Puppet Master

by Kyo-sama

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 Puppet Master

 Part 2

 I sat there motion less with my almond eyes wide open to their limits and breathless as Mr. Niimura walked in through the door and leaned his slim figure on the wall next to the end of the black silk covered bed.  He stood for what seemed like 20 years letting his lazy seductive eyes gaze over my body until he finally spoke.  "Well......."-was all he said.  I slightly bent my slender neck to the side and gave him a rather questioning look as to what he meant and folded my delicate hands into my lap gently.  "G-gomen-nasai Mr. Niimura but I dont' quite understand what you mean by 'well'...."  I sat there silently looking into his face and studying the fine features he had.....those gorgeous deep brown eyes and those wildly perfect cheeks and seductivly pouting full lips where enough to make me fall to my knees right then. If I could only thread my hands through that gorgeous mass of blonde hair and then maybe kiss.....O.O!!!! What was I thinking!!!! I can't think of him like that he's the one that put me here! What's wrong with me where's my manners.....but those gorgeous shaped hips jutting out to the side so slightly made want too......No! How can I think things like this! I've never felt or thought such sinful things before in my life! 

This place is surely driving me mad....I have to get out. I blinked a couple of times and looked down fast at the deep burgandy plush carpet and shook my head slightly sending petite tasels of hair flying slightly to curl around my almond eyes even more making me seem slightly more like a little frightened girl.  I didn't want him to know how scared I was so I just kept my usual stoney calm face on and stared at the ground.....I just hope he doesn't see me blushing. ><  

Kyo stood there lounging on the wall alittle longer and lifted from his position in one quick stealthful movement and advanced on me, pinning me to the silky covers and staring intently into my eyes. "M-Mr. Niimura!! What are you doing?! Yamate!" I screamed slightly and struggled against his strong arms. Even though he was smaller than me he seemed to be stronger and in a much better position to hold me down. He brought his face close to my neck and I could feel his hot silky breathing down on me.  "You know what I mean my darling......who have you been talking to?"  I bit my lip slightly and gasped at the notion. "I-I don't know what your talking about! I havn't been talking to anyone, how could I? You keep us locked up down there like anim-." I never got to finish my sentence. He slammed his mouth down on mine and kissed me hard until I couldn't breath. I tried to push against him with all my force but I'll I succeeded in getting from that was him sliding his tongue into my warm mouth. "MMMM!!" I tried to push alittle more unsuccesfully until I relaxed and layed back hoping he may stop if I calm down a bit. 

It worked....he finally pulled away from my bewildered face and smirked down at me as if he accomplished in getting what he wanted.  "Someone has been talking to some investigation committee down there and your the only one I could figure it could be....considering......." I looked up at his smirking features. Almost like a chesire cat staring down at me and wrinkled up my satiny forhead and looked down....I got alittle more information on his neather regions than I wanted to know about at that moment and turned my gaze up quickly just in time to see him grin slightly at my bewildered expression....."Ah....considering what? And onegai....but....would you please get off of me?" I bit my lip at the last remark hoping that it wouldn't enrage him......everyone know's of his short temper....he can go from 0 to 10 in 1 second in his temper and no one wanted to mess with that.  But to my surprise all I got was a smirk from his part and  a wince from my part.  "Considering......that one of those investigators was your father.....and no. I will not get off of you...I rather..like this position." He ran his tongue down the side of my cheek but by then I was to stunned to notice it. 

My father was alive and he still believed I was alive! Or....did he? Kyo never did say anything about that....but I'm alittle worried of getting my face distorted if I ask to much.....but he's alive and he is looking! I worried myself ragged and tore my nerves to pieces worring about him.  When I first came here I was either worring about how to get out, my father...or....Die.....I soon found out about him...Kyo killed him after I was kidnapped.  Kyo told me that Die confronted him and he had his assasin Toshiya to take care of him......I almost died that day....I stayed secluded from everyone else for months until I finally just became tired of crying and decided to move on...but he never did tell me what happened to my father.  Oh but he's alive!  

I looked up at Kyo blankly and he raised one of his fine arched eyebrows and blinked lazily. "I suppose you're wondering what happened arn't you?" He took my hand and threaded it in his own and put his other behind his head and elbow on the bed to support himself. "They came up to me today after lunch and preceeded to berade me in questions. One in particular being your father."  He lightly sucked on the ends of my fingers and nipped at them while talking, occasionly glancing down to my frightened eyes.  " The only reason I recognized the old man is because he looked so much like you....and I remembered seeing him when I met you that night at the opera with ....Die." I noticed that he slightly snapped his neck to the side and rolled his eyes before untwining our fingers.  I bit my lip and felt the tears whell up in my eyes involintarily as he looked at me with that hungry stare I'd seen only a few times before.   

He turned his attention to the ties on the front of my dress and began tugging them casually, his smile widening as he heard the sound of the material pop as it came unfastened and my constant squirming and whimpering.  "I basically told the old man to go fuck himslef and get alife....that he had the wrong person and didn't know what the hell he was talking about.  Basically to everyone else but you and me, he's just a senile old man that's mourning to much over the loss of his 'daughter' and son to be."  I jolted and tightened my grip on the sheets gritting my teeth at hearing what he called and said to my father. 

He glared at me feircly suddenly and slapped me hard across the cheek. Sending my face flying to the side and leaving a broad wide deep red handprint across my delicate ivory skin. I really felt the tears whell up now and finally let them fall freely without restraint.  I noticed his expression softned abit but gained it's hardness back quickly.  The last thing I really remember was him ripping the fabric from my chilled body and his hungry hands gropping at me and my shrill screams ringing through out the mansion, echoing off of every clock and window and through every ear causeing the entire residence to lift they're head and listen......listen to a lifeless doll's agony.




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....to be continued.

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