Shinya the Homicidal Maniac
Shinya the Homicidal Maniac

by Kiri

Comments: @_@ Eeeep.... I'm very self conscious about this part....
still not very experienced at writing lemon/S&M.... so of course any
suggestions to make this better is gladly welcomed. ^^; (I personally
dont really like how it turned out... perhaps I'll rewrite it later)
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3rd entry

"How Lovely it would be to escape from these emotions-- I seem
incapable of ridding myself from their itch. To become an insect--
governed by necessity, not out of malice or other such distractions.
See I don't -want- to touch anything. I don't want to feel anyone
because I don't care about anyone like that, and to touch it is
disgusting for all of it's emptiness. It only reminds me of the
emptiness. It would revolt me to hurt anybody like that."

"Whatever I want? Die.... I want you to suffer."

He can't be serious. Who would have ever thought Shinya'd be capable
of ... this?
Die decided that, for now, he'd go along with Shinya's
little 'game'. No harm in that. Right? For now, he'd just let
little Shinya have his fun.
"Sure sure. Whatever Shinya-*sama*." he said and bowed low with a
flourish of his hands. When he stood up straight again, he was
grinning like he was having the time of his life.
Shinya's eyes flashed with rage. How dare he show such insolence,
didn't he realize who was in control? He'd take care of that grin on
Die's face.
"You think this is some sort of -game-?"
He slapped Die across the face. Hard. The man fell too his knees,
Not giving him time to recover, Shinya yanked on the leash around
Die's neck, dragging him towards the bedroom.
Blood dripped from the corner of Die's mouth onto the expensive
carpeting as he struggled to follow behind the dominant man. The
collar was digging into his skin and his neck was killing him.
"Shinya-sama, please..." he gasped, struggling for breath now as he
entered the room behind Shinya. His plea was ignored and a second
later the sound of music filled the room. Shinya had turned on the
CD player that lay beside the bed.
"Stand up." Shinya commanded, giving the leather leash a quick tug.
Quietly, Die rose to his feet. Already he was a little sore---hell
his cheek was throbbing--- but he was more than a little turned on.
This was totally unexpected of Shinya, who he'd never thought of as
Sadistic.... and he'd never thought of himself as mazo either. Of
course, he was just letting himself be M this one time, right?
The stinging in his face made him wonder.
Shinya stood next to Die and ran a hand through his red hair, looking
at him as though he were....what? A pet? That was the best
description of the look in his eyes.
Die patiently waited for Shinya to make his next move, who simply
stood there, staring into Die's eyes, running his hand through his
-He looks almost scared. Nervous Definitely. Hell, he should be.
He deserves it though. But his eyes.... what if....
There's no way anyone can be so cruel and not feel otherwise....
All the same... I can't deny that, even for a second, on the
elevator... the way he touched me....
I want him so bad.
But more than that, I want him to be sorry.-

"Shinya-sama?" Die brought Shinya out of his thoughts.
"Ah? Oh yes." Shinya stopped stroking Die's hair and walked over to
the bed and sat on it's edge, leaving Die standing alone in the
middle of the room.
"Strip. And dance for me."
Die's mouth fell open at this new order." I- I can't dance."
"Don't lie too me. I've watched you at lives, from behind my drums.
There's not a whole lot to do back there by myself. Now do it."
The volume of the music increased slightly as Shinya reached over and
pushed a button on the stereo. He sat back up and glared at Die,
daring him to disobey.
Sighing, Die relented and began swaying his hips with the music.
What the hell was playing anyway? It sounded like DDR music or
something. Shinya certainly did have odd tastes.
Slowly, as the beat increased, he hooked his fingers around the
bottom of his shirt and pulled it up. The cloth slid up along his
chest and over his head before falling to the floor beside him. His
eyes closed and absorbed himself totally in the music, moving his
body fluidly with it, his hips swinging provocatively in time. Hands
fumbled for a moment with the zipper on his pants before those too
fell to the floor, pooled around his ankles. As he was slipping his
thumbs in the sides of his boxers, he felt hands close over his own.
He opened his eyes again too see Shinya standing in front of him.
The mans breath was coming in short rasps and he was staring at Die
through ravenous, half-lidded eyes. He gently tugged at Die's waist,
pulling him over to the bed with him. He pushed Die down onto the
soft mattress so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed where
Shinya had been during his little strip tease, while Shinya himself
remained standing.
Then Shinya unclasped the leash from Die's collar. Die watched the
other mans actions silently. Was he done already? That sure was a
short act. Too bad.... Die was getting sort of excited, which was
obvious by the throbbing between his legs.
However, Die's disappointment was cut short as Shinya quickly took
hold of both of Die's wrists and forced them behind his back, binding
them with the leather leash.
"Now,"Shinya said as he finished tying," Undress me."
"Huh? How? You tied my friggen hands up."
"Be creative."
Oh the implications of that.
Die ran his tongue over his lips. "Turn around."
"What was that?" Shinya glared down at Die and raised a threatening
"Ah... turn around please Shinya-sama, so that I may do your bidding
and please you." he whispered.
Shinya shivered happily and turned his back to Die. He heard the
sheets rustle and Die grunt as he clumsily lifted himself off the
bed. The next moment, he felt Die's breath on the back of his neck
Slowly, one of the straps of his top was pulled down Shinya's bony
shoulder, clenched between Die's teeth. The action was repeated to
the opposite strap. Shinya's shoulders now bare, Die began ravishing
the exposed skin with his lips, licking and biting, wanting so badly
to taste him.
Shinya exhaled a long shaky breath. "Die, you're wasting time."
Unseen by shinya, whose eyes were closed in unspoken bliss, Die
nodded and leaned over so he could take the hem of Shinya's shirt in
his mouth. With some difficulty he managed to nudge the shirt
halfway up his back before Shinya grew impatient with his slow
progress and finished the job by ripping the delicate fabric away
"Don't disappoint me Die." He groaned.
Die understood. That was the last thing he ever wanted to do to
With renewed dexterity, he lowered himself into a kneeling position
and took the zipper of Shinya's skirt in his teeth.
The zipper ran all the way from the top of the skirt to the bottom
and all it took was on long, drawn out motion before the vinyl
fluttered down to take it's place with the rest of the discarded
clothes on the floor, leaving shinya naked except for a pair of lacy
black panties. Die trembled at the sight of the bare body in front
of him. Shinya was so damn beautiful. If he only knew....
"Lay down Die."Shinya ordered. Die had barely stood up when he was
forcefully pushed onto his back on the mattress by Shinya. His heart
began to beat wildly with anticipation as Shinya moved on top of him,
straddling his stomach. Die had no where to go now.
He closed his eyes as Shinya leaned over, waiting to feel Shinya's
lips against his, but a few seconds passed without contact and he
peeked to see what the other man was doing. Shinya was leaning
over, rummaging in the bedside drawer.
"Keep your eyes closed."
Die happily complied. This isn't so bad at all so far, Die
thought. Aside from that slap earlier. He could still taste the
blood in his mouth. But he could get over that easily enough. It
was worth it.
A second later Die felt Shinya lean back and set a few items on his
chest. Then Shinya reached behind Die's back and undid the knot
around his wrists and pulled them out from behind his back. Die was
not yet free though. Goodness no.
Instead, Shinya pulled Die's hands up, over his head and once again
bound them, this time securing them to a pole on the bed's headboard.
Die was definitely stuck now.
"May I open my eyes now Shinya-sama?" he cooed.
"If you want." Shinya's voice was strained, almost eager or excited.
What Die saw when his eyes opened nearly scared him shitless.
Shinya was looking down on him, a sadistic gleam in his eyes. A
knife dangled loosely in his fingers over Die's exposed chest.
"I'm going to hurt you now Die, do you know why?"
Die shook his head. His eyes were wide with fear. To Shinya, it
was almost comical, and he let out an uncharacteristic laugh from
deep in his throat.
"Your ignorance isn't that surprising. After all you didn't seem to
care you spent so many years hurting me so badly."
"Hurting you? Shinya I'd never--"
"Don't lie to me now!" Shinya screamed and clenched the knife in his
hand. "It's too late to make me..." his voice trailed off as tears
gathered in his eyes." Just stop it. You deserve this dammit! It's
time you felt some of the pain!" he choked.
Shinya slowly brought the knife down over Die's heart.
Die's breath caught in his throat as he felt the cold metal against
his skin.
Oh God, Shinya....something was not right....
(Duh.... ~K)

Oh dear..... what's Shinya planning on doing with that there knife?
o_0 Who knows! *cackles and skips off*

to be continued

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