Silent Reverie pt 18

Chapter 18
-Warning: There is MAJOR yaoi slash in this chapter.-

Kaoru’s head throbbed. He sank into a chair in his kitchen, bringing his slender hands up to the sides of his head as he gently massaged his temples. Musing over Toshiya’s words, he sighed as he leaned over the table and rested his head on his arms, letting his eyes flutter shut. Toshiya was in love with him. How could he have let this happen? If the others found out… Good God, he could not even comprehend such a thing. Thoughts of Aya fluttered into his mind again. What would she think of this situation? He wanted to call her, to hear her voice. Kaoru sank his head into his hands, letting a sigh slip over his lips.
“Kao-kun?” Toshiya’s voice was heavy with sleep. Kaoru couldn’t bring himself to lift his eyes to Toshiya’s, terrified that his eyes would betray him. His back was to Toshiya, and he suddenly felt Toshiya’s slim hand on his shoulder. Stiffening, he bit his lip as he stared blankly at the refrigerator in front of him. “Ne…Kao-kun, aren’t you tired?”
Kaoru shrugged Toshiya’s hand off of his shoulder, slipping out of his grip, and standing up. “Don’t do that.”
“Kao?” Toshiya’s voice wavered slightly.
Kaoru squeezed his eyes shut. “Toshiya, I think you should leave now.”
“What’s wrong? Did…did I do something?” The fear was unmistakable in his voice. God, his voice was shaking like that… Kaoru felt his heart breaking as he clenched his fists and grit his teeth. He could not let something like this continue.
“I’ll see you at practice, Toshiya.” Kaoru heard Toshiya’s slight, stifled gasp, a rustling of the clothes, then hurried retreating footsteps. Moments later, the door slammed, shaking the small apartment, leaving Kaoru alone in the kitchen. With a sigh, he sank back down into the chair, his hand fluttering up to his face. His whole body was trembling. It was for the best.

Kyo stared at the red, glowing end of his cigarette as it burned the paper slowly, acrid smoke raising into the air. He let his eyes flutter shut and brought the cigarette to his lips, slowly inhaling, savoring the taste. His eyes snapped open suddenly as his silence was cut with the sharp sounds of knocking.
“Kuso.” Kyo stood, putting out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray as he made his way across his small, cluttered apartment to his door. Sighing, he sighed, pulling the door open. His heart suddenly dropped as his eyes took in the sight of a tear-stricken Toshiya.
“…Totchi?” Kyo slid his arm under Toshiya’s, slightly supporting the taller man as he led him into the cluttered apartment. Using a foot to close the door, he sat Toshiya down on one of his couches, then went into the kitchen and filled a tall glass with cold water, bringing it back out. Kyo sighed as he sat down next to Toshiya, whose sobs racked his thin body. Toshiya had bent over on the couch, burying his face in his hands, that rested on his lap as he sobbed, nearly screaming. Kyo furrowed his brow, slowly bringing a hand up to gently rub Toshiya’s back. Toshiya’s body shook, and Kyo finally managed to pull him into a tight embrace, letting Toshiya bury his face in Kyo’s shirt. Gently bringing his hands up, he ran them through Toshiya’s hair, gently patting his back as Toshiya cried. What had happened that made Toshiya so distraught? The minutes seemed to drag by like hours, but finally Toshiya’s crying decreased, and he sat up, reaching for the glass of water, but his hands shook so much that he nearly spilt the glass. Kyo gently took the glass from him and brought it to his lips, tilting it back so he could drink. Tears squeezed out from behind closed eyelids as he drank the cold liquid hungrily, thankfully.
“I’m so sorry about disturbing you like this, Kyo-kun.” Toshiya whimpered as he miserably looked down at his hand. The sudden warmth of an embrace surprised him as he looked up, his hands fluttering to Kyo’s arms that had wrapped around him. “Kyo?”
“Totchi… Never, never be sorry, or too scared to come to me when you need someone to be with you. Don’t you remember how it used to be? You used to tell me everything. We were so close then,” Kyo pulled back, a slight smile gracing his lips. He reached a hand out and gently brushed away Toshiya’s tears. “You can trust me with anything. You know that.”
“Kyo…” Toshiya brought a slender hand up and gently stroked Kyo’s. “Thank you…”
“Now, tell me what’s wrong. That is, after I change this shirt.” Kyo stood up, pulling his shirt over his head as he headed towards his room. Toshiya suddenly stiffened slightly as his eyes traveled over Kyo’s body, over defined, taut muscles that slightly rippled as he moved. A sudden flush of heat traveled over him, creeping into his loins, his pants crotch tightening slightly as images of erotic lust suddenly fluttered into his mind. Still shaking off the last remnants of tears wasted, Toshiya stood, long legs bringing him to the door of Kyo’s room, where Kyo stood with his back facing him, bending over as he rummaged through a drawer. Toshiya wanted to forget. He wanted to forget why he had even come to Kyo’s apartment. He wanted to forget why tears had been shed tonight. He wanted to forget about Kaoru. If he had to spend one more day feeling the pain of not having someone love him, want him, need him…he would surely die. With silent resolve, Toshiya closed the space between Kyo and him, pulling the shirt out of Kyo’s hands as he stood to shake it out. Kyo turned around, a frown creasing his forehead.
“Toshiya?” The frown quickly left as his eyes met desperate lust-filled eyes. He watched as Toshiya dropped the shirt on the floor, and his pulse quickened as Toshiya’s hot lips came crashing down on his. The movement was sudden, and abrupt, and Kyo had not expected it. It sent him back into the dresser, nearly knocking over the contents that rested on top. Kyo could feel Toshiya’s tongue flickering over his top lip, and he brought his arms up to Toshiya’s hair, letting his mouth slide open and deepening the kiss, their tongues mingling. They stumbled to the side, over a pile of clothing and onto the bed, knocking over a lamp and breaking it. Kyo dipped his head into the curve of Toshiya’s neck, dragging his lips over the tender white skin. God, it had been so long, so many years since he had tasted this skin… His hands pushed the hemline of Toshiya’s shirt up, feeling the hot skin underneath. Skilled fingers found sensitive nipples and he squeezed them between his thumb and middle finger, eliciting a gasp from Toshiya. Kyo bit down on the tender skin, licking it as he dragged his hand down to the inconspicuous bulge in Toshiya’s tight pants, massaging it roughly. Toshiya moaned and arched his back, each sensation sending waves of pleasure through his body. Grabbing a handful of Toshiya’s hair, he pulled on it roughly, exposing the swan-like curve of Toshiya’s slender neck. Kyo licked from the base of his neck to Toshiya’s jaw-line, then pausing before catching Toshiya’s earlobe in his teeth, sucking on it as his hand massaged Toshiya’s growing erection. Suddenly, Kyo found himself on his back, and Toshiya had pinned his arms above him with one arm. Toshiya straddled him and pumped his hips once, the friction creating a delicious sensation. Kyo felt his eyes flutter shut as Toshiya bent his head down, a smile playing on his lips, and dragged his tongue in small circular motions from Kyo’s neck to his chest. Toshiya’s hot mouth found one of Kyo’s nipples, and his fingers found the other. Roughly drawing circular motions around the hardened nipple with his tongue, Toshiya let his fingers graze up towards Kyo’s shoulder, releasing his arms from his grip. A moan escaped from Kyo’s lips and he brought his hands down to Toshiya’s hair, finding a grip on it and pulling his head up as he bent his head down to meet Toshiya’s in a crushing kiss. Their roles were suddenly reversed as Kyo swung his body force into Toshiya, pulling him down and quickly pinning him down. He pulled Toshiya’s t-shirt over his head, and then bent his head down again to taste Toshiya once more, his teeth nibbling on Toshiya’s bottom lip. Kyo’s hands traveled down to Toshiya’s waistband and pulled down his tight pants, releasing his swollen member. Ah, yes, Toshiya never wore underwear, Kyo smirked as he kissed Toshiya, letting Toshiya slide off his pants and boxer-briefs. Kyo bent his head down once more to let his teeth graze against Toshiya’s neck, as his hand traveled down, gently massaging Toshiya’s abdomen before taking his member in his hand, squeezing it as he stroked it. Kyo let his lips travel down Toshiya’s chest, teasing him with flicks of the tongue, eliciting moans that only caused his arousal to grow even more. Kyo parted Toshiya’s legs gently and let his tongue slide up his smooth, inner thigh. Now he looked up, stopping his motions.
“What do you want me to do?” Kyo canted his head to the side and stared at Toshiya with no expression. A slight tremble rippled through Toshiya’s body.
“Please what?”
“Please….don’t stop… I need you. Please… Kyo…” Toshiya’s voice was trembling.
“Kyo what?”
Kyo smiled. Ah, yes, he was under control now. Bending his head, he acquiesced to Toshiya’s wishes, letting his tongue slide up the length of Toshiya’s member. Toshiya mewled, arching his back, his fingers clenching the sheets as he felt the sudden sensation. Kyo sucked on the length of the shaft, letting his tongue wet the tender skin thoroughly, licking the tip in round circular motions, the taste of Toshiya nearly causing his arousal to explode. He managed to calm himself, taking Toshiya into his mouth, his hands massaging Toshiya at the same time. Toshiya moaned, his eyes snapping open as he felt Kyo take him in his mouth. Good god. Kyo was suddenly attacking the most sensitive spot of his member with his tongue as he slid his mouth up and down Toshiya’s shaft. He nearly screamed in ecstasy, his back arching, his head thrashing and hitting the headboard as Kyo continued to pleasure him. He heard the bedsheets tear as he pulled at them, gasps of pleasure shuddering through his body. He felt himself swell inside Kyo’s mouth suddenly and with another scream and one last shuddering arch, he came in Kyo’s mouth, before lying back, his breath shaking, his chest heaving. Kyo smiled as he slid up to Toshiya, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, then bringing his lips down on Toshiya’s. Toshiya could taste himself on Kyo’s lips. Kyo pulled away, letting his head sink down once more to Toshiya’s neck. The night had just begun.

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