Silent Reverie pt 16 Chapter 16
A picture held a thousand memories. A thousand memories held a thousand tears. A beautiful smile, forever captured on the paper smiled back at him. Soft eyes glittered through the thin glass. He lifted a finger to run it over the glass, tracing the jaw line. Gone now. Gone, gone, utterly gone. And it was his fault. Kyo suddenly threw the frame with all his force, watching it hit a wall, then fall onto the hard floor, the glass exploding into tiny fragments. Kyo screamed and went down on his knees, crawling to the picture frame and picked it up, pulling the glass out of the frame. One piece caught in his palm, digging into his flesh until blood began gushing about the alien object within his hand. He blinked and looked down at his hand, now with a piece of glass embedded in it. Prying the glass out, he winced, careful to not mar the image with his blood. With his back to the wall, Kyo held the picture in the now glass-free picture frame to his chest, pieces of glass strewn about him on the floor. His hand stung. Kyo looked down at it again. The laceration was deep, about two inches long, and blood was dripping freely onto his pants. Damn. He probably should see a doctor for that. Carefully looking back down at the picture, he sighed, tears burning his eyes. *Why did I ever let you go?*

Author's note: this was a very short chapter for a number of reasons. Hope you guys understand. ^__~ I need your questions and comments! So email me!

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