Ice Princess-The Tale Of Two Fairies


by Ice Princess

Every story needs a sequel! So, here we go!! It’s five years after the first story. Die and Shinya are happily married, and their kingdom is at peace undertheir rule. Recently they found a short man crying by the side of the road. His name is Levin, and it turns out he’d been abandoned. Shinya and Die adopted him, and now they’re a happy family. And Toshiya, being the dutiful fairy god-fairy he is, visits them often. You know, just to check up on them. Oh, and Kaoru’s really popular. He’s gotten really good at the slight of hand, so he’s a vary convincing “witch”.

But let’s not go on about them forever, they’re not even in this story!


Currently, in a blue porcelain teapot at the Fairy God-People Headquarters, Toshiya had a rare moment of relaxation. He was sitting upside down in a fluffy chair as he read a fashion magazine. So enraptured by the clothing in the magazine was Toshiya that he didn’t hear a wicked voice calling him.

“Oi! Toshiya!!” yelled Kyo.

Toshiya yelped and fell out of his chair landing in an undignified heap on the floor. Kyo burst out laughing, and pointed at the other fairy. Toshiya yelled at him to shut up as he stood up quickly dusting himself off. He frowned into the mirror.

“What are you calling me for?” Toshiya asked irritably.

Kyo grinned and sang in a little sing-song voice. “We’ve got an assignment!”
“What?” Toshiya screeched. “What do you mean ‘We’?”

Kyo sighed, pouting.

“It turns out that our respective organizations are closer to each other than we though.” Kyo grumbled. “Anyway, we have to work together on this one.”
“No!” Toshiya cried. “I don’t want to work with you!! I don’t like you!!”

Kyo stuck out his tongue. “I don’t like you either!”

Toshiya huffed and turned away, muttering about speaking to his boss.

“Ne, Totchi,” Kyo said grinning. “are you still mad about your doll?”

Toshiya glared at Kyo. “That was mean, Kyo, and you know it!!

*flash back*

A much younger Toshiya was sitting in a field of daisies playing with a doll that looked a lot like Izam. He smiled at his pretty, little, dolly and hugged it. Suddenly, a wicked little Kyo grabbed the dolly and stomped on it with his tiny platform encased feet. Toshiya gasped, his eyes filling with tears as he saw his favorite doll destroyed. With a sniffle, Toshiya burst into loud tears, and Kyo stood triumphantly on the doll laughing hysterically....

*end flashback*

Kyo giggled at the memory and Toshiya sighed.

“Poor Izam dolly.”

Their reminiscing was interrupted by a booming voice telling them to get a move on. Both fairies eeped and vanished from their locations.

They reappeared together in a meadow.

“So what is our assignment?” Toshiya asked, fixing his makeup.
“We’re supposed to help a Prince and Princess with their marriage problems.” Kyo said as they began to walk along a road.

Several hours later....

“Kyooooo!!” Toshiya whined. “I’m tired!! Can we stop yet!!!??”
“No!” Kyo said darkly, he had put up with Toshiya singing all of the 100 bottles of beer on the wall song 5 times, and he couldn’t take much more.

Toshiya slumped onto the road and started wailing loud enough to wake the dead. Kyo covered his ears and ran down the path, his left eye twitching.

Ten minutes later...

“Waaaahh!!!” Kyo sobbed into Toshiya’s shoulder. “It touched meeee!!!”

Toshiya shoved the hysterical demon-fairy off of him. “Kyo, it was a bunny!”
“For the love of Pete!!” Toshiya cried, then slapped Kyo. Kyo gasped and out a hand on his cheek, glaring at Toshiya.
“Why you!!”

The fairies death glared each other, then without warning, lunged at each other intent to kill. They were pulled apart by a red haired stranger.

“Break it up!”

Toshiya stood up and dusted off his hair while Kyo glared at him.

“Why were you fighting in the middle of the road?” The man asked.

Toshiya glared at Kyo.

“We were fighting because he’s a brat.” Toshiya said snittily pointing to Kyo.
“Bitch!” Kyo spat at him.

Toshiya gasped.

“Cute!” Toshiya yelled at Kyo, who turned red with anger and started shaking. The stranger looked confused.

“I. AM. NOT. CUTE.” Kyo said calmly.
“You. are. cute.” Toshiya returned just as calmly.

They lunged at each other again. The red haired man frowned, muttered a spell , and pointed at the dueling fairies. They flew apart surrounded in a purple glow. When the glow faded the two fairies glared at the man.

“When you care for each other, my spell will be broken.” and with that, he vanished into the night with a blinding flash of purple.
“Yeah, right.” Kyo said snickering. “I don’t think his spell worke----”

Kyo was interrupted by Toshiya’s scream. Kyo turned to look at the other fairy and cam face to face with his body.

“WHAT THE HELL!!!!???” Kyo screamed as he jumped up.
“T-that guy m-ma-made us switch bodies.” Toshiya wailed. “I DON’T WANNA BE YOU!!!”
“Hey, Mister Red-hair!!” Kyo called. “Come back!! Please??? THIS IS SOOO NOT FUNNY!!!!!”
“What are we supposed to do?” Kyo asked angrily.

Toshiya’s tears vanished magically.

“We have to care for each other!” He said brightly. They looked at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing.

“That’ll never happen!” Kyo stated.
“Nope!” Toshiya agreed.

The thought for a moment.

“Ne, maybe Kaoru can break the spell!”
“Yeah!” cried Toshiya happily, pulling out Kyo’s wand, then dropping it will a yell. Kyo did the same with his, both of their wands were fizzling and shooting sparks.

“Stupid spell short circuited them!” Kyo cried.
“Now we’ll never break the spell!!” Toshiya wailed.
“Shut up!!”
“You shut up!” Toshiya yelled back at Kyo. “This is all your fault anyway!”
“My fault?” Kyo gasped. “You little----this is what got us into this mess.”

Toshiya’s frown softened. “Yeah. Umm...I’m sorry.”
“Me too.” Kyo said, looking down at his shoes. “Maybe we should sleep here tonight.”

Toshiya nodded, and sat down. “I’m sleeping here.”

Kyo went layed down a few feet away from Toshiya. “Fine.”

“Oh, and Kyo?”
“If I wake up and find you gone, I’ll put makeup on and let Yoshiki have his way with your body.”

Kyo’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t dare!”

Toshiya raised on of Kyo’s eyebrows. “Try me.”

Kyo glared at him and then turned away, muttering. Toshiya smiled and layed down, quickly falling asleep.

Three days later.

“This is soooo boring!” Toshiya sang as he followed Kyo. “I hate being this short!”
“Shut up, Totchi!” Kyo growled.
“What?” Toshiya asked innocently. “It’s not my fault your short!”

Kyo glared at Toshiya and was about to retaliate when a shriek interrupted him. Both fairies rushed through the forest to see what the commotion was. What they saw shocked them.

A pretty blue haired girl in a white dress was throwing things at a tall, handsome, brown haired man who was at the moment cowering against a wall.

“Aaahhh!!” He cried as a vase barely missed his head. “Mana, sweetheart---*CRASH*---darling!!--*BANG*--Hey!! Don’t aim so low!! <b>*CRASH*</b>
Sorry, sorry!!

Mana glared at him for a moment, then crossed her arms over her chest. The man stepped forward.

“My love,” he began as man turned his head away. “I’m so sorry I was later.”
“Again.” Mana said in a very un female voice.
“Again.” The man agreed. “But I’ll make it up to you!”

Mana gazed at him appraisingly. “You always make it up Gackt.”
“That’s right! I do!” Gackt said smiling brightly.

Mana looked at him sadly.

“I don’t think you can this time.”

Gackt looked shocked.

“What are you saying?”
“Gackt, I think we need some time apart.”
“No, Mana!!” Gackt begged. “I’ll do anything you want!!”

Mana shook his head.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?” Mana said. “It’s not forever, only a while.”
“But, sweetheart, darling, angel, ma cherie, love of my life---”

They were interrupted by the two fairies bursting out of the bushes.

“Ta-dah!!” Kyo cried, striking a pose.
“Hello!” Toshiya said fluttering Kyo’s little bat wings. “I’m Toshiya and that’s Kyo--”
“and we’re your fairy God-fairies!” Kyo finished.
“We’re here to save your marriage.” Toshiya said.

Gackt looked at Mana.

“Ha!” He taunted. “I knew it was a bad idea to be separated!”

Mana’s cold expression darkened. The two fairies cocked their heads to the side and stared at him.

“Ne,” Kyo whispered to Gackt. “Is Man a he or a she?”
“I’m not sure.” Gackt answered.

Toshiya sent him an incredulous look.

“You’re married, and you don’t know?”

Gackt blushed, then noticed that Mana was glaring at him. He stepped forward, but before he could say anything, Mana huffed and turned away and went into their cottage.

“Dude, you guys have problems!” Kyo said.

Suddenly they heard Mana scream. They rushed into the house, but couldn’t see Mana anywhere.

“Mana!!!” Gackt yelled.

“Yelling won’t help you know.” Said a very scantily clad man standing in the doorway. He looked at Toshiya thinking he was Kyo and winked. Kyo screamed.
“Sugizo what are you doing here?”

Sugizo pouted. “Well, you know, I deliver messages...or massages.”

Kyo glared at him, and Toshiya looked at Kyo.

“Kyo, why do all the lechers fall for you?”

Kyo screamed again and stormed out, leaving Sugize staring hungrily at Toshiya in Kyo’s body.

Gackt cleared his throat.

“Oh!” Sugizo reached into his “shirt” and pulled out a piece of paper. “Here, it’s a map to where Yoshiki’s new hideout is.”
“Yoshiki kidnapped Mana??” Toshiya asked, then sighed. “I HATE SORCERERS!!!”

Sugizo and Gackt stared at the little blonde as he stormed out of the room. Gackt glanced nervously at Sugizo who was eying him suggestively, then quickly followed the fairies. When he got outside, Kyo snatched the map from him, and explained how they were going to rescue Mana.

Four days later.

The trio climbed carefully along the winding trail that curved up the side of a mountain. Toshiya trembled as the path got thinner and thinner Gackt and Kyo didn’t seem to be having any problems, and Toshiya hurried to catch up with them. Suddenly, his foot slipped off the ledge. He cried out as he fell, but he didn’t fall far before he stopped. Toshiya opened his tear filled eyes and saw Kyo staring worriedly at him from his body. Kyo pulled Toshiya back onto the ledge and hugged him tight.

“Totchi, you idiot!” Kyo cried. “You scared me to death!”
“Wha---” Toshiya said confused as Kyo let him go.
“Be more careful, stupid!.”

They began to walk again, but Kyo had a tight grip on Toshiya’s hand.

‘He didn’t let me fall!” Toshiya thought happily, his heart pounding. Then his smile faded. ‘He just didn’t want his body damaged. He doesn’t care about me!’

Toshiya jerked his hand out of Kyo’s grip. Kyo glanced at him confused.

“I can manage, I don’t need your help!” Toshiya said coldly.
“Totchi...” Kyo said looking at the other fairy sadly as he passed him on the ledge.

Not long after that they came to the top of the mountain. The trio was very relieved to be on solid ground.

“Where do we go from here?” Gackt asked.

Kyo looked at the map, then pointed toward a cave. “That cave should lead us directly to Yoshiki’s hideout.”
“Then lets go.” Toshiya said coldly, and walked forward.

Kyo sighed. ‘Why’s he mad at me?’

“Looks like you’ve got relationship problems too.” Gackt said.

Kyo turned red and spluttered.

“What?” He cried. “No!! We’re not together!! He’s not even my friend!”

Gackt smirked.

“You could have fooled me.”
“Let’s go!” Kyo said, still blushing.

The cave was dark and cold. The farther they went, the colder and darker it seemed to become. Suddenly they came to a dead end.

This is great!” Toshiya cried.

Gackt pointed to the light showing through a crack. “Look at this!”

They pushed at the wall and the broke, opening the way to a brightly lit room. The trio walked into the room looking around.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about thi---” Toshiya suddenly found the floor under his feet gone. He screamed.
“Totchi!!” Kyo cried jumping after him.

The two fairies landed in a pool of water. After making it to the side, Toshiya angrily turned to Kyo.

“You moron!”

Kyo stared at him shocked.

“Why did you jump after me!! You should have stayed with Gackt! You know the rules! A fairy is not to abandon their assignment!”
“You’re more important to me than any assignment!”

Toshiya smiled sadly. “You mean your body is.”

Toshiya quickly stood, up brushing sopping wet blonde hair off of his forehead.

“No!” Kyo cried, starting Toshiya. “I care about you! You’re the most important thing in my life, I love you!”

Kyo gasped and covered his mouth as he realized what he had just said. Toshiya’s eyes widened.

“You mean all the times you rescued me---”
“I didn’t want to you get hurt.” Kyo said looking away.
“And all the time I thought---”

Toshiya gazed at Kyo in wonderment, his eyes filling with tears.

“Oh, Kyo! I love you, too!!” Toshiya cried as he threw his arms around the taller fairies neck. A soft purple glow began to shine from them and then vanished, leaving the two fairies to their embrace.

“Aaaawwwww!!” Said a voice behind them.
“Look, Heath!” said another voice. “Isn’t it cute!!”

Kyo spun around.


Toshiya pouted at the twitching blonde, miffed that they had been interrupted. Then he gasped and touched his face.

“I-I’m me!” he cried. ‘Kyo!! We’re back to normal!!”

Kyo looked at Toshiya, then looked down at himself.

“Yeah!! We broke the spell!!”

They grabbed each others hands.

“And it’s because we realized that we loved each other!” Kyo said gazing deeply into Toshiya’s eyes.

They leaned towards each other, their lips almost meeting----

“Ahem!” Said Heath.

The two fairies jumped apart blushing, but still holding hands.

“We have some thing you might want!” Said the other person.
“How exciting!” Heath said clapping. “Toshi where’d you put him?”

Toshi looked around. “I left him with Yoshiki and Pata.”

“Stupid!” Heath said, smacking him.
“Wah!” Toshi whined making everyone wince.

Kyo leaned towards Toshiya. “He’s worse than you are, Totchi.”
“Hey!” Toshiya cried punching Kyo.
“Ne, some things will never change.” Kyo said rubbing his shoulder.

Heath cleared his throat again. ‘We have both Gackt and Mana and if you want them back you better follow us!”
“And no funny stuff!” Toshi warned.

The two fairies followed the men up the stairs and found themselves in another bright room. In the center of the room they say Yoshiki sitting in throne. Kyo screamed. Yoshiki smiled.

“Hey, cutie.” He said, winking at Kyo.

Toshiya grabbed Kyo and hugged him. “Mine!”

“Oh, really?” Yoshiki said, standing and putting his hands on his hips.
“Hello!” Kyo said trying to get their attention. Toshiya and Yoshiki turned to him and yelled at him to shut up. Kyo pouted.

“You give me Kyo.” Yoshiki said. “And I’ll let your assignment go.”
“No!” Toshiya said.
“No?” Yoshiki asked. “I thought a fairies assignment was the most important thing to them.”
“It isn’t when you love someone.” Toshiya said smiling at Kyo, who smiled back.

Shiny bubbles filled the room and Toshiya and Kyo gazed into each other’s eyes.


They grabbed each other’s hands staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.


They leaned towards each other again and almost kissed with Yoshiki cleared his throat. The shiny bubbles vanished leaving a very irritable pair of fairies.

“Why do people always interrupt us?” Kyo asked darkly.
“We just found out that we love each other!!” Toshiya cried. “We should be allowed to kiss!!”

Yoshiki laughed. “Don’t tell me you don’t know.”

Kyo and Toshiya looked confused.

“Don’t know what?” Toshiya asked.

Yoshiki raised his eyebrows laughing as if something was really funny.

“Oh, this is good!” he said. “Fairy God-People can’t fall in love.”
“Then why do I love Totchi?” Kyo asked.
“It isn’t allowed.” Yoshiki explained. “If fairy God-People fell in love, then no one would get any work done. So to discourage fairies from falling in love,
they made a rule.”

Toshiya gently held Kyo’s hand. “What kind of rule?”

“That when a fairy receives their first kiss of love, they will become a human.”

Kyo and Toshiya’s eyes met, and they smiled. “That’s not so bad.”
“I wouldn’t mind being a human as long as I could be with you.” Kyo said.
“Me too.” Toshiya said, as they leaned towards each other, their lips meeting in a gentle, passionate kiss. A brilliant flash of white light surrounded the fairies for a moment, and when it subsided, they were two humans kissing. They broke the kiss and looked at each other. The only thing that had changed about them was their wings. They no longer had them. The kissed again, holding each other tightly.

Yoshiki spluttered, and in and in his anger exploded into a pile of glitter. Mana and Gackt were magically freed from their cage. Gackt smiled.

“Ne, remember when our love was like that?” he asked.

Mana huffed and grabbed him. “What do you mean was like that?”
“Ummm...” Gackt began, then Mana gently pulled his head down to meet his for a kiss.

.......and they all lived happily ever after....

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