jennifier-a spider's scheme


FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.


Who will leave me alone with my pain?
[a spider crawling along slowly, maimed]
Part V.I:
For the second time within the year, Kirito found himself lying 
on a hospital bed, staring at the whitewash ceiling. He laid 
there quietly, listening to the constant beep of the EEG next to 
him. Pale fingers twitched on the bed sheets, then clenched hard.
The vocalist closed his eyes. He breathed in deeply, and noted 
the sharp pain which started in the left side of his chest. 
Kirito opened his eyes again, and reached under his hospital gown 
to touch the gauze covering his chest wound.
With a soft sigh, the vocalist sat up on his bed, feeling 
disorientation wash over him as his body tried to adjust to the 
sudden shift in position. Kirito turned and found Kohta sleeping 
by the side of his bed, and even in slumber, a crease was etched 
between his eyes. Jun was sitting beside him, asleep in his 
chair. The bassist was holding Jun's hand tightly and Kirito 
noted the identical rings on their fingers. He closed his eyes 
He used to have one too. An identical ring to the one Aiji wore 
on the fourth finger of his right hand.
Kirito reached down and traced the outline of the ring on his 
finger gently. There was a nagging feeling in his mind, telling 
him that there was something more important which he had to deal 
with now. Kirito let his hand fall from the ring finger, then 
slipped off the bed silently.
Aiji's confession about his mental condition... it was extremely 
surprising. Among all his band members, he always thought that 
Aiji was the sanest, the most normal one. He knew that he himself 
was bad influence on Kohta, causing the latter to have bipolar 
disorder. Takeo, on the other hand, has his own little 
eccentricities. Jun  seemed pretty normal, but was actually 
someone who had a severe case of inferiority complex. He simply 
never showed it, that's all. Aiji...
Aiji was normal. Or as normal as he could see... Maybe that old 
English saying was true.
'Never judge a book by its cover.'
Kirito walked over to the window, gazing out of it with an 
unreadable look on his face. He glanced down and froze. Kirito  
then quickly turned round and ran out of his room, running down 
the hospital passages in a hurry. And despite all these, his face 
didn't hold a single trace of emotion. Some nurses shouted at him 
for running, some tried to stop him but he had already reached 
his target.
The guitarist turned around and smiled. An uncharacteristic smirk 
covering his face. Kirito felt like wiping that look off his 
face. That wasn't Aiji smiling...
That wasn't the Aiji he knew.
The Aiji he knew would never smirk.
The Aiji he knew...
"Yes, Kirito?" Aiji took off his shades and crossed his arms, 
gazing evenly at the older man.
"You're not..."
"Ah. So you've finally realised that fact."
Kirito blinked. "What did you do to Aiji?"
"You should ask yourself that, Kirito." Aiji sighed, then took 
out a cigarette, lighting it easily. "Ask yourself what you did 
to him. How you broke his heart utterly. How you crushed his hope 
and will in living."
"Aiji doesn't want to see you anymore, so he has gone into hiding 
deep within." Aiji shrugged, then extinguished his half finished 
cigarette, making a face. "Unless you can do something to make 
him come back, I'm staying."
Kirito only stood there, his hospital gown flapping in the wind 
as Aiji turned and walked away from him, slipping his hands into 
his pockets. The vocalist reached out towards the disappearing 
back view of Aiji, his hand trembling faintly in the wind. A tear 
slowly slide down his face, but he ignored it totally.
"Don't go..."
Kirito clenched his shaking hand into a fist.
"Aiji... you liar."
"You promised to never leave my side again..."
End: Part V.I
Date completed: 231101
Last revised: 081201


~to be continued~

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