Love U4 Good: Chapter 6 ~I Love You~ Disclaimer by Jane:

This is TOTALLY made up, and I don't own any of the people mentioned, obviously... Terachi Shinya, Ando Daisuke and the rest of Dir en grey belongs to the record company of the J- Rock band.

Rating: G (think the rating will increase for the next chapter…)

Love U4 Good

Chapter 6 ~The night before your birthday~

“Are you sure you don’t want us to celebrate for you?” Kaoru asked as he put his guitar into its case.

“Umm, nope. It’s okay.” Die replied.

“Why, ya going to the pub and get some girl back with you today?”

“Since when did our Kaoru-sama become such a busybody?” Die teased.

“Whatever. Fine then.” Kaoru said, shrugging.

“SHHHIIINNNYYAA!!!!! Let’s go shopping!” Toshiya said as he walked over to where Shinya was packing his stuff.

“Yeah, and I wanna go to the weapons store!” Kyo said excitedly as he ran over to Shinya too.

“Who said you were invited?” Toshiya said, pouting at Kyo.

“I wanna go!” Kyo insisted.

“Nope! We’re going to get clothes, not weapons!” Toshiya said, putting his arms on his waist, glaring at Kyo like a spoilt brat.

“Well, but I wanna go get weapons!”

“Then go yourself!”

“Okay, and Shinya’s coming WITH ME! Right, Shinya?” Kyo said, turning to Shinya, who just kept on packing his stuff.

“Oh yeah!? I WAS the one who asked him FIRST! Besides, Shinya would be MORE interested in clothes than stupid weapons!”

“My weapons are NOT stupid!”

“Yes they are!”

“Are NOT!”

“They ARE!”

“Break it up, guys!” Shinya said sighing at the sight of Kyo glaring up at Toshiya and the latter glaring down at the little blonde vocalist. Sometimes, he really wondered why the both of them can live together if they love to bicker so much.

“I’m not going anywhere with ANY one of you tonight. I’ve got something to attend to.” Shinya said calmly as he pulled the two guys apart.

“Hmm!? What is it!? Bring ME along!” Both Kyo and Toshiya said in unison.

“It’s a secret, and I’m NOT gonna bring any of you along. Anyway, I can’t go out with you guys tonight, so erm, make up and go with each other okay?” Shinya said, smiling sweetly at the both of them.

“I’M NOT GOING TO GO WITH HIM!” Both Kyo and Toshiya screamed into each other’s faces.

“Fine! If Shinya’s not going with me, I know WHO will!” Toshiya said pouting as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Who!?” Kyo asked.

Smirking, Toshiya turned around haughtily and marched over to where Kaoru and Die were packing their stuff, saying flirtatiously “Kao-kao! Will you go shopping with me today?”

Kaoru stood up immediately as he saw the blue-haired bassist walking towards him.

“Awww… Kao-kao… you’ll come with me won’t you?” Toshiya said as he slung an arm over the guitarist and started twirling with a strand of Kaoru’s purple hair.

“Ha…i…” Kaoru said, mesmerized.

Frowning, Kyo looked around and saw Die.

“Die…” Kyo started.

“Nope, forget it, Kyo, you know you can’t turn your charms on me. I’m busy tonight too. See ya!” Die said as he picked up his backpack and started out the door.

~ ~ ~

Die looked at the clock once again and tried to stop pacing around his apartment. Just then, the doorbell rang and Die flew over to his doorway and threw the door open.

“Shin-Chan!!!!!!” He shouted as Shinya stared at him in shock.

“Are you crazy, Die!? Everyone will hear you!” Shinya said in embarrassment and Puppy ran into the house immediately the moment Die opened the door.

“Daijoubu yo!” Die said, grinning at his beloved drummer.

“Don’t ever do that again next time. What if someone else is coming out from the lift or something, you’re gonna freak the person out.” Shinya said, frowning as he went into the house, handing the bags to Die.

“So what? Then let them hear.” Die said as he closed the door behind Shinya.

“Go put these in the kitchen first, I’ll be right over.” Shinya said, pointing to the bags of food as he took off his shoes.

Soon after changing into the house slippers that Die had bought for him specially, Shinya went to the kitchen and began unpacking the food out of the plastic bags.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help?” Die said as he encircled Shinya’s waist from behind and rested his chin on Shinya’s right shoulder, watching the drummer unpack all the things from the grocery bags.

“Hai, I can handle it. Just go and play with Puppy, before he decides to chew on another one of your precious magazines.”

“Then let him do it. I’ve put them all in the cupboard already.” Die said as he nuzzled Shinya’s neck.

Frowning, Shinya looked at the guitarist saying “Yamero yo! I can’t do things like that. C’mon, be good, go and play with Puppy okay? He misses you.”

“What about you, do you miss me?”

“I just saw you less than 2 hours ago during practice.” Shinya stated a- matter-of-factly.

“Aww, but I missed you already.” Die said, pouting.

Giggling, Shinya struggled out of Die’s embrace and looked at him saying, “Don’t be mushy. C’mon, go.”

“Lemme kiss you first?”


“I haven’t had the chance to do so ever since we were together… today’s a special day, won’t you grant my wish PLEASE!?” Die said desperately.

“Nope. Besides, you smell of cigarettes. How many times have I told you to quit smoking so much?”

“Hai hai…” Die said frowning as he walked out of the kitchen.

Shinya smiled as he looked at Die heading out of the kitchen. He knew how disappointed his koibito must be, but the time will come… He began washing the vegetables as he set out to make their dinner.

~ ~ ~

After their dinner, the two lovers snuggled up to each other on Die’s couch, with Shinya lying his head on Die’s chest, to watch a romantic movie that Die had rented because Shinya liked to watch romantic movies. Shinya looked up, saw that Die was dozing off and smiled. He looked down and saw Puppy sleeping at the bottom of the couch. Sighing contentedly, Shinya snuggled in closer to his boyfriend and yawned. Then, he sneaked a peek at the clock. 11:58p.m. 2 more minutes to go…

“Ne, Die, I’m sleepy.”

“Hmm?” Die stirred from his sleep and looked down sleepy at his lover. “Nani?”

“I said I’m sleepy.”

“So you wanna go home now?” Die said disappointedly.

“Nope, I’m too sleepy… I’ll sleep in your guestroom tonight?”

“Hmm? Okay…” Die said hesitantly.

“Go get the pillows for me will ya?”

“Alright…” Die said, turning off the TV and got up from the couch to get the pillows from the cupboard in his room.

Shinya looked at Die go into the room and smiled. He looked at the clock again thinking ‘1 more minute to go…’

Die dragged the pillows out from the top of his closet and almost jumped when he heard the door close.


20 more seconds…

Shinya walked over to where his boyfriend was standing and smiled. Before Die could react, Shinya wrapped his hands around the back of the guitarist’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Die was stunned. He can’t believe Shinya’s finally kissing him!

5 more seconds…

Shinya pulled back shyly and looked into Die’s eyes as the clock on Die’s table ticked on.


“Tanjoubi omedettou.” Shinya said, smiling at Die.

“Arigatou.” Die said, pulling Shinya close to him.

“Wanna have your present?”

“Hmm? What did you buy?”



Looking up at Die shyly, Shinya blushed as he said “I’m giving you… me.”

Die looked at Shinya in amazement, unable to believe what he just heard. Shinya had been rejecting his advances for the past few weeks they had been dating and now…

“Hontou?” Die said, uncertainly.

“Hontou desu.” Shinya said and he reached up to kiss Die, more passionately this time and started taking off Die’s shirt. Carrying the drummer up, Die put Shinya on his bed as he said, “Promise me, that you’ll always be mine. And mine alone from now till forever.”

Blushing, Shinya answered “Hai. I promise you.”

“I love you, Shin-Chan, from now till forever.”

“I love you too, Die, from now till forever.”

And with that, Die began kissing the drummer, making love to the person he loves the most in his whole life, finally.

~ ~ ~

Words/Afterthoughts: Erm, I don’t know if I should end the whole fic here, but I think even if I do, I’ll write an epilogue first too. ^o^ Should I end it here? What do you guys think? Hahaha! Eh, I really don’t know… I guess I don’t really wanna make this a lemon? Hahaha! I get really uncomfortable writing lemons… ^o^” Maybe if I get used to it in the future, I’ll try!? Though I wrote one for my Takkitsuba fic… Am so sleepy now though… **yawns** Oh, and THANKS to everyone who wished me good luck for my exams! I really appreciate all your blessings! ^o^ Arigatou gozaimasu! ^o~

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