Love U4 Good: Chapter 5 ~I Love You~ Disclaimer by Jane:

This is TOTALLY made up, and I don't own any of the people mentioned, obviously... Terachi Shinya, Ando Daisuke and the rest of Dir en grey belongs to the record company of the J- Rock band.

Rating: G (think the rating will increase for the next chapter…)

Love U4 Good

Chapter 5 ~I love you~

Die sucked in a deep breath and gasped when the cold chilly air hit his lungs. Grinning at the effect of the air on him, he took out a cigarette and lit it before walking down the steps of the building. Shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his navy green jacket, he wandered off into the streets.

It’s been more than a month since Dir en grey has officially formed and every single day has been a kind of a mix between torture and happiness for Die. During practices, Die would be looking at Shinya, watching him play, watching him sit in the corner quietly in the corner during breaks while Kyo and Toshiya would be fighting for Shinya’s attention. Apparently, Toshiya was happy that someone else in the band could be as pretty as he is and he has officially declared that Shinya would be his “sister”, and the both of them will set out to be the prettiest members in Dir en grey. That made Shinya uncomfortable at first, but after sometime, Shinya has got used to it all, though Toshiya’s constant shopping and beauty sessions was a little too much to bear. As for Kyo, he was jealous that Toshiya has taken a liking to Shinya too and he kept demanding that Shinya was HIS, NOT Toshiya’s, even though Toshiya has been dragging Shinya out after practices while Kyo was sleeping or in the washroom, which always made the little devil swear that he’ll make Toshiya suffer when the bassist gets home. But Toshiya was always smart to be home after Kyo has fallen asleep and out of the house before the little devil gets up whenever they get into a “Shinya is mine!” fight and Toshiya emerges as the winner. Die wished that he could have Shinya all to himself for a day too, but that was impossible, since the drummer was already torn between Toshiya and Kyo. At times, Die would see Shinya glancing at him in the middle of Toshiya and Kyo’s fuss over the drummer and all Die could do was to flash him a huge grin. That never failed to make the drummer blush, but whenever Die tries to approach Shinya, the drummer would immediately start talking to whoever is near him, just to avoid Die. Die wondered if Shinya really hated him THAT much…

Sighing, Die walked along the snow-covered pathway. If only he knew where Shinya lives, but not even Kyo or Toshiya knows that…

~ ~ ~

Shinya yawned lazily and stretched himself before bending down to unleash Puppy. He had decided to dress like a normal teenager today. After Toshiya’s constant beauty sessions to make him look pretty, Shinya decided that on his off days, he would NEVER want to look like some doll again. That was why he hid his long auburn hair under a snowcap, with strands of his fringe falling out to frame his delicate face. He remembered what Die said at the train station, and he really didn’t want any guy bothering him today, so maybe without showing his long hair, no one would mistake him for a girl again! He was clad in a simple white brownish sweater along with a pair of worn-out jeans. Puffing out his breath and watching the mist formed in front of him, he giggled playfully and wrapped his arms around himself before jumping up and down a couple of times.

“Samui ne… kyo wa…” Shinya whispered to himself.

He smiled as he saw Puppy run up to another dog nearby excitedly. The owner of the other dog smiled and bowed to him politely. Shinya bowed back and then the girl unleashed her own dog before walking over to Shinya.

“Ohayo gozaimasu!”

“Ohayo gozaimasu.” Shinya smiled as he greeted the girl back.

“Sorry that Puppy is bothering your dog…”

“No, it’s okay, Miyoko loves company.” The girl said smiling sweetly at the drummer, making Shinya blush a little.

“Sou…” Shinya replied, trying to find something to say.

“Hai! So, what’s your name?”

“Terachi Shinya desu. And you are…”

“Akiko desu!”

“Ah, sou ka…”

~ ~ ~

“Majide!? Hontou ni!? Ha ha ha!”

Shinya couldn’t believe that he had soooo much to talk to Akiko. The both of them had been chatting for the past hour and he found out that they had a lot in common with each other. It was the first time Shinya could relate so well to another person. He had been a bubbly child when he was younger, but when he went into high school, he began to withdraw himself from the crowd. Shinya never did understand why he had changed that much, but he just didn’t like to be in the crowd. But Shinya really liked Akiko a lot, she seemed like the kind to bring laughter and happiness with her everywhere she goes.

“So, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Me?” Shinya blushed at the abrupt question. “No…”

“Ah, sou…”

~ ~ ~

Die thought he heard a familiar voice laughing when he was strolling in the park. He looked around him and saw a young couple chatting on the bench. Somehow, he found that boy very familiar, even though the person’s back was facing him. Suddenly, he heard a yipping and a little dog running towards him. Die looked at the dog wondering, then he recognized it.

“Puppy? Puppy!” Die shouted as Puppy ran straight into his arms.

Shinya looked behind him at the familiar voice and froze. ‘Why is he here…’

After cuddling Puppy for a second and putting the little dog down, Die stood up and walked over to where Shinya was sitting and smiled at the drummer’s companion.

“Konnichiwa! Ando Daisuke desu. So, Shinya, is this pretty lady here your girlfriend?” Die looked at Shinya, who was staring at his own hands. Die felt a huge surge of jealousy inside him, looking at Shinya, thinking of how happy the drummer was, chatting to the girl.

“Konnichiwa! Akiko desu!” Akiko smiled sweetly at the red-haired guy in front of her and Shinya.

Looking away from Shinya, Die forced a smile on his face and bowed slightly to the girl. Sensing that he wanted to talk to Shinya alone, Akiko stood up and said “It’s getting late, I’ll have to go back for lunch. See ya again someday, Shinya-kun.”

Shinya looked up at Akiko and smiled weakly saying “Hai, see you.”

“Nice to meet you, Daisuke-san.”

“Hai, nice to meet you too.”

“Sore jyaa ne!” Akiko said, picking up her dog and left Die alone with Shinya.

The both of them sat on the bench in silence for a long time, watching Puppy chase a butterfly around.

“Erm, that cap looks terrible on you.” Die said as he tried to break the awkward silence.

“Sou… well, you said for me to dress like a guy, so I did.”

“Ah, sou ka… I guess I still prefer to see you looking pretty…” Die whispered.


And the both of them fell silent again, staring at their own hands. Finally, Shinya decided that he couldn’t stand the tension any longer.

“I… I need to do my laundry. See you at prac…”

He was cut short of his words when Die grabbed his shoulders suddenly and pulled him into an embrace. Shinya was utterly stunned and even more so when Die spoke.

“I love you, Shin-Chan.”

Finally recovering from the shock, Shinya pushed Die away gently and looked away, trying to hide the tears that were falling down his pale cheeks.

“Do you know what you’re saying? It’s not funny, Die.”

“I mean it, Shinya!”

“No you don’t. You never meant anything you say. Why should you mean it now?”

“Are you crying?” Die said as he gently turned Shinya to face him. Wiping away Shinya’s tears, he looked into the drummer’s teary eyes and said, “I really do mean it this time, Shinya. I’ve always been in love with you, ever since day one.” Saying that, he pulled Shinya into his arms, hugging the drummer tightly.

Hesitantly, Shinya put his arms around Die sniffing as he said “Hontou ga?”

“Hontou desu.”

Smiling, Shinya laid his head on Die’s shoulder and for the first time in his life, he was able to enjoy the scent of the person he loved so much… the smell of Die’s cologne, mixed with a tinge of cigarette smell.

“Ne.” Shinya said after a while.


“You stink.”

“Hmm!?” Pulling himself away from Shinya, Die began sniffing himself. “Uso!”

Giggling, Shinya reached out and hugged the guitarist as he said “…of cigarettes. But I can put up with it for now.”

“Baka.” Die said as he reached up to stroke Shinya’s hair, only to touch the snowcap.



“Take the cap off, it’s in my way.”

Pouting, Shinya looked up and said “Nope. I like it.”

“Take it off.”

“Make me.”

“Sou…” Die said as he advanced towards Shinya, tickling the drummer.

~ ~ ~

Words: Erm, actually, I know this is short… hahaha, but my other part of the story doesn’t seem to fit into this chapter, so I’m putting it as Chapter 6… ^o^” So sorry for not writing for so long… I apologise for it? ^o^” Butz will be posting the next chapter soon? Either tomorrow or something… ‘coz I’m busy lately, so erm, quite little time to type. Although my exams are over, I’m now raising money to go to Taiwan in the middle of May, so erm, am busy trying to make money… ^o^” Got my friend to help me get some photos of Shinya in Japan yo, I do hope she manages to find some… And I bought Fool’s Mate the other day, ‘coz they were featuring Shinya together with Die and also Yoshiki’s concert in Korea! Ah, I wish I could be there to watch too! ;__; Anywayz, I hope you guys like this chapter. \^o^/ Actually, I’m thinking if I should end the story already… what do you guys think? Do give me your comments okay? Arigatou! ^o^


“Samui ne… Kyo wa…” – It means “It’s so cold today.”

“Majide!? Hontou ni!?” – It means “No way! Really!?”

“Hontou ga?” – It means “Really?” or “Do you mean it?”

“Hontou desu” – It means “Yes, it’s real.” Or “Yes, I mean it.”

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