jennifier-a spider's scheme


FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~
Jennifier D.


I want to remain dreaming in this place forever
[a butterfly tangled in the web; a spider watching over its slumber]

Part VI.III:

Half past nine.

There was still no sign of Aiji. After the guitarist told them about
his insecurity yesterday, Kirito told him that he still had a night to
think it over. If he really didn't want to come back to Pierrot again, he
should just skip practice the next day. They would start looking for a
new guitarist to fill in the gap. Either that, or Jun would take over
the lead guitarist's role and he would have to look for a new rhythm

"Kohta..." Kohta turned to gaze at his boyfriend, who was watching him
with a worried frown etched between his eyes. Kohta reached over and
smoothed the creases out, then smiled at Jun.

"Don't worry. I'm sure he'll come. Maybe he's late."

"Practice will start in fifteen minutes time." Kirito finally
announced, picking up his own scores and sifting through them slowly. He was
really hoping that Aiji would turn up. Yet, their practice always started
at nine and it was already way past nine o'clock.

Takeo only picked up his drumsticks and took his place behind the
drums, tapping out a familiar rhythm on the practice pads. Jun too, left
Kohta's side and picked up his guitar, tuning it with a miserable look on
his face. Kohta reached over from where he was sitting to give Jun's
shoulder a brief squeeze, before he went back to tuning his bass

A quarter to ten.

"Let's start practice."

"Wait-" Jun began, then bit his lip, ashamed at his own outburst.
"Uh... maybe we should wait for five minutes more?"

"It's already nine forty-five, Jun." Kirito's tone, although chiding,
was gentle. In fact, it sounded incredibly gentle to both his long time
friend and brother.


"Please, Oniisan." Kohta begged his brother with a pained look on his

Kirito paused. Kohta had never really begged him before, in all the
years they grew up together. Now that he was willing to beg Kirito was
something the latter didn't expect.

"Okay." Kirito finally conceded, putting down his microphone. "Five
minutes more."

Time seemed to pass by ever so slowly, flowing thickly like a viscous
liquid. Jun couldn't help fidgeting, even after Kohta had placed a
reassuring arm around him. He knew that Jun and Aiji were the closest within
their band, the two guitarists sharing a certain bond only guitarists
would have. And Kohta also knew that Jun really wanted Aiji to return,
because he could see no other resolution to their situation. Should Aiji
leave, he knew that they would never be able to accept the new
guitarist. And it would be unfair to that man, because he would never be given
a chance to prove himself to the rest of Pierrot.

It was time.

"Let's begin practice."

As Kirito took his place behind the microphone, he saw Jun looking
longingly at the studio door. He himself wanted Aiji to return to them too!
He knew that things would never be the same again without Aiji around.
He also knew that he would never be the same again... Something inside
him had shifted radically, and he knew that it was no longer possible
for him to return to that time before he knew Aiji... before all these
things happened.

Throughout practice, the members of Pierrot were lethargic and even
Kirito's singing was off. They simply had no heart in practice at all.
Everyone was preoccupied with the absence of a certain guitarist and the
terrible feeling seemed to haunt them non-stop. It lingered on long
after the practice was over and the members of Pierrot just sat around in
the studio listlessly, wondering if they should call it quits for the
day and push practicing to another day.

Finally, Kirito stood up and spoke softly. "Practice will be called off
today. I think everyone-"

Everybody turned and followed Kirito's line of vision.

"Tadaima, minna-san..." Aiji stood at the studio door, his head bowed.
"I know I'm terribly late..."

"Aiji!" Jun literally jumped on the other guitarist, hugging him tight
as he cried. "I'm so glad that you came! We were all so worried!"


"Welcome back, Aiji." Kohta patted the guitarist on his shoulder and
Aiji gave him a grateful smile. Takeo only nodded his head from where he
was sitting behind his drums. When Jun finally let him go and stepped
back, Aiji was greeted by Kirito's unsmiling face.

"Thank you." The vocalist murmured softly, reaching over to hold the
guitarist in a loose embrace.

Aiji smiled.

He knew that he was caught in the spider's web again.

And this time, he wouldn't leave it.

End: FOLLOWER ~a spider's scheme~

Date completed: 281101
Last revised: 1101

After notes: do you think about the ending? Kind of ambiguous?
I like it though... but my sincere opinion is that the ending could
have been done in a much better manner, had my brains not been fried today
while I'm attempting to write it.

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