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FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.

please don't leave me alone in the dark...
[a butterfly struggling in an abandoned web]

Part III.II:

"Kiri..." Aiji looped his arms around his boyfriend, who was 
dozing on the couch outside the room. "When did you leave the 

Kirito opened his eyes slowly but he didn't look at Aiji. He 
stood up abruptly, shrugging off the guitarist's arms and turning 
around to face him. Aiji watched on quietly, waiting for Kirito 
to answer.

"Yesterday night." He moved away from the couch to enter the 
bedroom, and Aiji followed him, puzzled. When Kirito started 
picking up his wallet and keitai, Aiji reached out and held his 

"Where are you going?"


"Why... what happened?"

Kirito watched Aiji's hand resting on his, a frown marring his 
smooth brow.

"Nothing. I'm tired."

It was then that Aiji noticed his bandaged right hand. "When... 
when did you injure yourself again?"

Kirito took his hand away from Aiji and watched him in silence. 
The other's face was filled with panic and worry, and the 
vocalist felt an odd feeling of satisfaction at that.

"Yesterday night." Then the vocalist turned and left the room, 
the guitarist following him quickly.

"Matte! What exactly happened, Kiri...?"

Kirito paused, then contemplated whether he should give Aiji the 
devastating news now or later. He decided on the former.

"Let's stop dating."

"Wha.. What?"

"I'm no longer interested in you, Aiji." Kirito's words cut 
through the guitarist like sharp knives, slicing him into little 
wisps as he fancied that he was slowly unravelling into ribbons.

"No..." A strangled gasp.

"I'm sorry." Kirito bowed gracefully. "It has been enjoyable..."

"Why...?" Aiji started crying then, feeling wretched for doing so 
at the same time. "Why now...?"

"Because I'm already tired with this game."


Kirito blinked slowly, like a cat, then crouch down beside Aiji 
on the floor, leaning in close to whisper into the latter's ear. 
"A game... of the spider and the butterfly. I'm the spider, you 
are the butterfly. Now that the butterfly is caught and about to 
die, of course the spider loses interest."

Aiji shivered.

"You are just a toy to me, Aiji... like the butterfly the spider 
toys with."

The guitarist squeezed his eyes shut, willing the tears to stay 
away. But he couldn't stop the sounds of anguish from escaping 
his throat, and he sat on the floor of the living room, his arms 
wrapped around himself tight as he trembled with the exertion of 
controlling his tears and his cries.

"Just a toy."

"I've never loved you."

Kirito stood up then, walking towards the door.

"I can't love..."

"...that's why I never said 'I love you'."

"Because I don't love you."


As the door clicked shut behind him, Aiji bit his lower lip and 
cried into his arms, feeling his tears soak into the long 


"Don't do this to me..."

"Please don't do this to me..." 

And the world around the guitarist began to spin crazily as he 
collapsed onto the floor, unconscious.

Five hours later, Aiji stood up from where he laid on the floor, 
wiping remnants of any tears off his face. His eyes hardened 
under the harsh fluorescent lights and a sneer started to spread 
across his lips.

"I'll never forgive you, Kirito."

End: Part III.II

Date completed: 101101
Last revised: 241101

~to be continued~

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