Silent Reverie

by Krystal-chan


Kaoru looked up as the door opened. A beautiful young woman stepped in, then seemed to startle and looked up. The same woman gasped and took a step backwards, beautiful eyes going wide in alarm, her small hands dropping the camera that she had been grasping moments ago on the worn carpet. He studied her, his eyes flowing over her body. She wore a simple black blazer of worsted wool that was a little too big for her size. Under the blazer was a simple white shirt, from what he could see. Worn, gray corduroy pants adorned her thin, shapely legs. Those tiny feet were covered by large, clunky boots. Her hair was a mantle of flowing black silk about a beautiful face-a face so perfect it seemed to have been painted. Yes, she could be a figment of his imagination, but he blinked, and she was still there…Her lips were painted red, and he wanted to kiss them, taste her, but he held back as his eyes traveled up to meet hers. God, to think he had been so angry before, so angry he could have done dreadful things to this beautiful creature he now observed quietly… Ridiculous. One look at this porcelain beauty, and his heart, it melted like ice thrown into a burning fire.
“Aya.” A simple word. He felt his heart pounding through his chest. Did she know? Did she know how scared he was? How much pain he had felt when he saw her, cradled in the arms of his best friend?
“K-Kaoru-kun? What are you doing here?” Aya turned quickly. She was closing the door behind her, locking it. She slipped out of her blazer and hung it on a small, rusty hook on the back of the door. Taking a step forward, she suddenly stopped, narrowing her eyes, and took two steps back. “How did you get here? How did you find this address? And how did you get in?”
Suspicion, alarm, fear. Kaoru sighed and wearily held up two things, her driver’s license and a slim black case that Aya recognized as lock-picking tools. She almost laughed, the scenario before her was so ridiculous. Biting back her laughter, she nodded, smiling softly. “You know, you can get arrested for that.”
Kaoru didn’t laugh, he didn’t even smile. He only looked up at her with sad eyes. A moment of silence ensued and he sighed, looking down at his feet. “So, you live here, huh?”
“Apparently.” She was moving. Sounds could be heard that sounded rather metallic. The sound of water being poured. Kaoru looked up and saw that she was making tea in the small kitchen adjacent to the “living room”. A small television set was on a diagonal from the couch that he sat on. Moments later, Aya came back with two steaming cups of tea. Kaoru smiled, and thanked her as he took the cup into his hands, the warmth seeping into his body as he inhaled the wonderful aroma of jasmine. He took a small sip. The tea was delicious and refreshing at the same time. Staring down into the amber liquid as he stirred his tea with a small silver spoon offered to him by slender fingers, he sighed, mulling over the day’s events. He sipped the steaming liquid again, then placed his cup down. Looking up, he realized that she was now looking at him intently, a curious expression upon her beautiful face as she lounged in a comfortable recliner, one slender leg thrown over the armrest. She had her hands resting on her stomach. Her own cup of tea was sitting on the coffee table, next to his own. He felt uncomfortable and looked away, but even as he did, he still felt her eyes upon his skin.
“You’re upset.” Aya’s voice was soft, but he didn’t look back at her. Kaoru feared if he looked at her any longer, he would be consumed with such wonder for her that he would rise out of his seat and quell his thirst for her, easily taking the slim girl. A sudden shake of the head. No, this would not be allowed to happen. The scent of strawberries. He suddenly realized she was next to him, gently reaching her hand out to touch his arm, the most innocent of touches, a simple gesture of friendship. He instantly flinched away from her, as if her fingertips were scalding irons that had burnt his flesh. She drew back from him, biting her lower lip. Her dark eyebrows were knitted together as she studied him. He wanted to scream. It seemed as if hours have passed as the silence slowly ate away at Kaoru. He finally turned to her, his eyes sweeping over her fragile figure, finding themselves trapped in a gaze that was so mesmerizing he felt as if his heart would shatter into pieces, it was beating so fast.
“A-Aya, I…” Kaoru wanted to say more, but he found that his words were lost as he gazed into those pools of black that reflected such turmoil he could never describe. He must have gasped, he didn’t know. He wanted to tear his eyes away from hers, but he found that he couldn’t. The pain that lay within the depths of that beautiful soul was clearly defined in those gorgeous eyes. It stabbed at his heart like knives to see her like this, this beautiful goddess, with eyes that spoke to him of such sorrow. He found himself wanting to reach out to her, to crush her in his arms against him and breathe her in, to reach into the depths of her soul and heal every wound, kiss away every scar, take away this pain that haunts her so. Unbearable pain that she must’ve carried for so long. He must have been saying things, because she was shaking her head softly, putting a gentle finger to his lips to stop him. Then suddenly she was in his arms, and it felt so good, feeling her soft skin under his fingertips, the scent of strawberries lifting off of her in gentle waves. He was kissing her, forgiving her. It didn’t matter anymore, and he cursed himself for caring in the first place. This angelic creature before him could do no wrong. He found himself in a state of euphoria, a dizzying effect settling upon him as he gently brushed his tongue against hers, his hands finding their way into the strands of silken ebony that tumbled down her back. Aya seemed to melt against him, and he gently broke the kiss, pulling her close to him, inhaling her scent. Limber fingers traced intricate patterns down a curved spine, stopping as they reached the sofa. Kaoru finally let soft lips turn up in a gentle smile. Be still, my beating heart.

to be continued

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