Silent Reverie pt 17

Thoughts of her nearly made him delirious. Her smile, her taste, her eyes… God, those eyes…Aya… Kaoru absentmindedly strummed his guitar. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her face. Everywhere he turned, he heard the sound of her voice. He felt like he was drowning in thoughts of her. They surrounded him, swathing him like a baby in swaddling cloth. Aya. She was like a drug he couldn’t get enough of, an addiction he could never kick. Kaoru found himself musing over the delicious feeling of her lips against his, the utter softness of her skin as he let his fingers glide over her. She was like an angel sent from heaven. Kaoru hugged his guitar against his chest, intertwining his fingers together. He forced himself to turn his attention down to his guitar, away from thoughts of her, lest he go insane. Just as he began submerging himself into his music, the distant chiming of his doorbell caught his attention.

Toshiya chewed on his lower lip nervously, shifting from one foot to the other, then reached forward to ring the doorbell. He could hear the melodic sounds of guitar from deep within Kaoru’s apartment come to a stop, then the sounds of his footsteps as he walked to the door. Then the door opened a crack, and he saw wisps of purple, before the door opened wider, and there before him stood Kaoru. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of red track pants, and his hair looked slightly rumpled, as if he had just rolled out of bed. Toshiya instantly bounded into Kaoru’s arms, giving him a tight hug before pushing past him into the slightly messy apartment.
“Toshiya? What are you doing here?” Kaoru closed the door after him as Toshiya let himself in, plopping down on a couch after exchanging his shoes for slippers.
“Ne…You’re not happy to see me? Just happened to be in the neighborhood and figured you could use some company… Eto… I brought some DVDs!” Toshiya lifted a plastic bag, then slipped a hand into the bag and pulled out a DVD. “Your favorite, Betty Blue!”
Kaoru’s eyes lit up and he grabbed the DVD. “I’ve been looking for this. Kyo never returned my copy, and I haven’t had a chance to go out and get a new copy.”
Toshiya smiled, grabbing Kaoru’s arm and pulling him over the couch onto him. Kaoru grunted a little, laughing as he pushed Toshiya back and managed to sit up. Toshiya instantly punched Kaoru’s bicep playfully, who reached over and tried to grab Toshiya into a headlock. Somehow, Toshiya managed to squirm his way out of Kaoru’s grasp, falling onto the floor and knocking over the coffee table. Laughing and breathless, the two men patted each other on the back and straightened the table again, picking up several pieces of paper that fell. Kaoru smiled and gave Toshiya a light hug.
“Thanks. Hey you want something to drink?”
Toshiya shook his head no, declining politely. “I want to go shopping. Let’s go shopping Kao-kun.”
“Come on!” Toshiya whined, pulling on Kaoru’s sleeve. Kaoru looked down at Toshiya, who smiled up at him, then sighed, acquiescing. He pushed Toshiya off of him playfully.
“Oh, fine, just let me change into something appropriate.”

Kaoru glanced over the kitchen table into the living room once more. Toshiya had fallen asleep on the couch after they came back from their shopping spree, laden with bags of goods. He glanced down at the magazine that he held in his hands. A beautiful woman, seemingly stoic, dressed in the latest fashions stared back at him. He sighed, wondering why Aya never told him that she was a professional model. Flipping through the magazine, he paused as he came across a series of pinups. Kaoru suddenly realized that he knew almost nothing about her, except that she was an incredible person. In love with a woman that he knew nothing about, he mused, a sardonic smile twisting his lips. Kaoru’s breath suddenly caught in his chest as his hands tightened about the magazine, the paper crinkling slightly. Was this love? This feeling that he couldn’t comprehend, that he had never felt before? This incredible feeling that seemed as though his heart was about to burst? What was love? Kaoru looked down at the magazine and smoothed it out where his fingers had made tiny indents in the glossy paper. Toshiya turned over on the couch, murmuring under his breath, hardly a whisper. “Kaoru…”
Kaoru put down the magazine and walked over to the couch, a frown creased on his forehead. He leaned over the couch, but Toshiya was still sleeping. He must have been dreaming. Kaoru turned away from the couch, running a hand through wispy strands of lilac. Toshiya’s voice suddenly startled him again, hardly a murmur as he turned once more in his sleep. “Kaoru…Aisheteru…”

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