Silent Reverie pt 19

Chapter 19
*Yaoi continued.*

Toshiya moaned as Kyo’s teeth grazed his neck once more. His hands clutched the other’s back, mewling suddenly with pleasure as he felt Kyo begin to tease his extremely sensitive and slowly growing arousal. Kyo’s breath was hot against his ear.
“Turn around Totchi…”
Kyo sat back as Toshiya got up on his hands and knees, then leaned over to his nightstand and pulled open his drawer, rummaging around until his fingers grasped the plastic tube of lubricant. He squirted some onto his fingers then parted Toshiya’s legs with his knee and massaged the lubricant over and into Toshiya, sliding two fingers into him. Toshiya felt his arousal slowly springing to life as he felt Kyo’s lips trail down over his back, his fingers probing within him. Suddenly, the fingers were replaced with something hotter and much larger. Kyo moaned in pleasure as he pushed into Toshiya, arching his back as he slid in. He wrapped his arm around Toshiya’s waist to massage the other’s arousal, the other arm supporting himself. Kyo began slowly thrusting in and out of Toshiya, each movement that he made sending waves of pleasure through both men.

They fucked, hard and fast until the sun began to rise, then collapsed in each others arms, passing out in sheer exhaustion, the scent of sweat and sex strong in the air. Yet, the emptiness that still filled both their souls had not been replaced with one night of pleasure, although it had been momentarily forgotten. Desperate. Alone. Yet, together. Ironic how these things always seemed to work. When Kyo woke, Toshiya was still asleep, surprisingly. He had pulled Kyo close to him, resting his head in the small of the other’s neck. Kyo smiled, kissing Toshiya’s forehead, before letting his eyes flutter shut once more, letting sleep claim him as her victim again. When they awoke, it was mid-afternoon, practice obviously been forgotten. Toshiya’s keitei had received a total of seventeen missed calls and eight messages, all from either Kaoru, Shinya, or Die, demanding to know where he was. Kyo fared slightly better, only receiving two reprimanding messages from Kaoru. After a few bowls of curry noodles, several cups of strong oolong tea, and a shared plate of fried karei, Toshiya was finally able to explain his shed tears to Kyo. He finally was not carrying this burden alone. Toshiya took a bath to relieve his aching muscles afterwards, and Kyo joined him mid-way through, sinking down into the hot water in Toshiya’s arms. They had no one else, but they had each other.
“I think we’re just cursed, Toshiya.” Kyo murmured in the darkness, letting his eyes glide over the water, lit amber by several candles.
“Hai, we’re hopeless.” Toshiya bent his head down and kissed the top of Kyo’s head, dipping a sponge into the water, then lifting it and gently ran it down the length of Kyo’s arm. Kyo sighed and let his head roll back over Toshiya’s shoulder.
“I’ve become such a sap.”
“That’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. I promise.” Toshiya tilted Kyo’s head back to his and let their lips join in a soft, desperate kiss. One arm encircled Kyo’s waist, and the other reached down to massage a slowly growing arousal. Kyo gasped softly, feeling Toshiya’s hardness against his lower back. He turned, the water gently sloshing about him so he was facing Toshiya, straddling him. Kyo pressed his lips against Toshiya’s again, his fingers reaching up to stroke his wet hair. Their passion began to increase, and they had sex again, this time slow and sensual, Toshiya crying in pleasure as Kyo rode him, his own throbbing member trapped between them, the hot water creating a delirious sensation. They came in each others arms, shuddering as their breathing slowed, Kyo resting his head on Toshiya’s chest. The water had turned lukewarm, so they stepped out of the tub blowing out the candles in the process, each wrapped in a towel, and stumbled to Kyo’s room, kissing.

// I’ve spent
My life
Running from the emptiness
That haunts me

And I’ve felt
My whole life
Trying to fuck
The loneliness away //

They fell onto the bedsheets in a passionate embrace, tears fresh on both their faces as they kissed, each wishing the other was a different person. Nails cut into flesh, teeth bit into skin, passion erupted into fire as Toshiya took Kyo once more, this time in his mouth. The hours passed, but they stopped caring. They had each other, and this passion, that killed the emptiness… however shortly.

// And I die
When I think of all the people
That I’ve damaged

And I’m tired
I’m so tired
And there’s no one else
Except myself to blame //

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