Silent Reverie

by Krystal-chan


Shinya sighed as he doodled on a napkin, sipping hot coffee. The aroma of cigarette smoke and roasted coffee beans permeated the air. The fair drummer wrinkled his pert nose in disgust at the acrid cigarette smoke. Die always smoked those death sticks in front of him, much to Shinya’s chagrin. Die. He made a face. God, Die angered him so much. Always finding ways to irritate him, teasing him at every chance he had. It was ridiculously frustrating and childish at the same time. Because of Die’s insistent teasing, Shinya had cut off his long auburn locks, favoring the shoulder-length shag he had now. Slender digits now rose to those shorn strands, sighing nostalgically as he rubbed the silken burnt umber between his thumb and forefinger. Shinya felt like a fool. No one else in the band had changed their appearance because they were teased too much. He bit his lower lip, scratching out the odd looking fish he had drawn. He was so lonely. Do they know? Do they know how he felt? How confused he is? No, they couldn’t understand. No one understood, not even him. Shinya sighed and looked at his crossed-out fish sadly, then proceeded on drawing a rabbit. A flash of bright red suddenly caught his eye. Not looking up, he continued to draw his rabbit calmly, even as Die sat down across him and lit a cigarette.
“Watcha’ drawing? A mutilated dog?” Die’s voice broke his train of concentration.
Shinya looked up at him, his eyes narrowed, then looked back down. “What do you want?”
“Coffee. Why else would I be here?” Indeed, Die did have a Styrofoam cup in his hand. He leaned over the table to Shinya. “Not too keen on observations, ne?”
Why did Die always insist on saying things like that? Shinya looked up angrily, amber eyes flashing with anger. He met Die’s eyes, twinkling with humor, yet he had the feeling that behind the humor, there was something else there…Shinya shook his head. He wouldn’t try to read someone so irritating.
Die tilted his head to the right and took a sip of his coffee, side-glancing the slim beauty before him. “Why so silent? Did you swallow your tongue?”
Shinya glared at him. “You’re so dense, Die.”
“O-ho! He speaks! All is not lost in the world of Shinya.” Die laughed, then plucked the half-eaten cookie off of Shinya’s plate and shoved it into his mouth. Shinya stared at him. That was his cookie that Die had just shoved into his mouth. He was going to eat it, too! He suddenly hated Die. He hated Die for always teasing him and saying things that he didn’t really mean. He hated Die for being the reason why he cut his hair. He hated Die for acting like a little kid around him all the time. Die had a serious, honest side that Shinya never, ever saw, and he hated that too. He hated the way Die was looking at him curiously right now. And most of all, he hated Die for eating that cookie that Shinya bought with his own hard-earned money. It was his cookie! Who did Die think he was, to be able to saunter in and take whatever he wanted from whomever he wanted? Without another word, Shinya stood up, scooping his jacket off the back of his chair and strode out of the coffee house angrily, bumping into a small, delicate girl as he walked out. Apologizing hastily, he quickly exited the coffeehouse. He could still feel Die’s gaze burning on the back of his neck.

The comforting aroma of hot coffee lured Aya towards the counter. She pushed past a group of chattering young schoolgirls, who gave her a dirty look. Opting to ignore their childishness, she stepped into line, pretending to look up at the price menu. The girls were giggling, pointing at her, whispering. One of them cleared her voice.
“Hey, how much do you charge?”
Aya side-glanced the girl who had said this. She was small and rather thin, her hair pulled back in two plaits. Her friends crowded around her, giggling. How ridiculously childish. She had no patience for these games. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”
“Ano…Is a prostitute trying to tell me what to do?” The girl looked at her friends, who laughed at her comment.
Someone suddenly brushed up against her, roughly turning Aya’s head towards their direction. She only caught the sight of a wild tuft of bright red hair before soft lips closed on hers momentarily. Her eyes widened, and she pulled back a little, confused. A blood-curling shriek nearly deafened her and she whimpered, pulling back. Slowly, she turned to look at the school girls, who had suddenly rushed up against Die. She watched them in amusement as they milled around him, squealing, asking him for his autograph. They wanted his autograph. Her smile faded, leaving her wondering why. Kaoru never said he was friends with a celebrity…Confused, she walked over to the counter and ordered her coffee. Sitting down at a table, she stirred in two packets of sugar and two creams, watching Die handle his loving admirers. To her horror, Die was heading towards her, a wide grin on his face. As well as his entourage of squealing schoolgirls, who moments ago had just been taunting her.
“Hey, babe.” Die planted a quick kiss on Aya’s cheek then sat down across from her, winking.
Babe? What the hell was this? First he kissed her out of nowhere. Fine, that she’d let go of. Now he’s calling her babe and…there are girls, screaming…and she was ridiculously confused. And now he was holding her hand.
“Hey! Are you two together or something?” The girl who had been taunting her suddenly came up to her, a look of annoyance on her face.
“Ah…” Suddenly pain shot up the side of her leg. Die had kicked her under the table! She shot him an evil glare, but saw him biting his lip apologetically. She turned back to the girl, smiled her sweetest smile and giggled. “Yeah, we’re planning on getting married.”
The girl had the most sour expression on her face. “Oh. Congratulations.” She quickly turned back to Die. “Can I please have your autograph, Die-sama?”
“Sure,” Die fumbled in his pocket for a pen and autographed a napkin, giving it to the girl, who squealed, thanking him profusely. He watched, eyes sparkling with amusement as the small group of girls left the coffeehouse, chattering with excitement. “They never cease to entertain me.”

to be continued

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