Lucky Match 4

Lucky Match 4

By Izumi


“GO KYOTO!!!!!!!SHOOT!!!!GO!GO!GO!KYOTO!!!!!!” hundreds of fans screamed.


Occupying six seats were Teru, Jiro, Hisashi, Takuro, Sugizo and Ami. Ami was videotaping the match.


“Anou, Kyoto’s got a lot of supporters,ne?” Jiro commented as another blast of screams filled the stadium.


“Yeah,’cause they’re so good,” Takuro replied. He and Ami were intently watching the game.”They’re our biggest challenge, so watch carefully,” he continued.


“Aw, come on Takky, we don’t even know if we’re up againts them in tomorrow’s final. We still have a match againts Okayama University, remember that,” Sugizo pointed out.


As if on que Kyoto scored a three pointer. The Kobe University team were starting to look nervous. They quickly called a time out.


As they huddled, the Kyoto team went back to their benches and talked among themselves. Hisashi looked at them. Since he and the others were sitting really close to them, he could almost hear what they were saying.


Jiro noticed that Hisashi was looking intently at something, but what he didn’t know. So he looked over at the Kyoto team too. He followed Hisashi’s gaze. Finally he saw what Hisashi was staring so intently at. The team’s number 7. This guy was really skinny, and had brown hair. And was kinda cute. A wicked smile formed on his lips.


“Oh, Hisashi…” Jiro purred.


“What?” the blue haired jerked his head in Jiro’s direction.


“Who are you looking at?” Jiro asked, mocking suspicion. Hisashi blinked before answering him.


“Oh, nothing, the Kyoto team,” he answered coolly. He turned back in their direction. Jiro cleared his throat.


“At them or at dear little number 7?” Jiro whispered in his ear.


Hisashi froze. He slowly turned his head to face Jiro. He stared daggers at him. Jiro sat back in his seat, chuckling to himself.


“Looks like Hisa’s got himself a weeny little crush,” he said teasingly. Hisashi glared at him.


“What are you getting at, Yoshihito Wayama?” he said threateningly. Jiro gave him a weird look.


“Ooh, my real name! I’m like, sooo scared,” he said before giggling.


“You act so much like a schoolgirl sometimes, you know? Isn’t it enough that you look like one?” Hisashi cleverly shot back.


That shut Jiro up quick. He sat back in his seat and pouted.


Hisashi smirked. Then he continued watching the tournament until Kyoto won 99-89.

The Kobe team looked forlorn. But,they shook hands anyway and they departed from the stadium. Dozens of girls ran for the locker rooms to get an autograph from the Kyoto team members.


Takuro heaved a sigh.”In a few hours, we’ll be againts Okayama. Prepare guys,” he reminded them.




“Hisa! Pass it to me! Me! Me!” Jiro called out, avoiding his really tall opponent.


Hisashi jumped and threw the ball to Jiro which was deftly caught by the blond.He dribbled the ball until he reached the ring and passed it to Teru to shoot.


The referee blew his whistle.


Hokkaido was now leading at 44-42. As Jiro ran back for defense, a hand clapped his shoulder. It was Teru.


“Nice pass,” he grinned. Jiro grinned back.




‘Not bad, not bad at all,’ Kaoru thought as he watched the tournament againts Okayama University and Hokkaido University.’That Jiro’s got talent,’ he smiled to himself.

Now Hokkaido was leading at 56-48. It looked like an easy win. Then again, maybe not.

The members of the Okayama team were really indigant on winning, that Gackt guy was a really good dunker. Of course, he * was* number 4.


He watched intently as Okayama scored again, thanks to Gackt’s dunking. Which earned loud screams from Okayama’s fans.




‘Yep.That guy’s got fans,’ Kaoru thought.Toshiya grumbled next to him.


“Why is it that every single match we go to, or * I* go to, it’s always a really * noisy * game?” he commented.


“Well, maybe that’s because all the matches that we *do * go to involve Hokkaido U,” Die pointed out.”And,” he continued,” the Hokkaido guys *are * pretty kakkoi, if I do say so myself,”


Toshiya gave him a strange look.


“What?” Die demanded.Toshiya shook his head.


“Oh, come on, I’ve seen you oogling over that blue haired guy, now you tell me you don’t think he’s kakkoi,” Die poked him teasingly.


Toshiya’s cheeks turned a brilliant pink.


“Wha-what’re you talking about? *Me* ? Oogling * that* guy?You’ve gone waaay to far there,” he replied nervously.


“Hm.Yeah, whatever,” Die said irritatingly. Toshiya finally decided to just ignore him. He decided that watching that Hisashi guy had much much more benefits than arguing with Die. So he watched every single move that he made.


He sighed admiringly as Hisashi shot the winning score.


He couldn’t wait. Now they were going to be againts Hokkaido.


‘Dreams do come true,’ he thought happily.


~ End of pt 4~


to be continued


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