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FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.

Disclaimers: All characters inside do not belong to me... [No! Kirito! 
Don't kill me! I know Aiji is yours!] but I really don't mind having 
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Date started: 281001


Who has wrecked the beauty in my palm?
[a butterfly lying crumpled on the ground]

Part I.III:

The sound of a body hitting the ground was all too familiar to Kirito, 
as he laid on the road two metres away from the wreckage, his face 
expressionless. It was so surreal that he had to make sure he was not 
dreaming... These type of things never happened to him before... it 
shouldn't. Not to him, not to Aiji...

As much as he wanted to deny what his eyes acknowledged, Aiji was a 
crumpled heap lying in front of him, his blood slowly seeping onto the 
road to spread in a ghastly looking pool of red surrounding him.

*Aiji...* As he stumbled to stand up on his shaky legs, Kirito 
struggled through the mass of onlookers to reach the guitarist, who had been 
eerily still since he was flung onto the road. "Aiji..."

Just as Kirito reached Aiji -while stretching out his arm in a painful 
attempt to hold Aiji's hand- someone dragged him back from the 
unconscious man. Kirito gave a small cry of despair before collapsing against 
the stranger holding him, boneless. Words drifted into his ears but he 
could make no sense of them; his situation so twisted that he no longer 
believed that he was still awake and not in some horrible nightmare he 
couldn't wake up from.

"...don't know... what is broken..."

"Let me..." Kirito gasped as a throbbing pain started in the right side 
of his chest and he bit his own lip hard to stop himself from crying 
out. His arm twisted painfully under the stranger's grip and he knew that 
something was broken inside. He could already feel blood dripping down 
from his injured right hand, but he ignored it. The coppery taste of 
blood filled his mouth when his lip tore under the harsh treatment from 
his teeth. "Let me go..."

The vocalist tried to shrug free of the man holding him, but he was too 
weak and his arm hurt terribly. It was as though all his muscles -those 
that were not screaming in pain- had turned into mush and he could do 
nothing but watch helplessly as the medics came along and took Aiji 

"Aiji..." Kirito cried out weakly, trying hard to move forward, but the 
stranger's grip on his arms were death-like. "Aiji!"

Right before the sky closed in on him, Kirito could feel something wet 
spilling down his cheeks.

*Even the sky is crying...*

The smell of blood was pungent and it filled it air; Kirito's vision 
swam in red. As he slowly went slack in the stranger's arms, he reached 
out with a trembling hand in a futile attempt to reach the guitarist, 
who has already been carried into the ambulance.


*Don't take my butterfly away from me...*

End: Part I.III

Date completed: 031101
Last revised: 03112001

~to be continued~

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