by Jane/TakkyArashi

Disclaimer by Jane:

This is TOTALLY made up, and I don't own any of the people mentioned, obviously... Terachi Shinya, Ando Daisuke and the rest of Dir en grey belongs to the record company of the J- Rock band.

Some words: Ah!!!! I finally got to watch my Dir en grey VCDs today! I actually watched it secretly ‘coz I was supposed to be studying for my exams… ^o^” My Mum will kill me if she knew I came out to the living room to watch the VCDs instead of studying ne… **SIGH** But it’s really cool! Shinya’s soooooo kawaii!!! Hahaha! I loved the FC [A Knot] vid, there’s soooo much of Shinya in there, seriously think that the person shooting the thing sorta likes Shinya ne… hahaha! But the Macabre tour 00-01, erm, Shinya didn’t exactly talk in there… ;__; But at least they showed some pretty cool solos of him! He’s soooo cool! Gosh! And Die’s sooo kakkoii too! Hahaha, only problem is, there’s too much shaking, made my head spin after one disc… reminded me of the “Blair Witch Project”, that movie made me wanna vomit too ‘coz of all the shaking and moving around. Gosh, if there’s any suggestion box for Dir en grey, I’ll ask them to employ a better cameraman, zettai! Phew.

Rating: G (don’t know if I would increase this rating… depends on my mood)

Love U4 Good

Chapter 2 ~Missing You~

By: Jane a.k.a TakkyArashi

Die yawned wearily as he stepped out of the building and headed towards his car. It had been an extremely exhausting session today. Kaoru was being cranky, all thanks to Kyo. The imp had damaged all their crockery, wooden or plastic while experimenting with them. (^o^’ yeah, Kyo never gives up… hahaha) As a result of it, the whole band had to eat their lunch using their hands. Die vowed NEVER to order ramen as long as they are eating in the studio with Kyo around, EVER again. As if it was not enough, Kyo had thrown a fit saying how much he hated Kaoru and that Shinya would defend him if he were around when Kaoru told him off. It practically made Kaoru snap and if it weren’t for Toshiya pulling him back, Die could almost be sure they could start hunting for a new vocalist as soon as they finished arranging Kyo’s funeral. The practice was called off for the day and Toshiya had to hoax Kaoru home while Kyo was left sulking in the corner.

Die sat in his car silently as he sighed and closed his eyes. The pressure was mounting on him… Shinya… It’s been more than a month since Die had called the drummer. Shinya haven’t even contacted any of them ever since and Die could tell how much everyone was missing the drummer. Especially Die himself, who had rushed home everyday straight after practice, skipping his usual sessions of clubbing, afraid that Shinya would call while he was out. But Shinya never did call. Everyone else was giving up and Kaoru suggested that they start hunting for a new drummer, but Die wasn’t ready to give up just yet. As long as Shinya hasn’t given them a reply, there will still be hope. Shinya has promised to give them an answer and Die knows the drummer will honor that promise. But he missed Shinya sooooo much…

~ ~ ~

Kaoru stormed into his apartment angrily. He’s had enough of Kyo. That little devil! Kaoru knows Kyo is acting the way he is because of Shinya. Damn, Kaoru wished that the drummer would come back too! But Kyo seems to think that Kaoru is not trying hard enough to get Shinya back. And because of that, Kyo has been deliberately creating trouble for him. Kaoru is sooooo tired… So tired of having to take care of everyone, so tired of having to deal with Kyo’s ridiculous ways, so tired of trying to keep the band together, so tired of himself. Maybe it had been a bad idea to reform the band afterall…

“Aww, c’mon, Kao-kao, simmer down ne!”

Kaoru looked up and smiled wearily at the beautiful bassist in front of him.

“Here, drink this up! I made it specially for you!” Toshiya said as he handed a cup of coffee to his leader.

“Arigatou!” Kaoru said as he took over the cup and took a sip.

“Daijoubu desu ka?” Toshiya asked Kaoru worriedly when he saw the guitarist turn green after taking a sip of the drink.

“Eh… Toshiya?”


“What did you put into the coffee?”

“Sugar and milk.” Toshiya said, puzzled.


“What’s wrong with it?”

“Umm… wanna take a sip?”

Frowning, Toshiya took over the cup and took a sip, only to spit it all out immediately.

“What the hell is this!?”

“I think you mixed up the salt and sugar.” Kaoru said, laughing.

“USO!” Toshiya pouted as he looked at Kaoru doubling over with laughter.

“Well… I don’t live here, you can’t blame me for mixing up!” Toshiya said, fuming.

“Okay okay…” Kaoru said as he tried to stop laughing.

“Are you going to stop? Or I’m leaving!”

“Alright, alright…” Kaoru said as he tried to stifle his own laughter.

Turning serious, Kaoru looked into Toshiya’s eyes as he said “Domo arigatou ne, Toshiya. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know how I’m gonna carry this off.”

Toshiya blushed at that and looked away embarrassedly.

“Don’t mention it, bandmates are supposed to be there for each other.”

Kaoru smiled and gave Toshiya a soft kiss on his lips, catching the bassist off-guard. When Toshiya recovered, he began kissing Kaoru back and they shared a hot and passionate kiss as Kaoru pushed Toshiya onto the couch onto his back. As Kaoru started to take off Toshiya’s shirt, they were interrupted by the sound of a keitai ringing… Sighing, the both of them broke off the kiss.

“Ignore it?” Kaoru said pleadingly.

“It’s Kyo. He’s gonna throw another fit if I don’t answer.”

“Alright then…”

Smiling, Toshiya answered his keitai, only to be greeted by a screaming on the other line… “Get me pizza! I’m hungry! GET BACK NOW!”

Before Toshiya could even reply, Kyo had slammed down the phone. Sighing, Toshiya got up from the couch and tidied himself up, saying “He’s still throwing a tantrum, I’ll better go now.”

~ ~ ~

“And then he started screaming at me for breaking all that stupid crockery! How can he blame me when he was the one who banned us from using metal crockery in the studio!? I won’t be able to break the butter knife and fork so easily then!” Kyo said, pouting as he complained to the person on the other line.

“Well, you’re at fault too.”

“Humph! Ne, when are you going to quit that job? I miss you.”

“Soon, I should be able to leave in another 3 days’ time.”

“Hontou ni!? Yatta!!!! Ya sure you don’t want me to tell?”

“Nope, I want it to be a surprise.”

“Sou… Ah! I think Totchi’s back! I’ll better go. Talk to you soon! Jya ne!”

“Jya! And try to behave yourself tomorrow okay?”

“Hai hai… wakatta yo! Jya.” With that, Kyo hung up the phone and ran to meet Toshiya at the doorway.

“Tadaima! Who were you talking to just now?” Toshiya asked as he took off his high-heeled boots while handling the plastic bag containing their dinner to his house-mate.

“Okari. That’s a secret. What flavor did you buy?” Kyo said as he grabbed the bag and ran into the kitchen.


“Time for dinner!! Right, Totchi, did you bring any plastic crockery back?” Kyo shouted from the kitchen area.

“Yes I did.” Toshiya said, shaking his head at Kyo’s obsession for now.

“Good!” Kyo said as he stuffed a piece of pizza into his mouth and started to tear open the new bag of plastic fork and bag of plastic knives Toshiya brought back for him. He loved living with Toshiya, the guy reminded him soooo much of Shinya. They’re as feminine and as caring, only Shinya is more like a mother to him while Toshiya is more like a friend. Picking up the fork and knife, he ran into his room and took out the dummy as he started to experiment with the crockery again while Toshiya went into his room to take a shower…

~ ~ ~

Credits/words to say: Erm, hahaha, I know this is rather short, but erm, I thought it’s better to end off here. I still gotta study for my exams ne… **sigh** could mean that I can’t write for the next two weeks!? Erm, okie, nearly two weeks, though I’ll probably be stealing time off to write… hahaha! Erm, I was really surprised at the number of reviews I got when I checked the fic today… Thanks to all 8 of you who reviewed my fic! Arigatou gozaimasu! ^o^ ‘Coz my other fic erm, I don’t think anyone reads it? I’ve only got 3 reviews for that! Hahaha, and I figured it’s probably ‘coz I put J-Pop in? But whatever it is, I’m really happy that you guys liked the fic. I still have no idea where this will be going, so I’m actually writing it accordingly to my mood… hahaha! Eh, sorry about the Kaoru and Toshiya’s part… ^o^’ Maybe when I have more time, I’ll let them do some development from there? Hmm… once again, my mood comes into play… hahaha! Okie okie… hope you guys enjoyed the fic, and no prizes for guessing who Kyo was talking to. ^o~


to be continued

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