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Date started: 151001

I will hurt you to hurt myself
[tangled strands; twisted wings; broken shadows]


Band practice went on as usual the moment both guitarist and
vocalist had recovered from their injuries, but Kohta couldn't
help noticing that there was something wrong today. Not that
anything was really wrong with his brother, because he was just
like his usual self, detached and expressionless. It seemed as
though that he was more interested in work today than in anything
else, and the intensity that he worked with was scary. Aiji, on
the other hand, was eerily quiet. It was as though he had gone
through some character change and suddenly decided that
blabbering when he was feeling unhappy was not something he
usually did. It was obvious that Aiji was unhappy, but he was
almost like a mirror image of Kirito: cold and emotionless.

"Kohta..." Jun came over to Kohta's side of the studio, a worried
look on his face. "Aiji..."

"I know," Kohta murmured, taking Jun's hand between his and
tracing the veins on it gently. "Maybe something happened between
him and Oniisan... I really don't know."

Jun bit his lip, then reached up to caress Kohta's face with a
small smile. "Gambatte."


Takeo watched Kirito closely. Although he didn't seem very much
different from usual, there was a certain tensed feeling about
him, like he was holding back from doing certain things. Aiji, on
the other hand, seemed as though he had just gone through some
sort of character assassination. He was quiet and moody, fiddling
with his guitar in the corner of the studio with a vacant look.
At times, Takeo would catch him raising his head to shoot a
venomous look at Kirito, which looked so out of place with the
guitarist's usual facial expressions. Something was not right. It
was a very subtle kind of feeling, and if you weren't observant,
you might probably miss it or dismiss it as a couple's tiff.

But this was no couple's tiff.

There was only one emotion in Aiji's eyes when he looked at

It was hate.

When practice was over, the various members disappeared from the
studio, leaving Kirito and Aiji alone in the too big and too
quiet place. Kirito could almost hear Aiji's heart beat,
painfully slow and steady. He felt like ripping it out to make it
beat faster, because his own heartbeat sounded too fast to
himself. Too rapid. Too agitated. He was not a happy person now.

"Kirito." Aiji spoke softly, putting down his guitar case. "We
need to talk."

Kirito blinked, then turned around to face Aiji with the same
expressionless face he had been wearing the whole day. It was at
this point where he wondered why did Aiji choose to love him. It
wasn't as though he was a very affectionate person, or someone
who had the ability to show care and concern for others. In fact,
his own personality was so aloof, he knew that it turned people
off more often than not. Whenever people talked to Kirito, they
felt as though they were facing a statue and not a human being.


Aiji smiled, then approached the vocalist, but his smile held
nothing but contempt. He was playing with a dagger, passing it
back and forth between his two hands, but Kirito didn't take any
heed. Aiji pressed the dagger against this own cheek, then licked
the blade slowly. It was such a strange and uncharacteristic
action that Kirito stopped and stared at him.

Satisfied that he had the vocalist's attention captured, Aiji
started talking, and this time, he pressed the cold blade of the
dagger to Kirito's face, dragging it back and forth against the
smooth cheek. The vocalist didn't even flinch.

"You are so pathetic, do you know that Kirito?" Aiji paused,
watching the other man. There was nothing. "I hate you for
everything you represent."

The vocalist remained silent, watching the talking guitarist with
an empty look on his face. He didn't seem to acknowledge the
dagger which was being stroked against his face gently like a
lover's caress.

"You have hurt him too deeply, do you know that? He won't return

"What?" Confusion. It was the first sign of the vocalist having
listened to the other man.

"Aiji will not return again." Aiji continued to smirk at Kirito,
the look on his face so disconcerting that Kirito felt like
ripping his face off. That wasn't the Aiji he knew. "In case you
didn't know... actually, I think all of you didn't know about

Aiji tilted his head to one side, then seemed to think about
something for a moment, his hands' motion stopping. "Aiji has a
rather complicated medical history which I think even he doesn't
know. I've been around as long as he has been around, and because
of his belief that he's really sane, well, let's just say that
I've not surfaced for a long time since he was ten. But you had
hurt him too badly, Kirito. Now he won't return again, because it
was too painful for him. He really... loved you. And you simply
treated him as a toy."

Aiji shook his head with a soft sigh. "I'm just here to finish my

With that, Aiji spun the dagger in his right hand and buried it
in Kirito's chest before the latter could even blink. The ease at
which he completed the action made Kirito almost unable to
believe his own eyes. Aiji smirked. This was simply too easy.

"Wait..." Kirito could feel the blood bubbling in his punctured
lung, and a searing pain started in the left lung which was
dangerously close to his still beating heart. "I..."

"Don't understand?" Aiji laughed then, his voice chilling.
"Goodbye, Kirito. Aiji no longer exist. I am him. I am Aiji."

Kirito collapsed onto the floor of the studio, his fingers
digging futilely into the floor as blood started to flow at an
alarming fast rate. He coughed, and blood gushed out from his
mouth, dribbling down the side of his chin and staining his white
shirt crimson. Aiji watched him for a moment longer, then left,
turning on his heels sharply.

Right before the door closed, Kirito managed to gasp out what he
wanted to say.

"I'm sorry, Aiji..."

But Aiji never heard him.

End: Part III.III

Date completed: 151101
Last revised: 281101

~to be continued~

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