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Date started: 251001

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[the rain will wash the pain away]

Part V.III:

Kirito sat on his hospital bed, reading a book quietly and 
jolting down on the notebook placed on his lap. Jun watched him 
from where he sat beside Kirito's bed, his eyes filled with 
worry. Kohta had gone out to get lunch for them, which also meant 
that he would be left alone with Kirito. Actually, Jun didn't 
mind being alone with Kirito. They two of them had known each 
other long enough to be able to talk without any barriers 
present. He knew that Kirito had accepted him, although a little 
grudgingly, but he still accepted him eventually.

"Kirito..." Jun began and the vocalist paused, placing his book 
down carefully. He turned his piercing gaze towards Jun and the 
younger man shivered involuntarily. "Can you... tell us who did 
this to you?"


"...why?" By now, Jun had grabbed the edge of Kirito's bed 
sheets, his knuckles white with exertion.

"It's not his fault."

Silence. Kirito was about to pick up his book again when Jun 
murmured softly, his hands releasing their hold on Kirito's bed 

"Is that person Aiji? Are you trying to protect him?"

The vocalist breathed in deeply, feeling somewhat satisfied to 
note that the pain in his chest was no longer as stinging as 

"Jun..." The man startled at the mention of his name, and he 
looked at Kirito with a pained look on his face. "I... I hurt 
Aiji. It is only right that he hurts me in return."

"Not in this manner! You could've died!"

"I don't really care, actually."

Silence again. Jun closed his eyes and pressed his hands against 
them, licking his dry lips uneasily.

"How can this happen...? He loves you so much-"

"Things happen. It can't be helped."

Right then, the door opened and both turned to gaze at the 

"Konichi wa, Kirito." Takeo bowed slightly and slide the door 
shut behind him, walking over to sit on the other side of 
Kirito's bed. "I have news of Aiji... and I think it's finally 
time to tell you."

The guitarist has been missing ever since Kirito was injured, and 
even the police was trying to locate him, because they suspected 
that he was involved in this incident. Kirito told them before 
that he wanted to drop the case, but they persisted. The vocalist 
ignored their protests and removed the lawsuit against Aiji, 
wanting to recuperate in the hospital in peace. It was the second 
time that year he had been injured, and though this time, the 
injury occurred in a different place, it was much more serious 
than the last few.

"I saw him sometime back in a club while you were still 
unconscious from the operation, Kirito..."

"Bring me to him."

"You are not in a condition to leave the hospital."

"I said bring me to him. He won't come."

"Kirito..." Jun began, reaching out to hold his friend's hand but 
Kohta's voice stopped him.

"Let him go, Takeo."

The bassist entered the room and placed the packets of food on 
the hospital table gently. He turned and smiled at Jun. "Are you 

Jun nodded his head, unsure of what Kohta wanted to do.

"Then let's eat." Kohta took out the food and handed it to Jun, 
then gave him the utensils. "Have you eaten, Oniisan?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Okay. What about you, Takeo?"

"I've eaten already."

"Oh." Kohta paused, then turned to gaze at both drummer and 
vocalist, who were watching him quietly. Jun took his hand and 
squeezed it gently in reassurance. Kohta smiled and gave Jun's 
hand a brief squeeze in return. "Bring him to meet Aiji, Takeo."

"I know that Oniisan wants to see him badly..."

Takeo sighed. "It's not as though I don't want to, Kohta. Your 
brother is still-"

"I know." Kohta bowed his head slightly. "But I also know that he 
will never get well if he never gets to see Aiji."

After a moment of silence, Takeo finally nodded his head.

"I'll bring him to see Aiji."

End: Part V.III

Date completed: 251101
Last revised: 131201

~to be continued~

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