Title: Oceanus Amor

Author: Kitana




This was a little ficcie inspired by a picture I saw. Written quickly and in the wee hours of the morning. -_-;; Remember, I love feedback. If you have any, please send it to me!!!! ßkitsune_kitana@hotmail.com ^^ Damn, I have to get up at five and it's already 1am…okie, oyasumi everyone. Enjoy the fic!!






It tickled at his nose as he stood in the sand, watching the waves crash against the shore, rolling until it receded once again into the ocean. So picturesque. Romantic. Toshiya was a slave to romantic things, simple sweetness that made his heart flutter; love letters hidden in his room, flowers waiting at the studio, a song dedicated to him at the club…candles lighting a silk-draped bedroom in which the man of his dreams awaited, naked and ready. The slim man shivered; the memory was strong enough to incite lust in him even now. They hadn't been together long – only a few weeks actually – but in the little time they had…

Footsteps sounding in the sand.

The blue-haired man turned slowly to observe his lover striding across the sifted granules of the beach, each shining in the soft glow of sunlight in that odd time between afternoon and evening. A small smile tugged at his lips at the simple pleasure of seeing the one he loved so much, jeans rolled up his legs, shirt opening slightly from the light breeze, coming towards him purposefully, eyes glowing with happiness. And when they met…

First outreached fingers touched, palms meeting. Then Toshiya grinned inwardly as his lover stood on his toes to reach for a soft kiss, lips caressing as Kaoru's hands mimicked the motions on Toshiya's back, an initial tasting of the culinary delight promised to come. They broke apart, hands remaining entwined. Then the romantic scene was broken when Kaoru leaned down to rub at his calves, wincing.

"Ouch. You'd think that my legs would be used to it now, having to go on my toes every time I kiss you." Kaoru gave the taller man a resentful look. Toshiya only smiled.

"You can't blame your genes. They're the same ones that gave you that gorgeous face…and incredible personality," Toshiya added the last as an afterthought. He smiled to soften the blow, laying himself in the sun-warmed sand, pulling the purple-haired man down with him. As if to make up for his previous comment, the blue-haired man rolled over, lifting his lover's leg and laying delicate kisses against the firm muscle of his calf. "All better??" Toshiya crooned.

Kaoru smiled and yanked the bassist on top of him in one smooth move. "Maybe if you weren't kissing something else."

"That one?" Toshiya asked, tongue coming out to lick his lips, his meaning unmistakable.


Kaoru waited as Toshiya pushed himself up. He reached over and laid his hand on the mound between the guitarist's legs, squeezing hard enough to send a jolt of sensation through the older man's groin. Dutifully, he leaned down and kissed it, a mere peck of the lips. Then, the bassist turned away, feigning lost interest.

"You think you're sooo funny!!"

Kaoru bared his teeth and Toshiya squealed, jumping to his feet and running off, his lover in fast pursuit.

"Nooooo!" he screamed as a heavy weight tackled him, bringing both men down rolling in the sand. They came to a stop, Kaoru sitting on Toshiya's thighs, pinning both thin wrists to his sides.

"Give up?" Kaoru looked rakishly disheveled, sand sticking in a streak to his cheek. Toshiya looked equally delicious, hair hanging sexily in his face, mussed up from their struggle.

"Never!!" Toshiya squirmed, trying to free himself from his lover's grip when – before he could think – the younger man felt himself being hoisted over Kaoru's shoulder in a fireman's hold, the guitarist heading towards the waves in long, determined steps. He walked in until he was knee deep.

"Let me go—let me go!!!!"

And Kaoru did.

Right into the water.

Toshiya stood, his clothes soaking wet, sputtering indignantly as he saw Kaoru laughing, practically doubled over. The bassist's face turned red, the sting of tears in his eyes from being so humiliated only serving to make him angrier. He'd looked like a fool in front of Kaoru.

"Totchi??" Kaoru called out, a wide grin still on his face.

No answer.

The guitarist waded in deeper, the smile waning. "Totchi, come on…please don't be mad at me. I was just joking around." He wrapped his arms about Toshiya from behind, laying a gentle kiss on the back of that pale neck, leaving the taste of salt on his tongue. Toshiya stood there a moment before he roughly pulled away and tripped on his wet pants – or so the guitarist thought until he felt a hand grabbing his own leg and pulling it out from under him. He gave a startled yelp as the lukewarm water engulfed his already half-wet body. Toshiya was grinning like a cat when Kaoru pulled himself back up.

"Don't!!" Toshiya said warningly, backing up as his lover advanced a step. "We're even now!!"

Kaoru narrowed his eyes, and then extended a hand wearily. "Truce?"

The younger man took it. "Truce."

Kaoru used that to reel his taller lover in, embracing him, loving the feel of that bony, sinewy body beneath his hands. "You still owe me a kiss," he whispered into the delicate shell of an ear. He smiled against Toshiya wet hair when he felt the bassist's hands sneaking underneath his shirt. Each button was carefully undone, and then the shirt was tossed aside into the water and forgotten.

A tongue slid across his wet chest and the guitarist longed to do the same for Toshiya, to taste the salty skin of his lover's stomach as the slim man's body arched up against his, encouraging him to continue. Kaoru pulled those long legs around his waist, picking the both of them up and moving to the shore where shallow waves continued to roll onto the sand. There, Kaoru set his lover down on his back and hungrily leaned over him, devouring the proffered mouth with a desire that licked across his own skin in pleasurable flames, each rescinding before it burned, leaving his body aching for his lover's soft, generous touch. But his hands met with wet clothing instead of silken skin and the older man let out a noise of frustration, mind not able to concentrate long enough to undo buttons or ties while Toshiya was arching his body up to lick at Kaoru's mouth, flickering that hot tongue against the screamingly sensitive skin of his neck and chest, nipping playfully at the hand that tried to stop him long enough to strip him, tantalizing with each meeting but not staying long enough for it to fulfill Kaoru's need. Toshiya giggled as he realized that Kaoru wasn't even able to undress him under this erotic distraction.

Kaoru growled one last time. "Toshiya, please!!!" The bassist smiled at the need in his lover's voice, easing back onto the sand, making no move to help the guitarist remove his clothes. Hands worked frantically at his shirt until it was yanked off, a few buttons Kaoru had lost patience with going flying in the air. The breeze was freezing against his wet skin and his nipples instantly hardened from the mixture of temperature and the purple-haired man's tongue working at one as his fingers rubbed at the other. Now it was Toshiya's turn to whimper with need, the throbbing between his legs going unnoticed as his body twisted with a fierce desire, almost painful, wanting to feel Kaoru's hardness between his legs, against his own, or slipping up between his cheeks…

The thoughts only served to spark his lust further. Toshiya bit his lip, holding back a cry. Frantic hands captured Kaoru's, taking his attention from the younger man's chest and to the pants that covered a raging hard on. He couldn't help but grin at Toshiya's obvious discomfort, running a finger idly against the bulge to watch it grow and harden even more. The bassist's breath was heaving and shaky, his hips thrusting up involuntarily, trying to find the friction of Kaoru's hand that only dealt it teasing, gentle caresses.

"Kaoru…" Toshiya whimpered, one leg snaking around the guitarist's waist to bring him close enough to press against Kaoru's thigh. He sighed as hands pushed his pants down until he kicked them past his ankles to land wherever they should. Kaoru gave a startled laugh as he saw that Toshiya wore nothing under them. It was tittering, showing his nervousness, yet still-growing desire. Both pleased Toshiya and he lay back, spreading his thighs wider to tantalize the purple-haired man. A trembling hand reached out and trembling fingers encircled his organ torturously slow. They squeezed the shaft gently before going to concentrate on the head.

Toshiya's breath now came in tremulous gasps as he pumped into that warm circle of flesh. He closed his eyes, imagining instead that it was Kaoru's mouth that was on him, head between his legs, mouth hot and wet, tongue and throat working. This image was in Toshiya's head as he came, crying out with pleasure.

His mind was a haze of gold and green as he rolled in the ecstasy of his orgasm, barely aware of Kaoru laying him down, kissing his neck, wet hands rubbing against his thighs. When Toshiya's vision cleared, the purple-haired man was staring at him intently, eyes unreadable. Kaoru pulled away and sat back in the water, one leg bent at the knee so he could lean his elbow on it, head tilted as if he were studying his lover, the other extended in front of him. Flustered, Toshiya crawled forward, following, straddling the guitarist's one extended leg between his thighs, body shuddering at the sensation of stiff, wet denim against his own bare, delicate skin. He rubbed himself against it more, not suppressing the shiver that ran through his groin and up his spine, he looked Kaoru in the eye. "Your turn now?" He asked huskily.

But the older man only shook his head.

Toshiya gave him a confused look, then wrapped his legs around Kaoru's waist, a hand going to the wet jeans and beginning to undo the button when the guitarist pushed them away. Instead, he was pulled closer, Kaoru's arms wrapping around him, pressing them together. Alarmed at the emotion and vulnerability he sensed from the guitarist, Toshiya returned the embrace, carefully at first, then tightly, Kaoru's shoulder digging painfully into his own. Silence ensued as Toshiya felt Kaoru building his composure back together. Only when the purple-haired man relaxed his hold did Toshiya follow and loosen his arms, one remaining casually draped around Kaoru's waist. His lover refused to meet his gaze, still hugging the bassist, hands lovingly placed at the small and middle of his back, face buried in the crook of Toshiya's neck.

"Kaoru…is something wrong?"

The older man was silent for a while.

"No, nothing at all. I just…"

"Just…??" Toshiya tried to move away so that he could face Kaoru but the man's hands tightened, keeping his lover still. "Tell me," he said softly, his other hand going up to the guitarist's head, stroking soothingly.

"I can't believe that we're together," Kaoru blurted out quickly. The bassist could imagine his skin flushing with the sentimentality of that comment. Kaoru continued before he lost his courage. "I just think about all the time we've wasted…all the time we could've been together and all the memories we could've had. I don't ever want this to end, Toshiya." Now he pulled back to look into the warm brown pools of Toshiya's eyes.

"I love you."

And now, the blue-haired man ducked his head as his eyes filled with tears. "I…I don't know what to say Kaoru…I mean—I love you too. I know that. But I don't think of the time we've had apart…I think of the time we still have. I'm not going anywhere, Kao-kun." He grinned shakily. "You're pretty much stuck with me."

Kaoru met his smile with one of his own.

"That's why I need you so much. Optimism to meet my pessimism. Genkiness to meet my solemnity. You balance me out, Totchi. And…I don't know what I'd do without you."

His only answer was a soft kiss on his cheek before Toshiya pulled them together again, bodies pressed against each other in confirmation of Toshiya's silent promise. Even though no words were spoken, both men understood.


I will never leave you. 


As the two embraced, the sun set behind them, gentle waves passing, lapping tenderly at their skin before returning to the sea.



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