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Date started: 031001

Now who is the predator and who is the prey?
[a spider gingerly walking across the web]

Part II.I:

Kirito opened his eyes and stared at the whitewash ceiling for several 
moments, before he realised that the rest of Pierrot were standing 
around his bed, hovering worriedly over him. "Oniisan..." Kohta began, a 
worried look on his face.

"How do you feel now?"

The vocalist breathed in deeply, then hissed when a sharp pain stabbed 
through the right side of his chest. He noted that his right arm 
throbbed with a dull pain, it was as if someone had tried to cut off the 
circulation in his forearm and all the blood was trying to squeeze through 
from his shoulder to  the rest of his arm. "Like shit."

"As long as you're alive... that's all that matters..." Jun murmured 
softly from where he was standing beside Kohta. He gripped the bassist's 
hand tightly, and Kirito noted, with a dry chuckle in his mind, that 
Kohta was holding the guitarist's hand just as tightly. If their mother 
was to find out that their remaining son was also gay, she would 
probably die of cerebral haemorrhage.

"Where's Aiji?" The vocalist suddenly remembered the reason to why he 
was lying on a hospital bed. But his was eerily calm; it was almost as 
if he was inquiring about the weather and not his boyfriend, who 
happened to be injured very badly in the accident.

"He's in the ICU now." Takeo spoke from where he was standing on other 
side of Kirito's bed. "The doctor said that he sustained several severe 
injuries, so they want to keep an eye on him  to monitor his 

Kirito sat up abruptly, and regretted the action when his ribs 
protested. "I want to see him."

"Wait-" Jun reached forward to stop Kirito but the look the vocalist 
shot him froze him to the spot.

"I am going to see him." The rest of Pierrot could only watch 
helplessly as Kirito shuffled out of the room quietly, an unreadable look in his 

Kohta closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Since he was a kid, he could 
never understand his brother. Eccentricity seemed to be what Kirito was 
made of, and even his parents acknowledged the fact that their elder 
son was not normal. At least, he wasn't insane. Oh, Kirito was very sane. 
Too sane, in fact. And it always unnerved him when he gave people those 
cold looks which seemed to say that he didn't think very highly of the 
human population in general. It was difficult to even think of him as 
human to begin with.

After all, nobody had ever really understood how Kirito functioned, 
except for Aiji...

Or maybe even Aiji himself was in the dark about Kirito.

Meanwhile, Kirito had arrived at the ICU and was standing outside 
Aiji's ward with a guarded expression on his face. There was no way to tell 
what was actually going through his head by simply looking at him.

"Aiji..." Kirito whispered softly, pressing the palm of his bandaged 
right hand against the glass. Beyond the glass pane, Aiji laid on the 
hospital bed, hooked up to several tubes and a respirator. His chest rose 
and fell artificially in rhythm with the pump, just as the EEG next to 
him beeped softly. The deceiving look of sleep on his face made Kirito 
want to reach over and wrench out all the tubes connect to him just to 
see him gasp for life. Yet, Kirito's face was still a mask of calm. 
With the expression on his face, he might as well be gazing out of a 

The hand pressing against the glass seemed to push even harder, and 
blood seeped out to stain the white bandage when his wound opened again. A 
tear fell from Kirito's eye, but the vocalist was unaware of it.

*My butterfly...*

End: Part II.I

Date completed: 031101
Last revised: 101101

~to be continued~

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