Shinya the Homicidal Maniac
Shinya the Homicidal Maniac

by Kiri

Comments: Oh dear...I can't believe my mind spawned this.... enjoy
you twisted little fangirls you. ^_^ Oh! And, spawn of my boredome
during English, I made a little piccy to go with the story ^^;;

"We think we can live away from what we hate, but we are defined by
those very things, it feeds upon us... sustained by our belief that
we are doing something right; We think we are so great in our
protests... but we just become the bitter offspring of what we
oppose. We become prisoners in our own cage. We begin speaking in
badly constructed melodramatic prose. OH RAGING HORROR!! Make it
-Johnny C.

2nd entry


Dear Die-ary
Tonights the night.
I am determined to do it. There is no way I'll back down. Nothing
he can say can stop me from doing to him everything he deserves.
And, if I'm in the mood, then some.
It's time he paid. My body tingles with the anticipation of it.
Can't write much now. I'm too excited.


Buildings and streetlights streaked past the windows as Shinya drove
through the labrynthian streets of the vast city. The urge to speed
and drive recklessly in his desperate attempt to get home was almost
overpowering to Shinya. His revenge was at hand.... he could--as
cliché as it sounded--almost taste it.
He gripped the steering wheel tightly and focused his mind. None
of that now, he scolded himself. The roads are too icy, and he was
too close to his goal now to ruin it by getting in an accident.
Gotta be careful, wouldn't want Die to get hurt.
Well, at least not before Shinya got too him. He snuck a peak at Die
from the corner of his eye.
Die had curled up in the passenger seat and had been dozing lightly
for the last few minutes. He looked so peaceful. So totally
innocent. Heh. What a lie.

-I know how you really are Die. You dont fool me one bit. Just you

Shinya stopped the car at a red light and, reaching over, ran a
finger down the sleeping man's cheek. Die's eyelids fluttered open
at his touch and he looked up at Shinya with glossy, half-lidded eyes.
"mmmm, we back already?" he asked as he sat himself up in the seat.
Shinya leaned back and looked away. "Not yet. Almost."

-God, would you just stop with the innocent routine? Why aren't you
trying to torture me tonight Die? Can you already sense what's in
store for you tonight? Well, your act's too little, too late.... you
should never have teased me so much. So quite acting.-

The light changed and Shinya stomped on the gas, sending them both
lurching forward. Die threw his hands out to prevent his head from
slamming into the dashboard."Whaaa~! Careful!"
Shinya remained silent and continued driving, staring at the road in
front of him. He couldn't afford to loose his temper again. Just
relax. He'd be hearing Die scream many more times before the night
was over. He wouldn't be careful then. Not if he could help it.

They continued to drive in silence for the next few minutes. Shinya
focused on the icy roads while Die stared absently out of the
window. After a few minutes, Die spoke up again.
"Shinya, shouldn't we be at my place by now? This area doesn't even
look familiar."
Shinya, trying to act bashful, bit his lower lip nervously and
said,"Well, I thought we'd go back to my apartment instead. If you
don't mind that is," he finished hastily.
Die vigorously shook his head and grinned."I don't mind at all! I've
always wondered where you live!" He then quickly leaned across the
seat and placed a kiss on Shinya's cheek.
Surprised, Shinya gripped the wheel tighter. His knuckles were
turning white.

-Damn it, stop it! Stop acting so nice to me! I know it's just an
act! I refuse to fall for it! You're just drunk and looking for a
quick lay....- Shinya thought bitterly, though his face remained

Seeing this lack of response, Die leaned closer and began softly
nibbling on Shinya's earlobe."Neh, Shin-chan, what were you planning
on us doing when we got to your place?" he ended by flicking his
tongue out, tracing the curves of Shinya's ear. Shinya shuttered,
half from the sensual pleasure he hated to admit he felt, and half
from the loathing he felt for Die.
"Yammete."he said and jerked his head away. Noticing the hurt and
slightly startled look on Die's face, he put on a teasing grin and
added,"The roads are too slick. I can't be distracted. However,
when we get to the apartment...."

-You'll be sorry for calling me that damn name again.- he finished
Die sat back in the seat, a happy and eager grin plastered to his


"Suggoiiiii~~~~!"Die proclaimed as he stepped into the lobby of
Shinya's apartment building.
It was indeed very 'suggoi'. The floor was lined with genuine
polished marble and the walls were painted a deep crimson red, laced
with intricate golden embroidery. It was illuminated with a vast
crystalline chandelier that hung high over their heads.
"Rich parents...." Die murmured under his breath, still captivated by
the posh surroundings.
"What was that?"
"Oh, nothing. ^^;;" Die blushed.
He followed Shinya into an elevator, an old fashioned type that had a
gate you pulled shut behind you. It fit in very well with the
elegant lobby.
"Usually there's an elevator operator, but he must be off of work
already,"Shinya explained as he pushed the button for his floor.
"All the better then,"Die purred and brought his arms around Shinya
from behind. Shinya submitted himself and leaned his head to the
side, allowing Die access to more skin. Hell, he'd worn the outfit
to seduce Die, he might as well go all the way through with the plan.
As the arrow above the elevator doors informed them of their progress
up the building, Die was making progress of his own sort. His mouth
was working up Shinya's neck, his hand, up Shinya's skirt. Die
softly bit into the drummers jugular vein, and Shinya couldn't
suppress the moan that escaped his throat as he felt his balls being
cupped an instant later.

-Oh god.... I can't. I can't let him overpower me. I need to get
out of here. I can't take much more.... gotta get into the
apartment. I have to regain control....-

Luckily the elevator stopped with a jolt and Shinya pulled himself
from Die's arms.
Turning back, he grinned seductively and with one long finger,
beckoned Die to follow him down the corridor. Die ran his tongue
along his lips and obediently followed. As Shinya rattled his keys
in his apartments lock, a series of sharp, high pitched yipping
sounds could be heard from behind the door.
Die asked,"You have an alarm or something?"
Shinya pulled the door open and said,"Not quite."
A little wad of fur, barely bigger than Die's hand, rushed forward at
them, barking excitedly. "My Doggy," Shinya explained, reaching down
to pick up the energetic puppy. He held the dog close and scratched
behind his ears affectionately.
"Kawaii!" Smiling, Die reached out to pet the dog, only to have his
hand snapped at viciously. Die quickly pulled his hand back, and
the miniature pooch growled at him threateningly.
Shinya chuckled."He's not used to strangers."

-Good doggy. You can see past his good guy act can't you?-

He then carried his pet over to the balcony and let him outside,
where he continued to yip at the door for a minute before losing
This was it. Months of enduring agonizing torture. Weeks of
planning. Days of waiting impatiently. All of it leading up to this
moment. It was now or never, all or nothing. Shinya's body shook at
the revelation of this in his mind. Taking a breath to regain his
composure, he turned and walked stealthily back to Die, whose eyes
had become glazed with lust. How beautiful Shinya had looked
standing in front of the glass door, bathed in moonlight. Die opened
his arms and brought Shinya in close to his body. As they embraced,
Die felt Shinya's arms snake up his back, the soft brush of
fingertips against his neck, then...
Die gagged as the sensation on his neck harshly changed from feathery
light to tight and choking. It had been a leather collar being
placed around his neck, not fingertips.
"Sh-Shin-cha---" he was stopped as Shinya tightened the clasp of the
collar. Ignoring Die's sudden panicked face, he slowly reached into
the handbag he had been carrying and pulled out a long leather leash.
"I. Hate. That. Name." each syllable was cruelly hissed from
between clenched teeth as Shinya attached the leash to the collar
around Die's neck.
Die could only make a choking sound in response and tried to bring
his hands up to loosen the binding collar, only to have them slapped
back down by Shinya.
"Tsk Tsk. Only I can touch, understand? I won't let you *choke* to
death though. What would be the fun in that?" As he spoke, he
loosened the collar a few notches, allowing Die to gasp for
breath. "Just as long as we both know who's in charge here."
Die stared at Shinya as he took in deep mouth fulls of stinging cold
air. He could taste blood on the back of his throat, metallic and
bitter. What the hell was going on? There was no *way* this was the
normal sweet and mild little Shinya... why was he acting so odd?
"Shinya..."he whispered,"I'll.... I'll do whatever you want."
Shinya smiled coyly and ran his tongue across his lips as he wrapped
the leash around his hand. The shortened length of leather forced
Die to bow his head down, bringing the two men eyelevel.
"You are to address me as 'Shinya-sama'. If you forget, you'll
suffer the consequences. And if you should call me 'Shin-chan'
*ever* again, Lord help you." Shinya threatened, his eyes bore into
Die nodded, "Hai, Shinya-sama. Whatever you want."
"Whatever I want?" Die..... I want you to suffer."

XD I'm so evil.... no wait, Shinya is! Klahahahaaha! *ahem* Next
part coming soon. ^_^

to be continued

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