Silent Reverie

by Krystal-chan


“Wanna tell me what that was all about?” Aya sipped her coffee slowly, pools of black focused on the handsome redhead before her.
“You don’t know?” Die looked most amused. He leaned back in the small wooden chair, playing with a napkin.
Aya shook her head. “Iie. I have never been so confused in my life as I was just now.”
“I’m in a band with Kaoru, Totchi, Kyo, and this guy Shinya you haven’t met…I don’t think. We’re called Dir en Grey. You sure you haven’t heard of us?” When Aya shook her head no, Die raised an eyebrow, shaking his head slowly. “Geez, you really don’t get out much, do you?”
“I don’t really have many luxuries that I can indulge in at home.” Aya said this quietly, then looked down into her coffee. She looked back up at Die and smiled. Die suddenly reached over and clasped her hands in his. She tried to pull back, but he had a firm grasp on her slim hands, and he brought those hands to his lips.
“You have the most beautiful hands…” Die looked up at Aya, deciding that he wanted to bed this heavenly creature before him. He wanted to fuck her, wanted to hear her scream his name so loud that all the world heard. He bit his lip to keep from smiling, then let his tongue moisten those soft, pliant lips. Aya pulled her hands back into her lap, looking away from him, obviously flustered. He drew his chair close to hers and gently tilted her head towards his direction. Running his thumb over her cheek, he smiled. “And the most beautiful eyes,” He ran his thumb over her lips. “And lips…”
Aya couldn’t help but gasp slightly as Die moisten his lips with his tongue, slowly closing the space between them in a sweet kiss. This, this wasn’t supposed to be happening. She didn’t really care for Die. He was just supposed to be Kaoru’s friend, albeit, amazingly sexy friend…This should be Kaoru. But God, his kisses felt so good. Those teeth, gently tugging on her lower lip, nipping at her, tearing down any resistance within her. No, this was wrong. She drew back slightly from him, eyes filled with fear, confusion. Die gently stroked the side of her face. “You’re beautiful, Aya…So beautiful…”

They were at the door of his apartment, fumbling for the lock. Stumbling in, Die quickly shut the door behind him, locking it behind him. Aya instantly attacked his lips again with hers, biting, sucking, needing. She pushed his light black jacket off of his shoulders onto the floor, pulling him by the shirt. Die turned and pressed her up against the wall, tearing her shirt off of her. Instantly, his lips were at her neck, biting and kissing. He licked down to her cloth-covered breast, then unclasped the bra as he kissed the shallow of her neck. Aya pressed this beautiful man against her, eyes closed in pleasure. Her lips parted in a slight gasp as he captured one firm nipple in his mouth, twisting the other between his forefinger and thumb. She moaned, and he licked down her flat stomach, taunting her, then back up to her lips. One hand found her left breast, the other traveled down between her legs. She moaned, her hands tangled in that beautiful hair as their tongues danced, letting him unzip her pants. Suddenly, she grabbed a handful of his shirt and turned quickly, slamming him against the wall. She pressed her lips against his again in a crushing kiss, her mouth traveling down to the tender curve of his neck. Her hands were fumbling at the buttons of the silky black shirt he wore, then she gave up and ripped the shirt, hearing several plastic buttons hit the ground and roll away, never to be found. Pulling his shirt off of him, she instantly attacked a taut nipple, letting her hand fall to the hardness between his legs, massaging it. He made a soft growling sound in his throat, so she sucked on his nipple harder. He made a louder sound, so she bit down. Die moaned and grabbed her hair. Aya licked back up to him, kissing him fiercely, then prying herself away, her eyes open and wide. They gazed at each other for a moment before Die pulled her down to the floor, pushing her back on the ground. He yanked down her pants and underwear, throwing it behind his back. Undoing his pants quickly, his length sprang out from the tight confines of the leather and he let them drop the ground, stepping out of them before kicking them aside. Sinking down to the ground, he lips meet with hers in a soft, sweet kiss. Die’s fingers found the moisture between her legs and he pressed the tip of his length up against her, then took a deep breath and entered her slowly.

It was so wrong, but god, it felt so fucking good. Aya dug her nails into Die’s back, biting down on his shoulder, drawing blood. He winced and pounded into her harder. It felt so, so good. Aya’s legs were wrapped around his waist, and he clutched onto her small frame as he plunged his way into ecstasy. A sheen of sweat glowed on the lover’s bodies as they moved in unison. Guttural cries and moans escaped from those sweet lips, and Die watched as Aya arched her back, her face contorting in complete pleasure as she submitted to pure pleasure. He bent his head down and muffled a moan with his lips, tugging on her lower lip with his teeth ferociously. Die felt as if he were about to pass out from complete pleasure. Panting as he continued to thrust into the tight, wet cavern of pleasure, he let out a cry. Screaming Aya’s name, he gave one more thrust, then came violently inside of her. Who cares if she got pregnant? He would never see this fuck-toy again, anyway. Kissing her again, he slid out of her, his labored breathing slowing to normal. Pulling her close to him, he smiled and pulled the sheets over them. Five times in one night. Damn, Die would be set for the next two weeks! With that thought in mind, he let his eyes close and fell into the embraces of sleep.

Someone was shaking her. “Get up.” No, she didn’t want to. She wanted to sleep more. Go away, person. Aya snuggled more into the bed, letting the confines of sleep gently sing her lullabies. Suddenly, she felt very cold, and she opened her eyes slowly, blinking at the bright light. Was it morning already? A hand was shaking her.
“Get up. Come on Aya, wake up.” Die’s voice cracked through her semi-conscious state and sent her throttling to the world of consciousness. She sat up, rubbing one eye with her forefinger. She smiled when she saw the sight of Die, already dressed and bent over her.
“Aya, you have to go…” Die said quietly, then picked up some sheet music off of the dresser and put it in an open guitar case.
“N-Nani?” She was confused. Was she just…used?
“I have rehearsal, I gotta go. They’re gonna kill me when I get there. I’m late.” Die checked his watch hastily. Aya felt as if tears would spring to her eyes. Yes, this confirmed it. She had been used. Again. Nothing new to her, she forced the tears back. Be strong, Aya…At least he was gentle…Sort of.She sat up and silently started to dress.

to be continued

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