In Love With You
In Love With You, Always

by VanillaMint

KaoruXToshiya ~

VM: once again, VM presents you another one of her kaoruXtoshiya lemons(which is all the same…)^^~ nothing new but…~ dedicated to all KaoruXTotchi fans^^! Let's support this couple ne!!! specially dedicated to…Kaoru and Toshiya^________^!!!!!!


Softly he planted a trail of kisses on the smooth skin of his lover's thigh. One hand slid up to caress the underside of the thigh, drawing a soft moan from his lover. Gently he nipped at the pale flesh of the inner thigh.

" Kaoru…" A hand reached out to the side of his face, fingers curling around strands of brown hair. "Please kiss me."

Their bedroom was dimly lit, the only source of light was the bedside lamp on Kaoru's side. Kaoru slid himself up till his face was a mere inch away from Toshiya's, the left side hidden in shadow. " Hai, Totchi…" Their lips touched briefly as if they were testing. Then they sank into a deep passionate kiss with tongues fighting for dominance inside their mouths.

" Unnh…" Toshiya opened his eyes, breathless after the kiss. His lips curved up into a smile as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. His palms were cupping Kaoru's face and he leaned forward to taste those lips again. His hands slid down Kaoru's neck and moved down to rest on his chest. "What did you wake me up for?" he pouted.

Kaoru smiled, playing with Toshiya's fringe. " You looked too tempting with your legs sticking out of the blanket," he said. " I want to kiss you…touch you…for so long and finally I have the chance!"

" Not tired out by our schedule? Mou, I'm tired…and sleepy…" Toshiya's head fell back onto the pillow and he pretended to snore loudly.

Kaoru's eyes narrowed into thin lines, an evil gleam twinkling in one corner. " Heh." He lied down on top of the bassist with his head beside his on the pillow. The younger man was still pretending to be asleep but he giggled softly when Kaoru's tongue darted into his ear. But Kaoru's evil hands had already clasped around the sides of his tummy.

" Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Toshiya jerked up violently as the older man started tickling him. " Aahaha, stop!!! Ha. Stop!!!" He kicked Kaoru in the ribs.

" Ow!" The older man fell over, clutching his middle.

Toshiya gasped and bent over Kaoru worriedly. " Are you alright? I'm sorry!"

Kaoru pretended to be dead. "Kiss me then I'll be alright," he said in a monotonous voice, puckering his lips.

" Baka." But Toshiya kissed him. He kissed him long and hard and when Kaoru's arms came around to embrace him, he fell onto the bed, melting into the kiss. "Mmm…" His fingers threaded with the hair, pressing his lover into the mattress.

" Tot…Totchi!" Kaoru gasped as sharp teeth bit down on the tender flesh of his neck.

Toshiya licked at the angry red spot while his hands travelled down Kaoru's slim skinny body, stopping to rub sensually against his chest and abdomen. " Feel better now?" he asked innocently with one hand resting lightly on the growing bulge beneath Kaoru's boxers.

" Oh, yes, I feel much better," Kaoru gulped and nodded strongly. " Please continue."

" Mm-hm…" Toshiya's tongue flicked out at Kaoru's Adam's apple, tasting the light saltiness of the man's skin. His hand slipped past the band of Kaoru's boxers to wrap around his sex, making the older man jerk up in a moan. His lips came in contact again with Kaoru's, this time they kissed slowly, their tongues sliding against each other's. Toshiya felt Kaoru's hands running down his back and slipping beneath his shirt to caress his bare back. Toshiya's lips parted in a gasp when those hands sneaked past the elastic band of his underwear to cup his round ass. " Kaoru!"

" My sweet Totchi…" Kaoru whispered, turning the positions so that he was above the younger man. His fingers tugged down the little piece of black undergarment, leaving it neglected in one corner of the bed as his hand returned to caress Toshiya. His lips left red bruise marks on Toshiya's neck.

Toshiya swallowed a moan when his lover stroked him between his legs. Experienced fingers slowly pleasuring his flesh, tracing the underside of his length and teasing the head till Toshiya couldn't help but let out a feverish moan.

Kaoru's lips lingered over Toshiya's, then bent down to brush lightly against it. His body felt hot, aroused with his lover writhing beneath him, his hands seeking to touch Kaoru's flesh. "Hm…" Gently his lips closed over the pierced lobe of Toshiya's ear, sucking on it, his teeth scraping against the metal rings there, tugging softly.

The younger man felt the heat rushing through his body, concentrating between his legs where he had become hard with his lover's manipulation. " Kaoru…ah..!" His eyes closed in pleasure, lips parting, whispering the older man's name.

Kaoru wanted to kiss those lips but he wanted to hear Toshiya saying his name too…especially in that voice, that tone, full of want and need. He heard Toshiya gasp as he fondled the round sacs. " You're near…" he said, knowing.

But Toshiya nodded, his eyes looking into Kaoru's. " I want it…I want you inside me when I come," he said without much inhibition except for the blush on his cheeks. Kaoru couldn't resist kissing those cheeks, smiling. " Okay."

Toshiya watched as Kaoru got up and went to the side table. The yellow light gave his skin a glow and Kaoru was very skinny in Toshiya's opinion. Placing his hands on Kaoru's shoulders, he brushed his long hair aside and kissed the nape of his neck. His sweet lips lingered over the skin, kissing till he reached the area behind Kaoru's ear.

" Quick…" he pulled Kaoru over him as he laid down on his back, gazing up with his round almond eyes full of anticipation.

The older men stripped off his boxers. The lube felt cold as Kaoru applied it on his own erection. He gazed at Toshiya with half-lidded eyes; all spread before him, for him. He shifted into a lying position between his lover's parted legs, one hand snaking between the thighs to find the opening.

Toshiya gasped, bucking his hips up, when a slick finger slid into him. His arms wrapped around Kaoru to bring his face down for a kiss. " I'm ready…" he said between kisses.

Kaoru's hand slid under Toshiya's shirt to roam over the flat stomach and chest, pushing the obstructing cloth away so he could lather kisses over the milky expanse of flesh. His tongue lapped at one pinkish nipple as he positioned himself between Toshiya, his hands reached down to lift his lover's hips, the tip of his manhood nudging against Toshiya's hole. His eyes closed, lips parted with laboured breaths, as his sex plunged into Toshiya's body.

Toshiya's fingers curled into the sheets. He cried out when Kaoru hit that spot inside him and his body jerked up against Kaoru's in response, almost coming but did not. " Harder," he whispered.

" What?" Kaoru smiled.

The younger man grabbed Kaoru's hair painfully in his hands and yanked him down for a hard kiss. "Harder!" he hissed.

Kaoru thrust into Toshiya again and again, pleasure filling him as the hot flesh inside clamped on him, massaging him with its moist walls. He left a lovebite on Toshiya's neck with each thrust, angry little spots of red against the smooth fair skin. And he enjoyed it as Toshiya gasped and moaned aloud. He felt himself reaching the edge and he impaled himself as deep as he could inside his lover's body.

Toshiya screamed as the pleasure reached its peak and he came all over their abdomens and chest while Kaoru's hot semen filled him inside, soothing whatever ache and pain of before. He slumped back onto the bed, his head turning sideways to rest his face against the pillow. A thumb came to stroke his cheek. Toshiya turned to see Kaoru staring at him and he stared back too. And they kissed, gently, lips brushing and plying together.

Kaoru pulled away and looked at the younger man. His eyes seemed deep and so full of love that Toshiya almost melted.

Toshiya wanted to say 'I love you' but Kaoru got up and went to the bathroom. So pouting, Toshiya hugged the pillow. He was dozing off when he felt something wet against his stomach. His eyes blinked open." Hm?" Kaoru was cleaning him up…with a wet towel. Toshiya smiled. It was so sweet that even sleepy Toshiya just had to hug Kaoru. But he was so sleepy that he fell asleep on Kaoru's shoulder.

Chuckling softly to himself, Kaoru laid the bassist down onto the bed. He propped up on his elbow and watched him sleep, brushing his hair away from his face idly.

Then he leaned in and kissed Toshiya's forehead. " I love you…" he whispered. Lying down, he embraced the sleeping man, smelling the familiar scent of Toshiya's hair as he rest his cheek on his head.

Toshiya huddled close to Kaoru, arms sliding around his waist.

" Mmn…"


~end of another KxT lemon~

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