jennifier-a spider's scheme


FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.

Author's notes: I really really really couldn't resist it. I know that 
I should be studying for my exams and the blah, but I want to write 
this. Very badly >< My characterisation of Kirito might be totally wrong, 
but that's how I perceive him to be hehehe... okay, I'll stop rambling 
and let you guys continue with the fic ^^

Disclaimers: All characters inside do not belong to me... [No! Kirito! 
Don't kill me! I know Aiji is yours!] but I really don't mind having 
Jun. Ne? *raises catnip with an evil grin*

Date started: 010601

I will spin a web-- just to catch you...
[a dreaming butterfly tangled within silken strands]

Part I.I:


Like the dreaming butterfly which realises its own mistake too late, he 
is caught. Totally caught in the trap I have set out for him. Maybe... 
it doesn't seem very important now, but it will soon be...

I wonder how he can believe me... and all my lies...

I can't love. 

But I know he can... and all I want to see is the beautiful butterfly 
whose iridescence wings are caught and dulled by the spider's web.

He's my butterfly.

The most beautiful butterfly I've ever caught. I will love to show him 
to Okaasan, but I think she may stop me from my game. Okaasan always 
knows what I do with the butterflies I caught. She simply never wanted to 
confirm with me... whether those ripped up insects in our backyard are 
done by me. Mothers can be so protective ne... to the point where they 
almost forget that their child is no longer an innocent but an adult 
who has a mind of his own. Kohta can stay as my mother's favourite 
forever... I don't care. I only want to do what I want.

I know that this will damage the band. I should have picked someone 
from outside my band to do this... but I simply can't resist. He's too 
beautiful. To the point where I'm willing to break him, just to see if he 
can cry. He can't keep that innocent and beautiful facade forever.

I'll shatter him.

But I won't harm my band, of course. Never. That is another dream I've 
crafted slowly with my hands... with their help. That is another web I 
have laid down for innocent people who think that they understand what 
I'm saying. Or people who assume that they understand what I'm 
saying... Either way, they are always on the losing end.

Who says that one can't stay as a winner forever, Okaasan?

I am... and I will always be.

I may not be able to love, but I can mimic it. I can fool him. Lead him 
on a little merry-go-round with my games.

Ah, Aiji...

Do you know what you have just walked into?

I know that I really shouldn't hurt you, but-

-I can't resist the temptation. Your temmptation. Beautiful, beautiful 

The butterfly which flutters in its cage, thinking that it's free.

My butterfly.

End: Part I.I

Date completed: 231001
Last revised: 231001

After notes: Too short? Ah, but this type of story needs suspense... I 

~to be continued~

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