed at them. “But you two meeting was not supposed to happen.”

Shinya and Die exchanged a confused look.

“Why weren’t we supposed to meet?” Shinya asked.
“Because Die was supposed to be in the forest to meet a Princess who would kiss him and break the spell!! And now it’s too late, and it’s all messed up!!” Toshiya cried stomping his foot.

They heard a demented cackle, then with a “pop!” and small blonde man with little black bat like wings on his back appeared on the path. He was dressed in a tuxedo that had sleeves far to long for the person wearing them, he turned to Toshiya and grinned.

“Hi, Totchi!” he called in a teasing sing-song voice.

Toshiya blinked, then screamed and jumped behind Shinya, peeking over his shoulder. The blonde man giggled.

“Ne, Totchi, didja miss me?”
“Go away, Kyo!” Toshiya yelled at him.

Kyo pouted. “Ne, Totchi, that’s mean.”

Shinya looked at Kyo, then back at Toshiya.

“Who’s he?”

Toshiya glared at Kyo. “Kyo is one of the evil fairies at the Bureau of Bad-Behavior. He always messes me up!!! Look what happened to Snow White, she wasn’t supposed to eat the apple, but could I stop it? Noooo!!! I had to spend the day in my teapot because Kyo got me in trouble.”

Kyo snickered. “You still live in that teapot, Totchi?”

Toshiya glared at Kyo.

“I like my teapot! It’s cozy.”

Kyo scoffed.

“Small you mean.”

Toshiya stuck out his tongue at Kyo, who mimicked the motion. Die cleared his throat, and the two bickering fairies looked at him.

“Okay, so Shinya and I weren’t supposed to meet. What are you going to do about it?”

Toshiya thought for a moment, and Kyo giggled. Toshiya angrily turned to the smaller fairy.

“You!!” he snarled. “You did this!!”

Kyo giggled again.

“What can I say?” He asked. “It’s my job.”

Toshiya looked ready to pounce on Kyo who was having the time of his life. Shinya put his hand on Toshiya’s shoulder and he calmed somewhat.

“What’s the problem with changing things?” Die asked.

Toshiya looked embarrassed.

“Actually...I don’t know.”
“No one does!” Kyo piped up happily. “It’s never happened before.”

Toshiya glared at him again, and Kyo grinned.

“I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

Toshiya crossed his arms over his chest, then looked at Die sadly.

“What it also means is that you can never be human again.”
“What?” Die asked. “No!! The has to be another way!! I don’t wanna be a frog all my life!!”

Shinya patted the sobbing frog on his head, and Kyo cleared his throat.

“What is it?” Toshiya asked scathingly.

Kyo looked hurt.

“Ne, Totchi, maybe I won’t tell you how to turn him human again.”

Die looked at him hopefully.

“You know how to break the spell.”
“I might know.”

Toshiya threw his hands into the air and turned to Shiny and Die.

“He doesn’t know, let’s go see if I ca---”
“Okay!” Kyo cried. “You forced it out of me. I’ll tell you.”

Toshiya raised an eyebrow.


Kyo smiled wickedly.

“You have to go see Kaoru.” Kyo said knowledgeably. “He knows about this kind of thing.”
“Who’s Kaoru?” Toshiya asked.
“Kaoru is a witch.”
“A warlock, you mean.”

Kyo shook his head.

“No, he’s a witch, at least, that’s what he calls himself.”

Toshiya frowned. “So where can we find Kaoru?”
“It’s too far to walk. So!”

Kyo reached behind himself and pulled out a wand.

“Ta-da!!” He swished it through the air extravagantly, and nothing happened. Kyo made a face at his wand, then pulled the end off. Two AA batteries fell out.

“Hn, damn, my batteries died.”

At Kyo’s curse the other three characters gasped in shock, and the woods fell silent as the birds left their trees.

(You don’t swear in these kind of stories.)

“You said the D word!” Shinya said with wide eyes, and Die gasped again.
“I’m telling!!” Toshiya cried.

Kyo grinned wickedly.

“I’m part of the Bureau of Bad-Behavior, we’re allowed to swear!! Nyah!!!”
“Damn!” Toshiya swore, stomping his combat boot clad foot.

Two more gasps and a giggle ran through the even more silent forest.

“Oops.” Toshiya said blushing.
“Ne, Totchi,” Kyo asked changing the subject. “Why don’t you use your magic to get us to Kaoru’s?”

Toshiya smirked at the opportunity to look superior to Kyo, and pulled out his wand.

“A new model, Kyo?” Toshiya asked, then huffed. “They’re sooo unpredictable.”
“An old model, Totchi?” Kyo asked, meeting Toshiya’s stare. “They’re so unfashionable. Only the old grannies are using them nowadays.”

Toshiya blushed again, and with a swish of his wand and a shower of glitter, they found themselves in a clearing full of neon pink flowers that surrounded a neon pink tower in the center. Kyo stepped forward and cupped his hands around his mouth.

“Oi, Kaoru!”

Moments later a head with neon pink hair poked out of the top window and looked at them annoyed. “What do you want, Kyo?”
“Totchi needs your help because I messed him up!” Kyo said smiling proudly.

Kaoru raised a neon pink eyebrow. “You’re being awfully nice to help him after screwing up his job.”

Kyo nodded, as Kaoru looked them over once more.

“Bring them up.”
“’Kay!” Kyo called, wrapping his arms around Shinya and flying to the top window of the tower. Toshiya sighed softly and followed them with shiny, gossamer wings.

The inside of the tower was also neon pink, but it was littered with books and fox furs. Kaoru clapped his hands and when nothing happened--

(Nothing seems to happen a lot in this story.)

--he went around the room and manually closed all the windows and lit the candles. Kaoru beckoned them closer as he reached behind some books on the only shelf in the room and pulled out a vial that glowed with a neon purple light.

“What’s that?” Toshiya asked pointing at the vial.
“It’s the last of Hide’s magic.” Kaoru explained. “It can make you human for one hour.”
“Then why use it at all?” Die asked hopelessly.
“Because if you drink this and become human, you can help me defeat Yoshiki.”

Toshiya and Kyo shot horrified glances at Kaoru at the mention of the Y word.

“Yoshiki?” Kyo squeaked.
“Who said anything about going to see Yoshiki?” Toshiya gasped.
“He has the power to turn Die human again.” Kaoru said. “You want that don’t you?”

Shinya looked at Die confused.

“Who’s Yoshiki?” Die asked.

The two faires squealed and hugged each other.

“Yoshiki is the most powerful--”
“EVIL!!!” the fairies chorused.
“--Sorcerer in the world.” Kaoru finished.
“And he can make me human again?” Die asked.

Kaoru nodded.

“If Die is willing to go, then I’ll go too.” Shinya said smiling at the frog on his shoulder. Die grinned back, touched at his friends devotion.
“Then it’s settled.” Kaoru said, and grabbed his broom. “Let’s go!”

Kyo and Toshiya exchanged a horrified look, then ran towards the window.

“Wow! It’s been tons of fun but...erm...I’ve got to go!” Toshiya said. “I’ve got an Tooth Fairy!!”

Kyo and Toshiya laughed nervously.

“But you can’t just leave!” Die called. “I’m your fairy God-Son, it’s your duty!”

Toshiya sighed, then walked over to Shinya and Die, pouting.

“I hate my job.”

Kyo looked round, then opened the window and was about to leave when he felt hands on his shoulders pulling him away from the window. He screamed ad tried to get away.

“Hold it!” Toshiya said. “This is your fault, you’re coming too!”
“Nooo!!!” Kyo moaned.
“The more the merrier!” Kaoru said, the Toshiya swished his wand and in the tell-tale swirl of glitter they found themselves standing before an ominous castle. Kaoru pulled out the vial of Hide’s magic and poured it down Die’s throat. Suddenly, Die was no longer a frog, but a tall human dressed all in black. He had dark eyes, and blood red hair. Shinya’s eyes widened and he blushed, he had no idea Die would be this attractive.

“It’s so nice not to be slimy!” Die cried. “Pity it’ll only last an hour.”
“Everyone ready?” Kaoru asked, and they began to cross the drawbridge.

(Curious...the drawbridge was down when they got there...could someone possibly be waiting for them? Curious, curious...)

Kaoru climbed onto his broom and hopped across the drawbridge after the others who looked at him strangely. He flushed.

“I haven’t quite mastered flying.”
“Wouldn’t it be faster to walk?” Die asked.
“Fine!” Kaoru snapped and stormed across the rest of the way.

When they entered the castle, Shinya shivered. The inky darkness seemed to cling to the very edge of the light. He felt a large hand close around his smaller one, and looked up to see Die standing next to him, a faint tinge of pink on his face. Shinya smiled and leaned his head against Die’s shoulder.

“Ha! This isn’t scary!” Kyo said, then the torches went out , plunging the room into blackness. Kyo screamed.
“Whoever’s hugging me let go!” Kaoru yelled.
“Eeep!” Someone eeped and let go.

They heard a crack and the lights came back on, brighter than before. Die and Shinya were hugging each other and when Toshiya and Kyo saw that, they clasped their hands under their chins, cocked their heads and sighed dreamily.

“How romantic!” Toshiya cried and Kyo, nodded sighing again.

(Fairies are hopeless romantics.)

Die and Shinya’s eyes met, then they blushed and jumped away from each other.

“Ah, young love!” A new voice said. They gasped and spun around, coming face to face with none other than...dun dun dun!!! Yoshiki! Kyo screamed again.

“So we meet again, Yoshiki!!” Kaoru yelled at him.

Yoshiki glared at Kaoru, and smiled when he noticed Kyo.

“Oh, you brought that cute little fairy again!”

Kyo glared at him.

“I’m not cute!!”
“But you are!” Yoshiki said to him suavely.

Kyo shook with fury, but before he could do anything Toshiya held him back. Kaoru stepped forward.

“Now I will have my revenge.” he screamed.

Yoshiki made a face.

“Oh, must we do this again?”
“Don’t play games with me!!!”

Toshiya and Shinya exchanged a look.

“Is it just me or does this seem rather pointless?”
“It’s pointless.” Shinya answered, and Die nodded.

Kaoru glared at Yoshiki.

“I will never forgive you for killing Hide!!”
“How many times must I tell you, it wasn’t me that kill---”
“Stop your wicked lies!!” Kaoru cried. “We settle this now. My way.”
“Fine.” Yoshiki said. ‘Anything to get this idiot to leave me alone.’

Kaoru made a fist.

“Rock, paper, scissors!!”
“You’re kidding.” Yoshiki said trying to keep from laughing, the four other characters didn’t try to hard, and burst out laughing.
“Kaoru, you dragged us here to play rock, paper, scissors with him?” Die asked.
“No!” Kaoru yelled. “It’s my revenge.”
“I see.” Yoshiki said rubbing his temples. “Best out of three, then.”

The witch and the sorcerer had their three matches, and surprisingly, Yoshiki won all three.

“No, Hide, I failed you...” Kaoru sat on the floor in shock. Toshiya patted his neon pink head.
“It’s okay, I’m sure Hide would be very proud of you for confronting him.”

Kaoru looked up at Toshiya in wonderment.

“Do you really think so?”

Toshiya smiled a sparkly fairy God-Fairy smile and nodded. Kaoru smiled, and stood up. Yoshiki looked around the room and sighed.

“What a happy ending! But could be happier...” He shot a suggestive glanced at Kyo, who flipped him off.
“Actually, it can’t end yet, I have a favor to ask. My fairy God-Son is cursed.” Toshiya explained and pointed to Die, and at midnight he’ll turn back into a frog. Can you make him human for good?”

Die looked at him hopefully, and Yoshiki sadly shook his head.

“Only the original terms of the spell can break it.”
“I have to be kissed by someone who loves me.” Die said dejectedly.

Shinya smiled at him and patted his arm.

“Everything will work out.”

Die smiled back, Shinya was so beautiful. ‘If only you loved me.’ he thought.

The silence was broken by the giant clock beginning to chime the twelve strokes of midnight. Die started to glow, his hour was up, then Kyo shrieked as the floor began to shake.


“What’s happening?” Kyo cried as Toshiya lost his balance and fell. Kaoru caught, him in his arms, and Toshiya blushed.


Shinya gasped. ‘I’m 18 now. One of the scholars said if I hadn’t had loves first kiss by then, the whole world could be destroyed!’


“It’s my fault!” Shinya cried, burying his face in his hands.

The others looked at him. No one seemed to notice that Yoshiki had vanished.


Toshiya suddenly realized why all princesses had to be cursed on their christenings. ‘No one has never not been cursed before. No one realized how important it was.’

He reached out and grabbed Kaoru’s hand.


Die looked at Shinya and saw that he was crying, he felt a tug at his heart. He quickly crossed the room to him and laid a hand gently on the slender shoulder. Shinya looked up at him.

“Die.” ‘If only you loved me...’


Die gazed into Shinya’s tear filled eyes. They sparkled like emeralds, he was the most beautiful person Die has ever known. He smiled softly.



Die tilted Shinya’s chin up, and their lips met in a pure passionate kiss.


As suddenly as it had started the, violent shaking stopped. Kyo and Toshiya smiled at each other, then hugged, jumping around like little kids. Kaoru sighed. Fairies were weird.

“Ne, Totchi, things can happen without fairy God-Person’s help, huh?” Kyo asked, his dark eyes sparkling.
“I wouldn’t have believed it before.” Toshiya smiled at he gazed at the young lovers. “They were really made for each other, weren’t they, Kyo?”
“Yeah.” Kyo glanced up and Toshiya, then sighed a little sadly. “I guess our work here is done?”

Toshiya nodded as he quickly wiped at the tears streaming down his cheeks. The two fairies sent one more glance at Shinya and Die, then vanished in an explosion of glitter.

Kaoru, deciding that Die and Shinya had better get some oxygen before they pass out,

(Even fairy-tale characters need air.)

cleared his throat. They pulled away from each other blushing, and looked around at the rubble that used to be Yoshiki’s castle.

“That’s it, huh?” Kaoru asked them, then he turned and began to walked away.
“Hey, wait!” Die called. “Come with us to my kingdom. We’ve never had a court witch.”

“Would you really want a witch that can’t cast a spell or fly on a broom.”
“No one else has to know that.” Shinya said smiling.
“Alright, then.” Kaoru said nodding.
“Great!!” Die cheered, then glanced around. “Hey, where are Toshiya and Kyo?”

The other two characters looked around.

“I guess they only stay as long as they are needed.” Kaoru said.
“Yeah, but they could have said goodbye.” Die said sadly.”
“They didn’t need to.” Shinya said. “We’re going to see them again, I just know it.”

They three friends turned and began walking up the road into the sunrise.

(Ha!! They never walk into the sunrise, it’s always the sunset...hey...wouldn’t it be super painful to walk into the, literally...?)

“So what happens now?” Toshiya asked from where he sat on some grass next to Kyo.
“I dunno,” Kyo said. “Happily ever after?”

Toshiya looked at Kyo and smiled. “I like how that sounds.”
“Me, too.” Kyo said returning the smile.
“Mmm, you know, you should come back to Fairy God-People Headquarters with me.” Toshiya said. “I’m sure they’d let you back in after this good deed.”

Kyo sent him an appalled look.

“Are you crazy!! I’m never going back being a goody-goody!!”
“Aw, but you’re so cute!” Toshiya cooed at him.

Kyo’s eyebrow twitched.

“I’m not cute!!”
“You’re the cutest fairy ever!!” Toshiya cried jumping up and running down the path.
“Stop calling me cute, you pansy!!” Kyo shrieked chasing after the laughing fairy.
“Cute, cute, cute!!!”
“I’ll kill you, Totchi!!”

And that is how this story ends. With the two fairies laughter echoing into the morning...

...oh, yeah.....

...and they lived happily ever after....

I don’t own Dir en Grey or Yoshiki ;_; But if I did....Anyway, the original story wasn’t Yaoi (It was a story written for my English class) But my english teacher told me that I ought to pair up the two main characters. (She’s the coolest teacher!! Most teachers don’t encourage you to pair up guys or swear in stories written for school)



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