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FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.

Someone has to stop this insanity from spreading...
[a strangled gasp; broken wings scattered on the floor]

Part IV.III:

I'm not sure what has happened...

Kohta is driving himself crazy pacing about the hallway, which is
beginning to irritate me.

Jun doesn't know what to do. I know that he isn't helpless, but
when Kohta has turned into such a state, there is not way to get
him out of it. Sometimes, his obsession with his brother is
scary. There is absolutely nothing sexual about that obsession,
but it is something like hero worship.

It may be due to the fact that Kirito is older and has always
been smarter than him.

That strange man... he's one of the top students in his school
during his high school days. And suddenly, he decided to stop
schooling. It must have been a very bad blow to his parents.
After all, he could have entered the university with his results.

I don't understand Kirito.

I cannot see what Aiji saw in him. Maybe he's misguided, or he
sees something all of us don't, but whatever it is, only he
himself knows what it is that draws him to Kirito so strongly.
Like a moth to a flame... and now he is hurt. I can tell by the
way they acted in the studio today.

Oh wait...

Maybe, maybe Aiji s the one who did this.

"Who is the relative of Murata-san here?" The doctor walks out of
the ER, the front of his surgical gown splattered with blood.

"Yes?" Kohta almost jumped on the poor man when he appeared.

"I need you to do the hospital registration for Murata-san. You
are his...?"


"Okay. Good. Well... the patient has sustained a rather severe
injury. He could have been killed by it if you didn't rush him to
the hospital in time... The knife missed his heart by around a

Kohta closes his eyes with a pained look and Jun puts an arm
around him comfortingly.

"Currently, his condition is stable, and he will probably wake up
in a couple of hours' time when the anaesthesia clears from his
system. He has been placed in the Intensive Care Unit because he
has a punctured lung and he won't be able to breath without

"Oh god..." Kohta gives another shaky exclamation, and Jun
squeezes his shoulder lightly. I move over to Kohta's side and
pats him on his shoulder lightly. Technically, there is nothing I
can do for him now. I can only hope that whatever Jun offers will
be enough...

"Doctor," I begin. "Will the patient be able to talk?"

"I'm afraid that is not possible for the time being. We have
inserted a tube into his trachea to help him with his breathing.
But he can probably write."

"Thank you." I smile and bow slightly as the doctor returns my
bow and moves off in a different direction. When I turn round, I
see a couple of men approaching us, their faces stern.

"Excuse me, are the witnesses who found Murata-san in the studio

I pause. Police...? My eyes widen. But we don't need such
publicity now!

"Yes." I reply. Kohta has already collapsed on one of the chairs
outside the ER, Jun comforting him.

"Please don't worry, we just need your aid in the investigations.
We have to take down your statements."

"I'm not the one who discovered him." I point to Kohta and Jun.
"They are."

"Thank you."

"Wait-" I reach out for them, and they pause, looking at me. "I
think you may have to wait for a while. One of them is Kirito's
brother, so he's quite distraught over the incident. I think you
can only get a coherent answer out of him when he calms down.

I pause, watching them.

"We don't want the media to know about this. Just a few months
ago, Kirito has been through a car accident. The ruckus they
raked up over that issue has not really settled yet, so if this
gets out, there will be an uproar."

One of the two men smiles. "We understand. Don't worry, the media
has not been informed of this yet."

"Thank you..."

Kirito... Please wake up soon.

All of us need you.

You can't just leave us behind like this.

We'll be waiting for you.

End: Part IV.III

Date completed: 201101
Last revised: 1101

~to be continued~

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