kurara-Unwilling Submission

~Unwilling Submission~

by Kurara

Comments - This is a fic for my baka ^.~
Hope you like!
"Reach out and touch someone... no! Not there!" A bumper sticker I 
saw ^^;;


Yu~ki peered into the chamber, gripping the wooden stake in his right 
hand and the cold silver crucifix in his left. He had to wait to 
move, the darkness forcing him to rely on his eyes adjusting. He 
kept his gaze on the center of the room as a coffin slowly 
formed. //Ah hah! Finally!// He smirked and walked slowly toward 
the coffin.

As he reached it, he ran his hand over the fine oak and the emblem at 
the head. "Kozi..." he whispered, seeing the fog from his 
breath. "I found him..."

Suddenly, the coffin flung open and Yu~ki staggered back, mouth 
gaping as Kozi rose, staring at him. Yu~ki's eyes went wide. //It's 
day! He should still sleep!//

Kozi grinned, hearing the other man's thoughts. "As long as it is 
dark, I will wake." He got out of the coffin and walked toward 
Yu~ki. Yu~ki shakily held up his crucifix with wide eyes, gasping as 
Kozi took him by the wrist and licked up the length of the silver, 
running over Yu~ki's fingers as well.

In his shock, Yu~ki dropped the crucifix and stake, feeling Kozi slam 
him against the wall. Yu~ki whimpered. "How?"

"All those silly supersititions..." Kozi pressed his body against 
Yu~ki's and ran his tongue on the other's lower lip.

Yu~ki whimpered. "Stop!" he cried out, pushing on Kozi's chest. 
Kozi used that opportunity and captured Yu~ki's lips in his own, 
kissing him deeply and forcefully. Yu~ki screamed against Kozi and 
bit down hard on his tongue.

Kozi made a motion to pull back, but heard Yu~ki moan and begin to 
suck on his tongue. Kozi moaned as well as he felt Yu~ki wrap his 
arms around him and suck harder, before realizing what Yu~ki was 
doing. //He's sucking MY blood!// He grabbed Yu~ki's shoulders and 
threw him to the side to land on the hard concrete floor.

Kozi felt his tongue heal up as he watched Yu~ki struggle to hsi 
feet, a hungry look in his eyes. "More..."

//He's already got a taste for blood... He'd make a nice lay...// 
Kozi grinned. "More of what?"
"That... that taste... on your tongue!" Yu~ki reached out for Kozi, 
but the vampire slapped him back to the ground.

"You think I'll just GIVE you my blood?"

"Blood?" Yu~ki's eyes went wide as he stood up again.

"Yes... you were sucking out my blood from my tongue!"

Yu~ki shook his head slowly. "No..." he started to back 
away. "Can't be..."

Kozi grabbed Yu~ki's shoulders and threw him into the coffin, jumping 
ontop of him. Yu~ki trembled, thrashing and trying to get away, 
screaming until Kozi's lips closed against his own. Yu~ki moaned, 
the remnants of Kozi's blood still flavouring his tongue. Yu~ki 
sucked on Kozi's tongue yet again, not noticing as Kozi took both of 
their clothes off before pulling away. "Young man... do you want 
more of that taste?"

Yu~ki looked at Kozi with lidded yeys, nodding breathlessly. "Hai..."

"Then, let me taste you and you can taste me." Kozi grinned, 
reaching down and enveloping Yu~ki's member with his hand.

Yu~ki gasped, arching his back slightly. "Hai..." he moaned.

Kozi began to massage Yu~ki and licked his lips before licking down 
Yu~ki's chest. Yu~ki moaned and slowly began thrusting into Kozi's 
hand. Kozi bit on one of Yu~ki's nipples and Yu~ki gripped on Kozi's 
hair. As Kozi tugged, Yu~ki moaned and wrapped a leg around Kozi's 

Kozi massaged harder, letting go of Yu~ki's nipple and quickly 
sliding down, replacing his hand with his mouth. Yu~ki arched high, 
moaning loudly as Kozi's wet warmth surrounded him.

Kozi's rough tongue made its way up and down Yu~ki's penis, sucking 
ferverently. Yu~ki grabbed onto Kozi's hair, pushing the vampire 
down on himself while screaming wildly. Kozi brought Yu~ki's length 
as far as he could inside of his mouth before coming up just to the 
sensitive head, swirling his tongue and sucking while massasing the 
base with his fingers until Yu~ki came.

Yu~ki's creid came as loud as his body did hard and Kozi swallowed 
him whole before licking him clean. Kozi licked at Yu~ki as the 
vampire hunter's euphoria cleared. As Yu~ki regained himself, Kozi 
slithered up his body and began to kiss at his neck.

Yu~ki's eyes snapped open as Kozi's lips carressed his neck. //I 
can't be doing this! I'm supposed to kill him!// Yu~ki pushed Kozi 
away and tried to get out of the coffin, but as soon as he turned 
around, Kozi pounced on him, grabbing him around the waist and 
weighting him down. Yu~Ki cried out, struggling to get away.

Kozi laid himself over Yu~ki, pressing his chest to the vampire 
hunter's back and dropping his lips to his ear. "But, young man, our 
promise..." He began to suck on Yu~ki's ear while snaking a hand 
down to Yu~ki's length once again.

Yu~ki shuddered against his will, feeling too weak and sedated to 
fight. Kozi suked on Yu~ki's ear while massasing Yu~ki, slowly 
guiding himself to Yu~ki's hole. As Kozi brushed up against Yu~ki's 
opening, he gasped in fear. "No!" Yu~ki cried out, gripping onto 
the sides of the coffin and tried to push out of it, but Kozi held 
him tighter, biting and tugging on Yu~ki's ear.

Yu~ki whimpered, feeling himself grow harder and screaming as Kozi 
entered him. Kozi moaned and pushed in deep, his lips falling on 
Yu~ki's shoulder. Yu~ki gripped the coffin and bit his lip, trying 
not to moan as Kozi thrust slowly in and out of his body, kissing and 
running his tongue along Yu~ki's neck and shoulder.

Kozi's thumb rubbed harshly over Yu~ki's head, causing Yu~ki to moan 
loudly and push back against Kozi. "Motto!" He screamed, then 
gasped. //No! I can't do...// he moaned again, his thoughts leaving.

Kozi thrust faster, nipping at Yu~ki now, hearing the vampire 
hunter's pulse pounding. Kozi licked his lips, smelling the hot 
blood course through Yu~ki's veins. Yu~ki moaned louder, screaming 
as Kozi brought him over the edge, not even noticing as Kozi's teeth 
sunk themselves into his artery.

Kozi sucked at Yu~ki's neck, emense pleasure burning his body from 
the inside out, his release very close. Yu~ki went limp from under 
him and Kozi came, Yu~ki's taste still filling and overflowing his 

Kozi released Yu~ki's body, turning the boy over onto his back and 
watched as his face drained of colour and his breath slowed. "Ko.." 
Yu~ki tried to mutter.

Kozi bit his wrist and watched as blood seeped out. He held it to 
Yu~ki's mouth. "Drink."

Yu~ki clamped his lips shut and shook his head.

Kozi pressed his wrist to Yu~ki's lips, the blood colouring his 
lips. "Drink!" //Don't die!//

Yu~ki shook his head again, squeezing his eyes shut. //I dont' want 
to be a vampire!//

Kozi frowned and began to suck at his own wrist, not swallowing, and 
pressing his lips to Yu~ki's. He kissed him and forced his tongue 
into Yu~ki's mouth, hoping that Yu~ki would take to his blood like 

Yu~ki whimpered, but jolted as Kozi's blood ran against his tongue. 
He moaned and kissed back, pulling Kozi closer as Kozi's blood filled 
his mouth.

Kozi released the kiss and pressed his wrist to Yu~ki, who grabbed it 
and sucked greedily. Kozi smiled and stroked Yu~Ki's hair lovingly 
as the vampire hunter slowly drained him. //Stay with me.//

Yu~ki, hearing Kozi's thoughts, snapped open his eyes.

Kozi nodded and Yu~ki did as well, closing his eyes again and sucking 
until Kozi pulled away. Yu~ki pounced on Kozi and began to lick all 
the blood off of Kozi's face unti he fell asleep on the vampire, 
unaware that the next morning, he would be one as well.


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