Lucky Match pt 2

Lucky Match pt 2

By Izumi



Takuro sighed as he looked at the stadium. What was happening to his teammates? They were getting weaker by the minute . Heaving another sigh, he stepped in. He was greeted by the sound of a ball bouncing againts the ring.He was even more surprised when he saw Ami there, trying her best to shoot a hoop. She deftly catched the ball in her two hands and turned around to face him.


“Konnichiwa,Takuro-san,” she bowed politely.Takuro bowed back.


“Uh, Ami-chan, what are you doing here?” Takuro asked. Ami looked at him and tossed the ball from hand to hand.


“Just to shoot some hoops.Oh,and also to win my Teru back,” she answered coolly.


“Excuse me?” this was a surprise. Ami stopped tossing the ball and repeated her answer.


“To win my Teru back,” she said.Takuro dropped his duffel bag and sat down on the bench. He motioned for Ami to do the same. She sat down next to him and heaved a heavy sigh.


“Why win Teru back? Isn’t he already yours?” Takuro pointed out. Ami looked at him.


“If he were already mine, there would be a reason for me wanting to win him back,” she replied.


“And that reason is….”


“ I think he likes Jiro-kun,” she finished for him.Takuro froze.


“WHAT!!!!!!!” Takuro cried out, standing up. Ami slowly stood up and faced him.


“I’m just worried, that’s all. Even though he doesn’t really show it, and even though it looks like that he likes Hisashi, I still think he likes Jiro-kun,” she continued.”And I’m still part of this team, so I have the right to be worried.”


Takuro shook his head and headed for the locker room. He returned for his duffel and barged off.





“ Okay guys, spill,” Takuro said to them as they finished a one on one.They looked at him strangely.


“Spill what, Takky?” Jiro asked.


“ What was that?! What kind of a one on one was that?!” he shouted. Jiro retreated behind Teru.


“Anou, Takky, we’re all going through a hard time. Between classes, and practice…” Sugizo replied for Jiro.


“Uh-huh, what happenings?” Takuro challenged them.


“Well, you know I take Life Science. I was studying this beetle, and because of lack of attention the beetle died. I could flunk cause of that,” Sugizo told him.




“It’s all right, Takky. We’ll be fine. Just give us a day off tomorrow, and we’ll be as fresh as larks,” Teru said comfortingly. Takuro looked at him graciously.


“Okay. We’ll practice for a few more hours, tomorrow you guys go finish your stuff. I gotta finish my star chart, anyway,” Takuro finally said.





The following week……….


“Okay, that’s our flight. Come on, guys,” Masahide told them.


Ami and ten other teammates followed him onto the plane.They sat according to their seats and started talking with each other.


“Okay guys. We’ll arrive in Narita in less than an hour, I think. Our first match is againts Niigata, so read about them, okay?” Ami told them.They fumbled around for their  books and started reading.


Hisashi took out his laptop. And started typing who knows what.Teru fumbled with the book and finally fell asleep.



“We have arrived in Narita Airport.Thank you for flying Japan Airlines,” the stewardess told them through the  intercom.





Tokyo University,” Masahide told them.They walked through the front gates.There were many other people from many other universities in Japan.


They had checked in at a hotel nearby and were checking the tournament schedule. Ami was right.They’re first match was against Niigata.




“Anou,were againts Tokyo?” Toshiya said, surprised. Levin nodded.


“Yup, didn’t I tell you all on the trip?” he said. ”Or where you sleeping?”  he asked.


Toshiya looked down guiltily. He lifted his head and saw another team checking out the schedule.


“Anou, Levin, who are those people?” Kaoru asked before he could. He was pointing at the Hokkaido people.


“Oh, them? They should be from Hokkaido,” Levin said, flipping through his book.





The referee blew his whistle when the game was over.Hokkaido had it’s first win againts Niigata. They had another one againts Osaka the next day.


“Wohooooooooo!!!! I knew we could do it!!! I knew it!!!!!” Takuro yelled at the top of his lungs later that night. The others laughed to see him so happy.




“ I’m sooooo tired. Wake me up tomorrow,” Toshiya whined.


“Well, at least we beat them. I’m going to shoot some hoops,” Kaoru said.


“Now? When we should be celebrating?” Die exclaimed. Kaoru waved that off and headed towards the stadium.


He heard someone dribbling and shooting. He peeked inside. It was some one from the Hokkaido team! To make things much better, it was the one that he liked most!! This guy had short blond hair and pouty lips. He didn’t know his name, but he sure hoped that he would be able to compete with this guy in the finals.


He watched him a little while longer, admiring the way he aimed at shot perfectly at the ring. He liked his style, his way of carrying and dribbling the ball. Oh, yes.He certainly wished for a chance to compete with him.



Jiro shot another goal.


“Yess!” he hissed to himself. He ran a few feet back and dribbled the ball. Aiming perfectly, he shot. And it cleanly went into the ring.


“Three pointer!” he called out. He held the ball and dribbled it for a few more minutes.Then he turned around and realized that someone was looking at him. A guy with purple hair was actually *staring* at him. The guy finally realized and looked sheepish.


“Yes?” Jiro asked suspiciosly. Where had he seen this guy before?


“Uh,ano…Kaoru desu,” Kaoru stammered.’Caught!’


“Wayama Yoshihito desu.Just call me Jiro,” Jiro offered his hand. Kaoru shook it.


“Pleased to meet you, sorry for interrupting your practice. I just liked the way you shot the ball,” he explained.


Jiro shook his head.”Not at all. Where are you from?”


Kyoto University, you?”






“Uh,well.I guess I gotta go. My teammates are probably chuging beer back at the hotel, and their leader isn’t there,” Kaoru finally said after a moment of silence.


“You’re number Four?” Jiro asked.


“Umm hum,”




“Well, see ya!” and Kaoru made a mad dash for the door.


“Uh,okay,I hope I get to compete with you sometime. You look like a good player,”Jiro called out.


~End of Part2~



to be continued


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