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FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.


Date started: 241001

I dream of a place with no resolutions...
[the butterfly hovering above the dying spider, snickering]

Part V.II:

Aiji laughed, wrapping his arm around the boy next to him. He was
a lovely young thing... should be sixteen, at least. He had
always preferred women, but this boy was simply too beautiful to
resist. He had such beautiful eyes... just like Kirito's. The
gaze which he directed at Aiji had made the older man shiver,
beckoning for him to come closer.

"You look like a man I know..." Aiji smiled at the boy, who
pouted at that comment. "You have the same eyes."

The guitarist reached out and ran his thumb over the boy's eyes
gently, causing the other to close his eyes and raise his face,
letting Aiji see his face more clearly.

"But you are so much prettier."

The other smiled, curling into the side of his body. He was such
a slut; Aiji couldn't believe what was happening to the youths in
Japan nowadays. Being a gigolo seems to be more attractive than a
having normal job.

"Hey... look..." There were hushed whispers from the booth behind
his and he turned around, gazing at the two young girls sitting
there evenly. One of them smiled at him prettily and leaned
forward, revealing her cleavage.

"Are you Aiji from Pierrot?"

Aiji laughed. "You must be mistaken. I'm not him..."

"Oh... but you really do look like him! What's your name?"

"I have no name."

"Really?" The two girls laughed, their laughter shrill and
uncomfortable to the ears. The youth beside Aiji placed a hand on
his thigh and rubbed it gently, bringing his attention back to
him. Aiji smiled and leaned down to give him a brief kiss.

"Aiji?" Aiji ignored the man standing before him, and turned to
the youth instead, tracing the other's ear with his tongue. He
could feel the other shiver beside him. Behind him, the girls'
conversation carried to his ears and he snorted.

"Ah... Gakuto ne!" Excited whispers shared between the two.
"Isn't that man with him Masa...?"

"Aiji." The man standing before him now sounded angry. Aiji
rolled his eyes and ignored him, still teasing the youth in his
arms. That man suddenly reached down and grabbed his arm, pulling
him to his feet and dragging him out of his booth to the
washrooms. He pulled the sullen guitarist into the washroom, and
slammed the door shut, locking it after he had checked that
nobody was inside.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Aiji sighed, bored, and blinked lazily at Takeo. "I'm doing what
I like, that's all."

"Do you know that Kirito is lying unconscious in the hospital
now?" The drummer hissed angrily, grabbing the front of Aiji's

Aiji shrugged off Takeo's hands, and dusted himself off,
straightening his clothes. "So?"

"So? Is that all you can say?"

The guitarist shrugged.

"What's wrong with you? He's your boyfriend-"

"No." Takeo paused, staring at the man before him. It was as
though Aiji had turned into someone else totally. "Kirito is not
my boyfriend. I couldn't care less even if he died."


"He broke up with me two days ago. I'm still hating him for

"You... you are not Aiji."

Aiji smiled. "I'm glad that you finally noticed, Takeo-san."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Aiji. But I'm not the Aiji you guys know. Sounds confusing?"

"You're his double personality."

"Ah... the smart one. I thought Kirito is the smartest one of the
whole lot. Apparently, I'm wrong. " Aiji smirked, then shrugged.
"Well, not that I really care."

"Why are you...?"

"Here? Well, your wonder leader-sama has decided to dump Aiji
using the worst reason I've ever heard and technically, the man
suffered rather bad mental trauma. Now, he's retreated somewhere
far behind in the mind, and won't be back for quite some time...
or maybe even forever."

Aiji turned and unlocked the door. "Unless Kirito does something,
of course."

The guitarist smiled, and for a moment, he looked very sad. "I
want Aiji to be happy. But... unless he hears that Kirito really
loves him from the depth of his heart, he won't want to return."

"There is nothing I can do."

Aiji sighed, then shrugged, opening the door.

"Tell Kirito this."

"I want to see whether he's as good a liar as he thinks he is."

End: Part V.II

Date completed: 241101
Last revised: 131201

~to be continued~

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