Lucky Match

Lucky Match


By Izumi


Izumi’z notez:Just a really weird fic I thought of when I was studying for my finals ^__^ kinda weird…I just thought,what would it be like if the members of Glay were in the same university?

Playing * basketball * ? Brief explanation,Teru takes Arts and Design,Hisa,Jiro photography,Takuro Astronomy (heheh^^) and there will be some other added characters!




Part 1



   Teru looked up from his sketchbook.It was lunchtime, but he promised a rough sketch for his professor.


“Konnichiwa,Teru-kun,” a smiling Ami greeted him. She was carrying two lunchboxes.


“Oh, hi, Ami! How are you?” he shut his book and gestured her to sit down.


“Brought you lunch!” she told him happily.


“Ah, arigatou! Sorry for the trouble!”Teru said shyly.


“Not at all!” Ami grinned and pulled out the lunchboxes.


They started eating in silence.Teru opened his sketchbook and added a few more strokes to it.


“What’s that?” Ami asked curiously.Teru chewed on his rice ball thoughtfully.


“Oh, this? Nothing, really, just something I promised my prof I’d hand in today,” he replied.


Ami took a bite out of her sandwich. She stared at Teru as he continued adding some strokes to his sketching. She brushed away a curly strand of brown hair out of her eyes.


“How’s basketball?” she asked.


“Fine.Takky’s always giving us a rough time if we don’t do good enough. He’ll either tell us to go polish the balls or mop the  floor.Just because he’s number 4….,” Teru sighed.


Ami started to reply, when she heard footsteps coming their way. Ami was now looking at a pair of black sneakers with white laces.She looked up,and who else could it be but the cool mannered, Hisashi.


“Ah, Hisa-kun!”Teru greeted him happily. Hisashi gave him a quick smile.


“Tekko,we oughtta get going.I don’t wanna mop the floor, again,” Hisashi said to him.


“Hai, hai. I know,” Teru answered.” Gomen-ne, Ami-chan? Practice starts early today,” he told her.


Ami stood up unsteadily.She looked at Teru, then at Hisashi, then back at Teru.


“I’m the manager of the team, how come I didn’t know?” she demanded shrilly.


“Ne, you really take this managing stuff quite seriously, huh?” Teru joked.


“Why didn’t coach Masahide tell you about this?” Hisashi asked her.


“Cause I haven’t been to Animations yet,” she answered shortly. With that, she bundled up the leftovers, bowed briefly and stormed off.


Hisashi and Teru looked at each other, surprised.They shrugged and walked off to the basketball stadium together, chatting away.



“I’m soooooo busted. So busted. SO busted!” Jiro kept repeating to himself.


He was almost late for a basketball practice, and he didn’t want to touch another basketball polish as long as he could help it. He ran as quickly as he could, not heeding the “No running, young man!” by one of the passing professors. And bumped into someone.


“Oro!” he cried, falling on the hard tiled floor. The girl he bumped into was on her knees.


“Ami-chan?” he asked.


Ami looked at him through her watery eyes. Jiro jumped up and helped her up.


“Daijobu?” he asked her. Ami nodded.


“Go, you’re late for practice,” she told him. Jiro thanked her and practically flew to the stadium.



Everybody turned to look at the panting Jiro by the door.


“You’re late,” Takuro told him promtly.


Jiro muttered something under his breath and went to the locker room to change.


Sugizo walked in calmly after Jiro disappeared into the locker rooms.




“Late?” Sugizo finished off for Takuro.


“Yes, go change,” he told him.




“Minna-san, you all know that we’re up againts many other universities in a month.I don’t want Hokkaido to be displeased with us,” Takuro reminded them. He looked at them one by one.”So,” he continued,”I want you all to give me your best during practice and the match, okay?”


“OKAY!!! Ganbatte!!!!!!!” They yelled at the top of their lungs.


They started to practice and didn’t stop until late at night. When their last one on one finished,Takuro signaled them to stop.


“That’s enough. Good game, Teru, Hisa,” he nodded at the duo.


They gathered the balls and put them in the storeroom.The five of them headed towards the locker room,chatting away.


“Ne, I wonder why Ami didn’t know about our early practice today,” Teru said thoughtfully.


Takuro looked at him.

“Didn’t coach tell you? Ami didn’t turn in a good project, you know, the animation one. So, coach is making her be more serious on her studies,” Takuro told him matter-of-factly.


“Oh, but who will be our new manager?”


“Nobody. She’ll still be our manager, but she won’t come to some practices.”


“Oh,” Teru looked glum.


He stuffed his clothes into his duffel bag and left. Hisashi followed suit, and ran after Teru.



A few weeks later……….


“Hey, guys, you look like you’ve never had a practice in your life! The competition’s gonna be in one week!!!! ONE WEEK!!! “ Takuro shouted at the others frantically.


They all looked at him blankly.


Teru passed the ball to Hisashi dully. Takuro shot him a look.


“You did that on purpose,” he snapped.


“Did not,” Teru shot back.


“Did too,” Takuro snapped.


“C’mon Teru, you’re not the one to pick a fight with anybody,” Sugizo reminded him.


“Guess so,” Teru mumbled. He picked the ball up and passed it correctly to Jiro.


They heard a creak as the door opened and their Dean walked in. Professor Yoshiki walked in, looking around.


“So, how’s the practice?” he asked, looking straight at them.They stared blankly at him.


“Uh, Professor! What brings you here?” Takuro bowed and motioned for the others to do the same.


“Just checking on you, competition’s in a week, right?” he replied.


“Yes, that’s right,” Teru said.




“Well, good luck. Ganbatte ne? I’ll be waiting for the news of Hokkaido University from you.” With that, he left.


~End of part 1~


to be continued


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