Puppet Master

by Kyo-sama

Authors Note~ Ohayo Minna-san! *giggles* I pretty much got the idea for this fic from Edgar Allen Poe. Don't ask me how cause I don't know. All I know is that I was sitting in Language and starting jotting this down. ^^;;;; It probably sucks, but before I continue it I need REVIEWS! Yes that magic little word that every fic writer likes to hear! So onegai! , review!! Tell me what you think before I continue!

 Rating ~ NC-17

Pairing ~ ShinyaxDie, ShinyaxKyo, ToshiyaxKaoru, ManaxGackt, Yu~kiXKozi, HydeXTetsu, and KiritoXAiji (possibly more to come. ^^;;;;)

Disclaimer ~ Ok people, seriously, do you think I would be writing this damn fic if I owned any of them? NO! I would be enjoying raping everyone of them till they couldn't move anymore. ^.^!! *whistles* But the day that happens hell will freeze over so I guess I don't own them. So unless your names are Yoshiki, hide, Mana, Gackt, Yu~ki, Kozi, Hyde, Tetsu, ect. with little name tags attached to your necks that say Kyo-sama's Property then shut your mouths. And anyways, if you sew me, this is all you'll get, an old Burger King bag, an old triple cheese burger, a cat from hell that scratches you till you bleed everywhere, and a few dead fish. So now how are your veiws on sewing me? I didn't thinks so. ^_^!! On with the fic and out with my brain fluff. @_@!! ~.^


*Puppet Master*

Part 1

             I lay on a shelf.  A supposeddly lifeless doll for people to admire.  A china doll with long shiny coppery hair and a long black and silver net dress.  My long curls framing my delicate porcelien face, and long hands with medium length black nails folded delicately in my lap. I stare into the distance with my almond shaped cheasnut colored eyes, partly closed with long dark eyelashes resting heavily on my fine chisled cheeks, lacing shadows on the perfect ivory skin.  But, like I said, this is only what people want to see.....and what HE chooses to let them see.  For you see, I am but an illusion. A mere shadow of my foremer self, damned to this hell for passerbys to aww over.  A plaything for him.....yes him.  Niimura Tooru, an overly powerful rich business man that could scare the butterflys out of you just by his appearence but charm the soul right out of you. Litterally.   

            How else do you think we could have gotten here?  We were all humans once.....and yes there is more of me.  I've gotten to know a few of the other dolls while I've been here.  You see, at midnight after he's locked us in the cellar, we turn back into our human forms for a measley hour.  One hour to see myself again, one hour to see the world from the little window that peers out into the gutters of Japan.  Damn him, damn him for doing this to us.  Every night I sit here and watch the other dolls.  I watch Mana, the gorgeous man with delicate blue hair and long lacy eyelashes sit quietly over in the corner, as if silently going mad. I look over to Kami, the spontaineous beauty that's always plotting someway to get out of here, but his plans never seem to quite work.  I suspect Mr. Niimura will be getting tired of his tretchery soon.  I remember what happened the last time someone pushed him to far.....he was my best friends lover....hide.  I remember like it was yesterday when he tried to escape, ....escape for the last time. I had heard he had gotten out, but then an hour later, it was all over. No one quite knows what had happened to him, but we all knew for certain that he was gone.  I remember Yoshiki crying for weeks, always looking sad when Mr. Niimura  took him out onto the stage. 

 But! Listen to my babbling on and on like the world's ending, but of course right now that seems to be the only possible hope.  My name is Shinya, Shinya Teriachi. I was the son of a rich doctor in Tokyo and engaged to Ando Daisuke, an abnormal detective if you will.  He was looking into Mr. Niimura and told me to stay away from him....but did I listen, no. I had to move my nose into it.  I just couldn't help it. In most cases I would have just shrugged him off as some psychopathic storyteller....but....it was kind of like a moth drawn to a flame. I couldn't help myself. He just enticed me so. His slim sexy figure that would have any person gladly remove their skirt or pants.  That wild blonde hair hanging ragedly over one eye.....it was all but to much.  I had to keep prying and letting Mr. Niimura escort me around town until I was caught.  Caught in that lonely desolate flame forever.

 He let me call him Kyo then, he hates his real name but now, now that he has us completely under his control he just settles for Mr. Niimura.  Probably if someone happens to drop by and here us he can just say we're lonely servants.  I suppose calling him by his last name would help in that matter.  *sighs*  But Kami and Yoshiki, Yoshiki snapped after hearing of hide.....and now, now he does everything in his power to defy Kyo, him and Kami, calling out to people when they enter the house or Inn we may be staying at, screaming and banging on the walls and throwing things out into the streets until no end.  I feel nautious just speaking of this, of this hell.   

Shit. someone's coming, I believe it's his servant, Kaoru.  And nearing ....Midnight...why would he risk coming down here so close to the hour? O.O!! W-what?  He's picking me up off the shelf and caring me up stairs and locking the doors! I feel a dread rising in my stomach, no good thing can come from this I know. He's sitting me down on the master's bed and leaving now, letting me face the little pocket watch sitting on the bed side table. 2 minutes till midnight. Oh kami-sama what's going to happen to me? 1 minute, I can already feel my tiny porcelien body beginning to stretch and the hard glass becoming softer. 30 seconds, I can feel my heart racing now as I grow in size, my limbs already soft skinned. 12:00. The chimes are ringing....My long hair grows out into it's full softness and curls around my eyes as the door slowly opens to the chimming of the clock. And there, there he stands, the puppet master of us all....Kyo.



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to be continued

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