Lucky Match pt 3

Lucky Match pt 3


By Izumi



“So, this is Aomori,” Die commented.


“Yeah, if they win, we’ll be againts them later today,” Kaoru told him.


The Kyoto team were watching the tournament between Aomori and Saitama University.They decided that they would want to be againts Aomori. Kyo looked on without any expression on his face. Shinya sat next to him swallowing his fifth jelly. Toshiya yawned and rubbed his eyes. He cradled his head and finally fell asleep. Kaoru and Die were sitting behind them, so they didn’t know that their other teammates were fidgeting, yawning and eating.


Toshiya finally got up, stretched and told Kaoru he was going for a walk. He sleepily walked along the aisle, bumping into the walls and yawning.The people that passed him must’ve thought that he was still recovering from a hangover. And then he heard something that totally woke him up.




Whoa. That *certainly* woke him up. The shrill screams of girls could probably be heard from the North Pole. Curious, he took a peek inside to see what this was all about.


From his place( at the door) he could see hundreds of screaming girls, okay, there *were* some guys, and two teams at the court, playing a very impressive game. One team was wearing white, the other blue.He, of course was attracted to the blue team, but then finally shifted his gaze to the white team. Of course, blue * was* his favourite color, but the white team was playing a much better game.


He watched on as they passed the ball to each other, and finally scoring a three pointer. He was attracted to the guy that did the three pointer. He had * awesome* hair, even though he was a bit small. That didn’t matter, though! He liked him and that was all that mattered.


“Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Kakkoiii!!!!! Hisashi-kuuuuun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the girls screamed out.


Osaka looked defeated.Hisashi gave them a small smirk, then waved casually at the girls. Which caused them to scream even more.Toshiya covered his ears and continued watching the game.


“Hmmm, that guy’s got style,” he said to himself. ’No wonder he’s my type,’ Toshiya thought, snickering.Thank god no one was there.They would’ve thought he was crazy by the way he was snickering.


He looked back at the court. This time the ball was in another guy’s hands. He dribbled, ran swiftly and pushed the ball into the ring.


“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Teruuu!!!!!!!!!Kakkoi!!!!SuGoiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!” girls screamed.


Toshiya couldn’t stand the screaming .He rushed out and walked down the hall, smirking to himself. ’Hisashi, eh?Ohohohohohoho, let’s see what happens next!’




Hisashi sank on a bench in the locker room. He wiped the sweat from his face. He closed his eyes and exhaled heavily. When he opened his eyes, he was facing a bottle of ice-cold water.  Jiro was holding the bottle out to him.


“Here, have some. You were great out there!” Jiro said breathlessly. He was dripping with sweat as Hisashi accepted the bottle from him.


“Arigatou…” he said softly. Jiro smiled and started to walk away, when Hisashi suddenly grabbed his wrist. He pulled Jiro closer.


“Nani yo?” Jiro asked, surprised.


Hisashi paused before wiping Jiro’s forehead and nose with his towel.”Anou, you’re sweating,” he said.


“It’s okay, really, thanks though,” Jiro patted Hisashi’s arm and walked off to change.


Hisashi didn’t realize that Teru was watching them from his mirror in his locker.

Teru could feel jealousy boiling inside him. He shook his head, causing droplets of sweat to sprinkle around.


“Anou…Teru, thanks for the shower,” came Jiro’s voice.Teru opened his eyes and was horrified to see Jiro with sweat trinkling down his face, again.


“Ah, gomen, gomen!!!” Teru cried out, grabbing a towel and softly patting Jiro’s face with it.


Jiro smiled cheerily at him.”Don’t worry ‘bout it!” and he walked away.Teru smiled fondly and changed into casual clothes.



“I’m dead tired,” Shinya announced as he flopped down on his bed in the hotel room.


“See, I told you.You can’t live on jelly,” Die teased him. Shinya looked at Kaoru for help. He was busy staring out the window.


“Haha! Yeah, being the stick you are, that’s not a surprise. Wait here, I’ll go get your source of energy,” he walked out of the room and came back with a big box of jelly.


Shinya moaned and escaped out the door.




‘Ah, it’s so cold tonight,’ Jiro thought, shivering under layers of T-shirts, sweaters , and jacket. He was probably wearing half the stuff that he brought along. He shivered again as an icy-cold breeze blew by his cheek. He wandered around and finally sat on a bench.  He shut his eyes tightly and rubbed his hands  together.


“Cold, cold, so cold,” he moaned to himself. He was suddemly aware of a presence next to him. He looked next to him. There was someone wearing a white coat standing next to him.

The blood drained from his face as a single word escaped his lips.

“Sadako….”He whispered hoarsly.”Leave me alone…go take Takuro or someone else…I have a a family…and I didn’t watch any video,” he pleaded hoarsely.The ‘thing’ next to him turned slightly.


Jiro was expecting it to turn it’s head 360° or something, but it merely called out,




Jiro braved himself to look up. It was Teru. Jiro smiled, but his cheeks flushed from embarrasment.


“Uh, Konbanwa?” Teru said uncertainly.He sat down next to Jiro.


“Konbanwa…hahaha…” Jiro replied, laughing nervously.


Teru looked like he was trying his best not to laugh out loud. He was already grinning.


“Alright already, laugh,” Jiro said dully.Teru looked at him.


“That movie really got to you, huh?” he asked the blonde. Jiro shivered at the thought.


“Yeah, I guess,” he replied.He rubbed his hands and shoved them into his pockets.






“Here, I brought some hot chocolate,” Teru handed the thermos to Jiro.


Jiro took the thermos uncertainly.


“How’d you know I was here?” Jiro asked.


“Intuition,” Teru answered simply. Jiro turned the cap open and sipped a bit. He handed the thermos to Teru.


“You’re cold, aren’t you?” Jiro asked him. He took a glance at Teru’s coat.Teru accepted the thermos and took a sip.


They sat in silence for the next few minutes. Finally Jiro heaved a sigh. Teru impulsively put his arm around Jiro’s shoulders. Jiro’s cheeks flushed.


“Nani Teru?” he asked. Teru remained quiet. He leaned his head on Jiro’s shoulder and sighed.


“I like being here with you. Playing with you…” Teru said fondly. He gently ruffled Jiro’s hair.


“Uh, yeah, I like that too…what’re you trying to point out, Teru?” Jiro asked suspiciously. Teru shook his head.


“Ah, iie. It’s nothing,” he assured him, tighting his embrace. Jiro comfortably leaned on him.


From behind a tree, Hisashi was watching them. ’What is Teru doing to him?They better not….’ he thought to himself. He shook all his thoughts from his mind and headed back to his hotel room, thinking of the competiton the next day and also thinking about the Kyoto University team. Clearly, he saw that they were a great team, even they all looked like they didn’t eat. He saw them beat Aomori that evening and he was impressed.


‘I hope they win the next match and compete with us,’ he thought.


~End of pt.3



to be continued


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