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Date started: 031001

I can feel that fear slowly seeping out
[black within redness; brilliant among white]

Part II.III:

Aiji opened his eyes slowly, and was glad to be greeted by the 
sight of Kirito, who was watching him by the side of his bed 
quietly. It was as though he was having a really long nap, and 
the world outside had somehow stopped while he was doing so.

"Kiri..." Aiji reached out to hold the vocalist's hand, and 
Kirito took it, his face still an expressionless mask. "Have you 
been waiting for long?"


"I'm sorry..."

Kirito shook his head. "It has been three months."

Aiji wanted to sit up, but his body's condition forbade him to do 
so and he fell back onto his bed, jerking Kirito's arm. "Three... 


Aiji closed his eyes but Kirito's grip on his hand tightened, and 
his turned to glance at the latter, confused. "Kiri... what's the 

"Don't ever do this again."

Aiji bowed his head with a small smile. "Sorry..."

Kirito then dropped Aiji's hand, standing up quickly. "I'll call 
in the doctor."

Aiji reached over to catch hold of Kirito's hand again, his eyes 
pleading. "Please don't leave my side."

Kirito nodded his head, then went out. Moments later, he 
returned, followed by the doctor and a couple of nurses. The 
doctor smiled at Aiji warmly, then checked his pulse and 
temperature. "I'm glad to see that you woke up... Murata-san has 
been coming here everyday to watch you in your sleep."

Aiji blushed.

"Well, after the papers are done, we'll discharge you. You are 
fit enough to go home straightaway actually..."

Bowing slightly, Kirito followed the doctor out to help Aiji sign 
the papers. Just as Kirito left the room, Aiji's brother rushed 
in, a worried look on his face. "Aiji! Do you know that you 
scared Okaasan and Otousan so badly?"

Aiji managed a weak smile. "I'm okay... Hey, I'm still in one 
piece, right?"

"Don't do this ever again!" His brother chided softly, then bowed 
and stepped back when Kirito appeared behind him. Aiji knew that 
Kirito unnerved his brother, but the latter was polite enough to 
not mention it before the vocalist.

"I'll be bringing him home." Kirito spoke softly from where he 
stood, and Aiji's brother bowed gratefully.

"Thank you so much for taking care of him for the past three 

"Iya. It's nothing." With that, Kirito helped Aiji off the bed to 
the bathroom, where he was handed a set of clothes to change. 
Aiji was still a little weak, so Kirito entered the bathroom to 
help him change. The moment the door closed, Aiji reached forward 
to hold Kirito in a tight embrace, tears falling from his eyes.

"I was so afraid that you would die then..." Aiji sobbed softly, 
even as Kirito stroked his hair gently. "So afraid..."

"Shh..." The vocalist hushed Aiji quietly, then pushed him away 
slowly. "Change first. We'll talk later."

The guitarist reached forward to kiss Kirito, pulling his face 
close as their lips met in near desperation. Aiji was surprised 
to note that something was different about the way Kirito kissed 
him now. It felt as though... though the guitarist really loved him.

When they pulled apart, Kirito only held Aiji close and the 
guitarist let him, a sweet sort of happiness swelling within his 

"Don't ever leave my side again, Aiji..."

End: Part II.III

Date completed: 031101
Last revised: 171101

~to be continued~

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