Love U4 Good: Chapter 7 Epilogue ~Romantic Time~ Disclaimer by Jane:

Disclaimer by Jane:

This is TOTALLY made up, and I don't own any of the people mentioned, obviously... Terachi Shinya, Ando Daisuke and the rest of Dir en grey belongs to the record company of the J- Rock band.

Rating: PG 13

Love U4 Good

Epilogue ~Romantic Time~

Die yawned and stretched lazily. He hated coming on band holidays… Especially since Shinya was so near yet so far. Rubbing his eyes, he turned to look at Kaoru who was still sleeping on the other bed, hugging a pillow tightly, murmuring the name of a certain bassist every now and then. Die snickered at how lovesick his best friend was. Toshiya kept having Kaoru yearn for him, yet he did not exactly let Kaoru have him. Sometimes, Die felt sorry for Kaoru, but he guessed that he couldn’t exactly be such a busybody either. It was obvious that Toshiya had a thing going for Kaoru too, yet Die didn’t understand why the bassist was still keeping Kaoru at length.

Looking up at the ceiling, Die wondered how Shinya was doing in the other room. He and Shinya never did let the band members know about their relationship, because Shinya was afraid that it might affect the band. Die was fine with it all, as long as he got to have Shinya all to himself after practices. Kaoru had been asking him why he’s never free after practices these days and Die had to come up with all sorts of excuses to cover up his tracks. But the worst thing was that, during band outings or band holidays, he can NEVER touch Shinya. It only makes things worse that he can’t even PRETEND to want to share a room with Shinya ‘coz Shinya already had his hands full with Toshiya and Kyo fighting to room with him. So Die had to be stuck with Kaoru. Not that he didn’t like to be with Kaoru, the other man was the best friend he’s ever had, but still, he preferred to be with Shinya for obvious reasons.

Dragging himself to the washroom, Die decided to check if Shinya was up. Maybe he could steal some time to have breakfast with his beloved princess before everyone else was up.

~ ~ ~

“Who’s there?” Shinya said as he went to open the door.

“Die! What are you doing here!?” Shinya hissed when he saw Die standing outside the door.

“Are the rest awake?” Die asked causally.

“Nope, the both of them were too tired from arguing last night, so they’re still sleeping.” Shinya said, looking over to see Toshiya’s hand over Kyo’s face and Kyo’s leg over Toshiya’s stomach in the double bed they shared.

“Sou.” Die said, snickering.

“What are you doing up at this time? It’s still really early.” Shinya said as he let Die into their room and picked up a brush to brush his lovely auburn hair. Shinya had it cut short sometime ago ‘coz it was starting to have split-ends. Die liked the new look Shinya had, though Toshiya was horrified by it. He almost burst out crying when he saw Shinya’s short hair, saying that he can’t doll Shinya up to be as beautiful as princess again without his beautiful hair. For that, Kaoru had to comfort him for a whole day before he recovered, making Shinya feel really bad about it all. But that still didn’t stop Toshiya from trying to dress him up after he got over Shinya’s loss of hair…. Like what Kaoru told him, “There’s still hair extensions you can use!”

“I was thinking, if you wanted breakfast.” Die said as he went up to Shinya and hugged his lover from behind.

“Ya better not get too close, or you’re gonna freak the both of them out when they wake up.” Shinya said, giggling as he tried to struggle out of Die’s embrace.

Tightening his hold on Shinya, Die pouted as he said “Then let them know.”

“Well, lemme go, I gotta change if you want me to go for breakfast with you.” Shinya said, lightly slapping Die’s arms.

Frowning, Die reluctantly let go of Shinya and watched as the drummer picked up a T-shirt and a pair of jeans before disappeared into the bathroom. After Shinya closed the door, Die went over to the bed where Toshiya and Kyo were sleeping and snickered as he thought of a way to play a prank on those two.

“The both of you are taking way too much of my Shinya’s time… Now, how should I punish the both of you…” Die whispered as he looked at their sleeping form.

~ ~ ~

“Alright, let’s go.” Shinya said as he put on a cap and went to the door.

“Hai, I’m coming!” Die said as he rushed to the door to join his beloved.

~ ~ ~

Toshiya yawned and tried to stretch when he realized that he couldn’t move. He opened his eyes and looked around frantically, only to see Kyo and his legs bound together with their T-Shirts and their arms were also bound to each other. Panicking, he looked around the room to see everything still in order as yesterday before he slept. He screamed for Shinya, but got no response, making him panick as he came up with dreadful thoughts of the drummer being kidnapped and tortured by unknown people.

“Would you please shut up!?” Kyo said irritated at Toshiya’s screaming only to start screaming his own lungs out when he found out that he was being bound up.

“Shut up!” Toshiya said as he looked into Kyo’s face and Kyo looked into his.

“WAAAA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” The both of them burst out laughing hysterically at the same time.

“WHAT HAPPENED!?” Kaoru said as he rushed into their hotel room with the spare key Shinya had put on their dressing table with a note before he left for breakfast with Die, after hearing Toshiya’s scream from the room he shared with Die.

“Kao-kao! Save me!!!!” Toshiya screamed as he heard Kaoru’s voice.

Kaoru rushed over to the bed and started laughing when he saw their faces. Toshiya had his cheeks drawn with huge pinkish circles with lipstick and Kyo had both his eyes drawn. And the both of them had patterns drawn on their faces that made them look like two clowns, especially since the both of them had their hair sticking out from all over the place. Finally able to stop his laughter after Toshiya threatened to ignore him for the next 2 months, Kaoru untied the two screaming band mates.

“I’M GONNA KILL WHOEVER DID THIS TO ME!!!” Toshiya screamed as he angrily tried to rub off the lipstick marks on his face.

“Do you think it’s Shinya?” Kyo said as he cleaned his own face up.

“No! Shinya won’t play such a prank on us! And that’s my FAVOURITE lipstick!” Toshiya said, bursting into tears as he leaned into Kaoru’s embrace.

“Oh, shut up and stop crying.” Kyo said irritated as he looked at Toshiya acting all spoilt to Kaoru as their leader-sama tried to comfort the bassist.

Suddenly, Toshiya jerked up as he screamed “ONLY ONE PERSON WOULD DO SUCH A THING! ANDO DAISUKE, I’M GONNA GET YOU!!!”

~ ~ ~

Die sneezed after he put down his cup of tea.

“Daijoubu desu ka? Did you catch a cold?” Shinya asked worriedly as he looked at his lover rub his nose.

“Daijoubu desu. I wonder if someone is scolding me.” Die said as he sniffed and continued eating his breakfast.

“Ne, wanna go to the beach after this, Shin-Chan?”

“Sure, but better get the others along too.” Shinya said as he put a piece of egg delicately into his mouth.

“Sou…” Die said as he tried to contain his snickering when he remembered what he did to Toshiya and Kyo. He wondered if they’ve woken up and what would their reactions be…


“Hmm?” Die said, startled out of his thoughts.

“What were you thinking?” Shinya said curiously.

“No….nothing.” Die said as he smiled at his lover innocently.

“Nope, you must be up to something.” Shinya said, frowning.

“Well, believe me, Shin-Chan, there’s nothing.” Die said, trying to assure his lover that nothing was wrong.


Shinya and Die, along with everyone else in the restaurant turned their heads to the entrance of the restaurant to see an angry blue-head beauty storming towards their table.

“Uh-oh…” Die said as he saw the look on Toshiya.

“Toshiya…” Shinya said as he looked at Toshiya worriedly.

“Shinya! Why didn’t you stop him?” Toshiya said frowning at Shinya.

“What?” Shinya asked, confused.

“He bound me and Kyo up together and drew on our faces with my favourite lipstick!!” Toshiya said angrily as he pointed an accusing finger at Die.

“He what!?” Shinya said in shock.

Die burst out laughing and Shinya started glaring at his boyfriend.

“Wa!!!! I wanna kill him!!!!” Kyo said as he jumped onto Die from behind Toshiya.

“No! Kyo-kun! Get off him!” Shinya said as he tried to pull the little devil off Die while Die was too busy laughing.

“Why are you helping him, Shinya?” Toshiya said frowning as he held onto Kaoru’s arm.

“I… er…” Shinya said as he looked down guiltily.

“That’s ‘coz Shinya’s nice.” Die said after recovering from the laughter and he picked Kyo up from his collar and dropped the little devil onto the floor.

“Ittai!” Kyo said as he got up from the floor, rubbing his butt.

“Ne, are you guys going out?” Toshiya eyed Die and Shinya suspiciously as Shinya kept looking at his own shoes.

“Shin-Chan?” Toshiya repeated as he looked at Shinya.

“Ha…hai…” Shinya said finally. Then he looked up and walked over to Die, holding his arm as he said “I’m to sorry for keeping it from you guys for so long… We didn’t mean to do it.”

“Hontou ni!?” the rest of the members of the band exclaimed, unaware that the whole restaurant was staring at them.

“YATTA!!!!” Kyo and Toshiya said at the same time as they started to rush over to hug Shinya.

“Huh?” Shinya looked up in surprise. He thought everyone would be angry at them, but instead, the three members of the band seemed to be really happy for him and Die.

“Omedetto!” Kaoru said, slapping Die’s back.

“Hey! Move over!”

“You move over!” Toshiya said, shoving Kyo away from Shinya.

“You!” Kyo said as he picked himself up from the floor again and started pulling Toshiya away from Shinya.

Shinya, Die and Kaoru sighed as they watched the two loggerheads fight again in the restaurant… Somehow, they were glad that they were in LA where no one would recognize them.

~ ~ ~

“Die, go and sleep over at your side.” Shinya said as he tried to persuade Die to go back to his own bed since he felt that he was going to fall out of his single bed soon with Die sleeping with him there. Kaoru had swapped rooms with Shinya after the members learnt of their relationship. Toshiya had said that it’s only right that Shinya sleeps with his prince and that the three of them shall share the other room. Die was ecstatic about it and he heaved all of Shinya’s belongings into the room he and Kaoru shared within minutes.

“But I wanna sleep with you.” Die said pouting.

“But the bed is too small.” Shinya said, looking up at Die who was hugging him tightly.

“Then you’ll sleep on top of me!” Die said as he swiftly lifted the drummer up and Shinya found himself lying on his stomach on Die’s stomach.

“Baka!” Shinya said blushing as he laid onto Die’s chest.

“Hahaha, but you love me.” Die said, laughing.

“Stop your nonsense.” Shinya said shyly, lightly hitting Die’s chest.

“Ne, Shin-Chan.”


“Kekkon sho.”

Shinya froze at that.

Sliently, Die picked up Shinya’s hand and slipped a band around Shinya’s finger and hugged Shinya tightly, as the drummer began to cry.

“Ne, promise me?” Die said softly as he stroked Shinya’s hair lovingly as Shinya’s tears wet his shirt.

“H…how?” Shinya said softly as he looked at the ring.

“We will do it. Even if law doesn’t recognize it. Who cares about the freaking law anyway? The others can be our witnesses.” Die said as he looked into the ceiling.

“Sou…” Shinya said as he wiped his tears from his eyes.

“Marry me, Shinya, please say yes?” Die said again, looking down into Shinya’s eyes.

“Hai.” Shinya said, smiling at the guitarist, his eyes full of love.

“Yatta…” Die said as he hugged Shinya tighter feeling the drummer’s warmth on his own body.

“Aishiteru.” Die whispered softly as he watched Shinya close his eyes to sleep.

“Aishiteru…” Shinya replied in his sleep as his mouth curved into a smile.


~ ~ ~

Words/Credits: Erm, first off, thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed this fic. ^o^ Arigatou gozaimasu! I really appreciate it. I’m sorry this is a crappy epilogue… ^o^” But still, I hope all of you liked it. Thanks for all the suggestions and comments you guys have given me and I’ve finally completed a fic! ^o^ Will be concentrating on my other fics now… So that’s all for this one. Maybe when I’ve completed “Love is When…”, I might continue to write a part 2 of this on KaoruXToshiya or something? Hahaha! Anywayz, thanks for all your support and DieXShinya forever yo! ^o^ Oh, yeah, BTW, I’ve seen the [KR]Cube PV! Die’s soooo kakkoii na… **SIGH** but there’s too little Shinya… :p

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