Silent Reverie

by Krystal-chan


The stench of cigarette smoke, alcohol, and sweat permeated the thick air. Leaning across the counter, a young man ordered a shot of sake, running slender white fingers through strands of purple that fell into kohl-lined almond-shaped eyes. He could feel countless pairs of eyes on him, watching his every move, drinking in the way his tight, black leather pants clung to his slender, toned legs. Needing to see more of him. Now, he turned on his barstool and slowly scanned the crowded club with those piercing, dark oculars. A mass of writhing bodies, gyrating against one another invaded his view. Oh, how joyous. Why he had even acquiesced to a certain clingy bassist to come to this poor excuse of a club was beyond all levels of reasoning. Of course, as soon as they had arrived at the club, the blue-haired, seemingly-innocent beauty had disappeared into the crowd of bodies, after failing to persuade his escort to come with him. No, he was not as inclined to social gatherings as his young friend was. Sighing, he turned back to the bar and rested his chin in the palm of his hand. His eyes trailed down to the sake glass that was hastily offered to him by the bartender, who timidly held out a pen and a napkin and asked him to autograph it. Sighing, he mustered up all the patience inside of him and plastered a smile on his face, albeit a fake one, and signed the flimsy, dirty napkin quickly. The bartender bowed and thanked him, then turned and walked briskly away. No surprise there. Black lacquered fingers grasped the tiny sake glass and he brought it to black-painted tiers, letting the cold liquid slide over those luscious lips and into his mouth. Rolling the liquid over his tongue, he swallowed it, and waved the bartender over for another. The sound of breaking glass was heard, and his attention was diverted to a table several feet from where he sat. Shards of glass littered the floor, and a tall, muscular man was on his feet, a look of immense anger on his face. His companion, a slender, delicate flower of a girl was standing as well, facing him. Her expression was one of complete calmness. Even over the din of the electronic music blaring over the speakers, he could hear their argument, or rather, his argument.
“You needn’t scream at me, Koori,” She said quietly. “Arguments are childish and unnecessary.”
“Unnecessary? You wanna know what’s unnecessary? Your pathetic fuckin’ existence! I hope you get gangbanged and tortured to death! That’s what you deserve, stupid little bitch!” He raised his hand, as if to hit her.
“If you lay your hand on me, you will regret the day you were born.” Although her words were calm and quiet, rage flashed in those piercing eyes, sending an immense amount of energy. A strand of midnight-black hair had fallen over her beautifully made-up eyes. Did she notice? Those locks of black fell to her shoulders, gently teased and styled. Funny that Kaoru noticed tiny things like these, even when conflicts rose.
Letting his hand drop to the side, the young man knocked over his chair with anger, then spat in her face. Not batting an eyelash, the girl picked up her tablecloth and blotted the spittle off of her finely defined cheekbone. Kaoru wanted to hit him for disrespecting this young woman like that. He chose to remain seated. The young man shot a look of hatred towards the girl, then angrily walked away, disappearing into the crowd. The girl dropped the napkin onto her plate and sighed. She suddenly paused, as if she heard something, then slowly turned her head to the left and looked directly at him. He froze, then turned back to the bar, to hastily down the cup of sake that had been set in front of him. The scent of strawberries suddenly filled the air, and he jerked his head to the left to see the girl looking at him in a rather unnerving manner. She seemed to almost be studying him.
“Ano…You must have heard all of that, didn’t you?” Her voice sounded like the sound of sweet rain falling from the heavens.
He blinked, then nodded slowly. His eyes couldn’t help but wander from those beautifully-fringed eyes to those red-glossed tiers, down to the curve of her white neck, past the leather-clad curve of her bosom, pausing at her flat stomach, then down her tight, leather-clad legs. Clearing his throat, he quickly looked back up at her. She seemed to have the most amused expression on her face.
“Yet you didn’t say anything. Why?” Tilting her head to the right, she cupped her face with her hand, her eyes traveling over his face, as if she were trying to…read him? Hah, absurd. No one could crack through that wall…
“It was not my position to say anything, seeing that I did not know the situation nor the people involved in it. You looked as if you could handle yourself well, however.” He nodded curtly to her.
She smiled, seeming to be pleased with his answer. Turning to the bartender she ordered a drink he had never heard of before, some American beverage. Her English seemed to be flawless, without a single hint of an accent. She also ordered another cup of sake for him. Most peculiar. She must have noticed him playing with the small porcelain cup. “Ne, what’s your name?”
Kaoru stared blankly at this delicate creature before him. She didn’t know his name. That meant she didn’t know who he was. The question was so innocent, so typical, yet it carried so much weight. “Nikkura, Nikkura Kaoru.”
She smiled, and nodded to the bartender as he presented them with their drinks. Reaching over the bar, she captured the slim straw between her lips and took a sip of the drink. He watched as she closed her eyes and sat back on the stool, a small smile lit upon her cherubic-like face. His eyes followed that small pink tongue that darted out of her mouth to capture the beads of moisture that had accidentally slipped onto her lips. He looked away briefly, then back at her. She was smiling. Her smile suddenly grew even wider as her eyes settled on something over his shoulder.
“What?” Before Kaoru had the chance to turn around, he was suddenly engulfed by a pair of strong arms. Toshiya. He struggled a bit, wondering how absurd the image must look to…suddenly he realized he didn’t even know her name. Tugging Toshiya’s arms, he finally became annoyed. “Totchi, get off!”
Instantly, he found release…however momentarily. Two seconds later, a blur and Toshiya was plopped on his lap, fingers entwined around Kaoru’s neck. His lips were turned down in a pout, and he looked up at Kaoru sadly. “Mou…You don’t like me anymore?”
Kaoru rolled his eyes in defeat, then looked past the human mass clinging to him and let his eyes settle on the girl, who was absolutely delighted with Toshiya’s wonderful entrance. “Gomen nasai. Toshiya has a tendency to-” Toshiya licked the side of Kaoru’s face “-Act up like this occasionally. Do excuse his behavior as the behavior of someone who is clearly psychotic.”
Toshiya’s attention suddenly diverted to the girl’s. Jumping off of Kaoru’s lap, he bent down, resting his hands on his knees and stared at the girl, as if studying her. She stared back. He smiled. “I like you. What’s your name?”
“Hitohori Aya. What’s yours?” Aya beamed at the lively man in front of her.
“Hara Toshimasa, but you can call me Toshiya, or just Totchi,” With that, he downed Kaoru’s sake in one gulp, turned and walked away. “Ja ne, nice meeting you. I have more dancing to do.”

Eyes. God, those eyes. He could drown in them. Kaoru shook his head as he forced himself to look away from her. She suddenly leaned very close to him. Too close for comfort, and he shifted uncomfortably, drawing away.
“Do I make you uncomfortable?” She whispered softly, tilting her head and studying him.
“Nope.” Lying through his teeth.
“You know, if you’re going to lie, you can at least do it well,” Aya smiled softly. She reached forward and he pulled back more. She touched his face gently, then wiped something off the side of his mouth. “Your lipstick. It smeared a little when Toshiya sat down on your lap and proceeded to molest you.”


to be continued

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