jennifier-a spider's scheme


FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.

Author's notes: Thanks for all the encouragement you guys have given ^^ 
Hopefully, this story turns out the way it was intended to be... the 
theme is more or less dark, as you can see from the first POV I did. But 
this story is not really a romance-filled story. Not in my opinion, and 
I'm known to write some really terribly mushy stuff. Okay, _almost_ 
terribly mushy stuff. Can't fault me when the fact is I'm a romantic by 
nature[but I just don't like writing pure romance]. Damn... I got to quit 
my habit of blabbering... I'm not even making sense now.

Disclaimers: All characters inside do not belong to me... [No! Kirito! 
Don't kill me! I know Aiji is yours!] but I really don't mind having 
Jun. Ne? *raises catnip with an evil grin*

Date started: 281001


You have stolen my fragile heart
[a hole in the chest where the spider resides]

Part I.II:


I knew back then that he was seducing me... and I followed. Blindly... 
like a moth to the flame. I am drawn to him, because he is so 
irresistible. Drawn by his actions, drawn by his voice, drawn by the soul 
peering out at me from behind that pair of shuttered eyes.

He has never opened up his heart to anyone, but he's doing that now... 
Opening up his heart to me. For that... I am very grateful.

Grateful because he actually feels that I'm good enough to have a piece 
of his soul.

Kirito... do you know that you own my heart totally? Should you ever 
ask, I will give my heart to you willingly. I'll even sacrifice my soul 
just to be with you... Because, I can see that gentleness in your eyes. 
It seems to tell me 'Only you can understand me...'

Hopefully... it will always be only me.

I love you so much, Kirito... please don't ever betray me. Please don't 
turn your gentleness into cruelty. Please don't hurt me.

I can see the underlying danger, like how the moth can see the danger 
of being drawn by the flame, yet I can't resist. Towards you... I can 
never resist. I want to be engulf by that flame of yours totally. Burnt 
by you, because that is the only resolution I can see.

Even if you want to kill me, I will allow it.

Take my heart. Take my dreams. Take everything.

My everything.


... I only want to stay like this forever.

A butterfly struggling in the spider's web.
A lone human caught by your dark intentions.

A butterfly that flies into the spider's embrace knowing that... will never leave the web alive.

End: Part I.II

Date completed: 281001
Last revised: 281001

After notes: Hehehe... at the rate I'm going, this story will never end 
^^; Ah... next part will lapse into the main story, so there'll be no 
more POVs ^^; I know that this doesn't really sound like Aiji in the 
right state of mind, yet I'm not him so I can't exactly tell you what he's 
like in the right state of mind... *scratches head* Uh, to put it 
basically, I think I've gone OOC?

~to be continued~

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