jennifier-a spider's scheme


FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.

If I can help you, I will give you everything
[trembling fingers that touch the spider web, cautious]

Part IV.I:


I pace the hallway outside the emergency ward, knowing that Jun
is worried about me. I know that he cares, but there is nothing I
can do. This is my duty. I have promised Okaasan that I'll take
care of Oniisan when he's not within her visible range. Now that
I've failed...

I don't want to imagine the consequences. I don't want to imagine
what it will be like should I ignore the nagging feeling in my
heart and choose not to go back to the studio to check out on

He would have died.

And... and I won't know how to tell Okaasan what happened...

What exactly happened?

Oniisan... you must survive! You must live on... You can't die.

You have to tell us who did this to you!

Who can that person be...? Everybody has already reached the
hospital, with the exception of Aiji. Where can he be? Now that
his boyfriend is hurt, where can he be? How can he be so
careless? I thought he was with Oniisan! How can this happen...?

Takeo is just sitting on the chairs, brooding quietly to himself.
Jun can't stop watching me with that pair of frightened eyes.
Please... please understand my situation, Jun.

I need to protect Oniisan.

There is no-one else in this world I admire more than him...
because he seems so invincible to me. Yet, I know he is weak.
There is something about him that desperately needs protection,
can't you see? He may look so detached from the world at times,
but he's terribly fragile. I've seen him... looking fragile. That
day, when he told me he loves Aiji, he looked so small and so
lonely, and all I really want to do was tell him that everything
will be fine.

I never knew that loving a person can be such pure torture.

But I want to know...

I want to know what goes on inside his mind.

I want to see the world from his twisted viewpoint. I want to
know how he thinks so that I can understand him. He's the only
brother I have... there is no-one else in this world closer to me
than him, even though there are times where I feel as though I'm
shouting out to him over a wide chasm.

Maybe it's a type of sibling obsession... but I need to know!

Oniisan... please, you must pull through.

Everyone is waiting for you here... You still have me, Jun, Aiji
and Takeo waiting for you here. You can't die...

Damnit! When I find the bastard who did this to him, I'm going to
fucking kill him!

How can you do this to us?!

How can you hurt him after he just survived an accident?

How can you have the heart to do this to him...?

Oniisan... please wake up.

Everyone is waiting. We are all patiently waiting...

...and I will always be here waiting.

Waiting only for you.

End: Part IV.I

Date completed: 201101
Last revised: 1101

~to be continued~

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